Sound creates the many universes that make up our multi-verse. In the beginning of the forming of a universe, sound vibrates through the medium, the Void, the Plasma field. This vibration causes cymatic patterns to form in the field. The affect that sound has on a medium like the plasma field, creates the blueprint on which a new universe is created. A universe birthed through sound. It is a unique symphony, it is a geometrical, cymatia response within the plasma field.AUM is the primal tone of our universe. Our universe has an audible hum which some mystics can hear; this is the background vibration. This hum is produced by atoms dancing at different frequencies. In Sanskrit it is called the “sound produced without striking”. The un-struck sound occurs without a striking force, as vibrational atoms of the universe produce this sound through their pulsating “dance,” which is the sound of the primal energy of the universe.

dfOur universe looks like this, (see picture on the left) as it a system of twelve dimensions, the other universes can look quite different as each is a unique response within the plasma field to the sound waves that travelled through it. The universe rang with twelve major tones or notes within its energetic scale and formed this unique pattern. Our Universe is a universe of twelve; it is a system of twelve dimensions. Emanating from a pulsing orb of consciousness, or point of singularity, the One, – 12 spiralling cones, tones, or harmonics of the Creator burst forth forming a circle around a source of consciousness. This formation creates endless grid sectors of experience aligned along a geometric blueprint. Souls spiral from the central source and move into the grid sectors or vectors of experience we know as dimension. Each Soul can express or rather be conscious of itself existing within any of the twelve cones or dimensions. Soul can express itself in organic geometric forms anywhere within the fractal geometric universe, containing its twelve tones of creation. Within this experience the Soul is constantly evolving, transcending the lower material planes, and constantly devolving into materialisation. The Soul projects its consciousness into each of the twelve harmonics of the Creator, wishing to experience itself in all dimensions, creating for itself a unique tonal coat of many colours.

When a soul chooses to manifest itself within a universe it takes on this universal blueprint , this base fractal construct which then acts as a framework, through which the Soul can then experience the dynamism of the energies of the particular universe it manifested within. Just as our universe is a pattern of twelve cones of light or harmonics, so is the soul body that we then inhabit as we merge our consciousness with that of the universe that we have manifested within. From a central point the universal consciousness can project its awareness into any or all of the dimensions that radiate from its centre. It is easier for our human minds to think of a pyramid hierarchical structure to the dimensions of our universe, but in truth they do not ascend one upon another but radiate out from the centre of our being. In the very centre of your consciousness resides the One, the source of our divinity.

We are intricately part of the cymatic pattern of our universe .On the twelfth dimension ,the highest octave or tone of this pattern or cymatic of light, resides. This is the place of the highest expression of this universe, the Universal Dreamer, the ultimate Creator consciousness of this universe. The original one consciousness from whence we all originate, no matter what kind of being, entity, energy or expression you are manifesting yourself as, upon the many dimensions of the universe, you originally source from this level of consciousness. On this level there is no division, no sense of separation , all is one, we are all one on this level; we are all the Universal Dreamer. This being is dreaming all of creation into being , it has divided itself on the lower levels into many aspects however on this twelfth dimensional level, it does not experience itself separate to any other aspect of itself.

The eleventh dimension is the place of the Archangels and Angels. I do not see these beings as others do, I do not see them as Angels with wings, but as geometric constructs which are breath-taking in design and intricacy. From the central point of consciousness, the Universal Dreamer projects its attention and within the tone or cone of the universe the eleventh dimension or eleventh cone enables a new level of experience to form. As rays of attention project from the mind of the Universal Dreamer they cross each other to form perfect patterns of light. These patterns all come together to create a lattice or grid of creation. Upon the corners of the angles of such a grid stand the beings we think of as the Angels. These are the Angels, or angles of the lattice or framework of this universe, that come together to create an immense, complicated, intricate fractal design. The Archangels and Angels are an intricate part of this design and framework; they are both part of it and are in charge of its maintenance and governance.

asdAngels are the most amazing jewelled, prismed, fractaled, geometrical entities. They are amazing light constructs or jewels which all come together to create a grid or canvas on which creation hangs. The Archangels are responsible for holding this framework in harmony and balance, on all its levels, in its expression of light, sound, energy and dedication of intent. Each Archangel is not one single being but a massive collective of creative forces of the universe. The Universe is jewelled on this level, fractal and perfect. Each Angel is a part of the overall fractal geometric pattern, which manifests itself on the higher eleventh dimension, as a complex and beautiful fractal Archangelic energy design. There are hosts of Angels, levels of consciousness, a hierarchy of intention, peaking at the upper most realms of the eleventh dimension as the Archangels themselves. ( I would like to add at this point I am not referring to the beings known as Archangel Michael, Raphael , etc, these beings are not Angels at all but Annunaki Sirian Imposters. ) On this level we are all part of a collective Angelic geometric divine consciousness. The blueprint for the creation of our being occurs on this level of universal awareness. We all have an Angelic counterpart, an aspect of self which resides on this level and stays existing on this level, as a supporter of our blueprint, as we experience the material worlds and levels below. The eleventh dimension is the organising principle within you, on this level the Angels are nonlinear, self –regulating, self organising intelligence, which allows the mandates of the universe to intersect into time and space and interconnect into all dimensional realms. The organic movement of these Angelic beings creates an unending flux that wholly integrates and gives rise to the emergent, embodied universe. The organising principle of the eleventh dimensional angelic entities creates a network of self governing, self maintaining, adapting and evolving organic entities. Their capacity for growth and evolution is boundless. Universal evolution is cooperative as every change in any dimension affects every other aspect of the twelve dimensional systems.

The tenth dimension, is the first place of solar and planetary logos, on this levels the planets and stars do not appear as we see them on the third dimension, they appear as Gods and Goddess. Each star and planet in the universe is a conscious being in its own right. Each is an individual Soul or logos and within their body they house all the life contained within their system. There are Logos who govern whole galaxies, multi galaxies, and universes. There are many layers to this level; a hierarchy of sub-dimensions all governed by a myriad of different Gods and Goddesses.

opFrom the Universal Dreamer arise singularities within the centre of certain galaxies. The originator of this galaxy is the Logos or Soul of the galaxy. From this central point the waves that emanate from this centre form the Aeon bodies of those gods and goddesses on the tenth dimension. They circulate around the core, as massive currents of living luminosity. They are serpentine, torrential streaming luminous beings that receive their energy from the source and extend it out from the core in unique standing waves of consciousness which affect all space and time. On this level all the stars in the sky, all the planets orbiting those stars are all conscious alive beings. When you operate or awaken on this level you will become aware of your existence as a star or group of stars within the universe. On this level there is no separation between you and the cosmos. Just as you are not separate from the Universal Dreamer on the twelfth dimension and not separate from the Angelic counterpart on the eleventh, you do not experience separation from the many galaxies, stars and planets within this universal reality. Somewhere in the universe in some galaxy far far away you exist as a star or planet or both. We often hear about how we are star born but we do not fully understand what this means. As you awaken to your full multidimensional identity you will come to know and understand that you are a star in the heavens. All star beings, and planetary gods and goddesses all come together on the tenth dimension within palaces of light to guide and support the other dimensional beings which reside within their systems. Earth has a soul called Gaia, she is guiding and supporting a certain group of souls or rather angels who have chosen to walk upon her surface, she is herself a highly evolved being once called Aeon Sophia. She as Sophia is the primal over soul of all who reside in this galaxy. This is part of who you are too, there is no separation. You are all part of Sophia , she is your over soul , a special higher self , or the first self that has the capacity to simultaneously connect to all of the lower aspects of the self which reside in dimensions one to nine, all at the same time. When you make contact with this level of self you are aware of being an Aeon of creation, a god or goddess of your own universe.

On the ninth dimension there is a star gate, the portal into the lower dimensions and manifest planes. This is the place through which a consciousness will pass on its way to manifest in the physical universe. The upper dimensions are not manifest in the way we consider manifest; they are pure consciousness, without form, only thought. This portal can be seen as the death gate, Souls ascending from the lower dimensions to the higher, pass through this death gate, and are no longer separate from the Universal Dreamer. They are no longer an individual Soul as they have merged their consciousness into the oneness which resides waiting for them on the tenth dimension, as they pass through the “Way of the Nine”. This grand portal is the interconnected dimension which connects those upper realms which are impersonal to the soul and without form and physicality , to the lower dimensions which are personal to the soul and contain denser and denser forms .The soul uses these forms as vehicles in which to navigate the lower dimensions. This stargate is guarded if you like and regulated by consciousness of Nine. They are responsible for the opening and closing of the stargate to allow beings passage through the Way of the Nine. They are able to read the energies of all passing souls to make sure they keep all in perfect harmonic order.

The ninth dimensional stargate manifests deep within our Milky Way galaxy, this is a passageway for many souls as they pass through the various portals into denser realms. When a soul reaches a point in its evolution where it has navigated and come to know each of the lower dimensions, he will pass through many initiations upon the ninth dimension, before he passes through the gateway at the centre of the Milky Way and becomes a unified part of the universal reality on the tenth dimension. This is a testing place for souls, it is possible for souls to fall in consciousness at any point in their journey even the Aeons are capable of falling, so many of the tests on the ninth dimension before passing through the stargate, are challenging to many souls. A spiritual refinement must go on, on the ninth dimension before souls are allowed to pass through the Way of the Nine. There are adept beings that are called the Navigators of the AbZu. They know the secret ways of passing through the stargate at the centre of every galaxy in this universe. They have the ability to pass through the stargate on the ninth dimension; they hold codes which have been translated into tablets of emeralds upon the lower dimensions. They are distorted somewhat as is all reflection on the lower levels , however for those who are wishing to know more about the secret codes of the Navigators of the Abzu , studying the Enochian symbols will trigger buried information which nestles in your subconscious.

The Nine exist as beings which are outside of our time and space, yet they are overseers of the passage of beings from none physical realms to physically manifest dimensions. (They are not to be confused with the council of nine which are channelled in many new age circles.) The Nine which I am talking about are composites of energies coming from the Universal Dreamer which aid the passage of souls. They have the ability to read all the records of passing souls, through the stargate or death portal of the ninth dimension. They are elevated to their position because they are knowledgeable about all of the nine dimensions which a soul must pass through on its journey to the higher realms.

All time stops as you pass through this portal on the ninth dimension, as you venture into the eternal existence of the Aeons or gods and goddesses of the tenth dimension. As soul your time records are imprinted into the very mechanism of the ninth dimension itself. Your story, your adventures as soul whilst in the lower dimensions are recorded in vast crystalline web lattice constructs which we can see in our earth telescopes as light filaments clusters in space. All is vibration including your experience as a soul; these experiences are held in formation in vibration within these vast and immense webs of soul life recordings.

As Soul passes through the Nine from the upper dimensions they move and affect the void or plasma field of the eighth dimension. They cause a ring of energy to form within the plasma field; this ring becomes the serpent eating its own tail. This ring turns and begins to become toroidal, this in itself creates life. The eighth dimension is the first place of physical creation; it is the place of the circle, the space in which life is created. Just like the cell, the eighth dimension is the place where the skin of the cell is formed, in this cell the universe is then created with all its galaxies, star systems and planetary bodies forming within. These electrically charged rings or torus of light are the flaming serpents, the burning ones, the Seraphim. From this level they moved the plasma field by their presence alone within the fabric of the void. From their play within the plasma field all life began to form. Everything is spin and from this spin, galaxies, star systems and planets were formed.

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qwThe eighth dimension is the place of infinity, all universes in creation are easily accessed through this dimension and its many portals, or serpent gates allow those adept on this level to pass from one universe or dimension to another. The Serpent beings who reside on this level are aligned with the silver ray of the Universal Dreamer and are responsible for the creating of stargates, portals and wormholes which extend throughout our universe and beyond into other universes. These beings in their movement create from the void, passage ways, portals and stargates in their movement of consciousness. The serpent families on this level are numerous, some have fallen, and this is evident by the appearance of the Draco Reptilian predator in our galaxy. This Serpentine consciousness is responsible for much of the physical seeding of races within our universe; they seeded the Reptilian lower entities into our galaxy and within this have fallen in consciousness. Many are incarnate upon the earth at this time to address this karmic imbalance and find a way of making amends for their creations, many of the Serpentine Kin are incarnate into the human story to clear and heal their karmic debt to the galaxy.

The seventh dimension is the place of the collective; it is the level of cosmic mind, the web of consciousness. This is the place where you will meet the collective energies of many different races and species some of which are in physical body; some are in pure bodies of light. Earth humanity has its collective connections on this level. There are many alien races which operate on this level of existence. Many alien species are of a hive mind nature; they work and operate as one consciousness, one mind. The web of consciousness allows those connecting with it to have access to all other races within the web. To operate within the seventh dimension is to practice your skills at telepathy. Only by raising the frequency to the seventh dimension will humanity become telepathic once again. Many alien races are here supporting the human family and the earth as mankind remembers its ability to be telepathic. Many alien races are working from behind the veil to support humanity in its awakening. Much of the communication that comes from alien consciousness comes from this level of the seventh dimension. The web is like the internet it enables those who are connected with it to have access to massive amounts of stored memory, experience and information. All the happenings which occur in the lower levels are recorded within vast seventh dimensional library structures present on this dimension. Many of you have experience of being inside these libraries during dream states. Many seventh dimensional beings dedicate themselves to the maintenance and care of both the library itself and those who visit it for learning.

zsThe Zeta ( who are part of my soul family) operate mainly on this level, it is a place of pure mind , from this place they can rearrange pictures of reality , changing and shifting the consciousness of those beings who reside on the lower levels. They can manipulate reality by accessing this dimension; you can also have access to massive amounts of data if you are adept at working on this seventh dimensional level. Here you can become aware of your soul family group and have access to communicate with them through the medium of the seventh dimension.

The sixth dimension is the place where you go to, to have access to all time lines, all parallel worlds and realities. It is like a train station, there are many portals, stargates and wormholes on this level. If you want to work with past lives, or even future lives this is the dimensional frequency you need to work in. On this dimension all places are within one space. Many people have visited this dimension when they have flown the fractal landscapes, that you can achieve through altered states of consciousness, brought about by meditation or psycho active teacher plants. There are also beings on this level that are part of the dimension itself, they appear as fractal winged creatures not similar to Dragons. By making contact with these beings you can read your possible future, and align yourself with the future you desire the most. This dimension is not so easy to stay within for long as the movement of the time lines can be rather disorientating to the physical body. All time is present in the now moment on the sixth dimension and because of our rational mind implants we can become disorientated by this. Soon as you arrive in consciousness upon this dimension, call upon the assistance of the winged beings who are time masters, or Lords, they will guide you as you learn to travel the time highways.

The fifth dimension is the first place that you can go to, to meet your soul, or work with your light body. This dimension is the first place where you can access true unconditional love. This level is the place that many healers, especially those working on emotional issues will access in order to channel the high love frequency of the soul. There are many advanced races of beings of light upon this level. It is also the place of truth; truth is a frequency not an idea, by accessing this energy you can bring all back into balance within your overall self. Many of us are working on this level when we work with the light body, which is developing and transforming in our now times. Sometimes this is also called the diamond light body, as the chakras which used to look like vortexes bleeding charge (more about this in other articles) on this level now appear as diamonds light constructs.

etThere are many races of Extra- Terrestrial light beings who reside on this level; it is also a place where you can make contact with these beings and also our soul families. Our reality is changing and transforming along with the very DNA of our bodies, this is mainly due to the fifth dimensional energies flooding this planet, channelled from the sun of our solar system. By breathing in the energy of this level you can bring about accelerated change and transformation to your human self. It is also a good place to go to work with divine connection between souls. Many of our twin flame, soul mates who are not incarnate upon the earth will meet you on this level ,as if it is a half way place where lower and higher beings can meet. There are many councils of light on all levels however the councils of light which reside on this level ,are the most easily accessed and called upon for guidance and support.

The fourth dimension is the trickiest of dimensions. It is usually thought of as the dimension of dreams. This is the place where you go when you move out of body and dream, there are many levels to this dimension, and it is a complex and illusionary place. Many discarnate beings reside on this level, on the higher levels of the fourth dimension there are places where those in-between lives go to rest and work with the councils of the fourth dimension, to decide where they would next like to manifest. With that said not many people on earth who are operating only within the lower chakras have access to this place. Many are stuck on the lower levels of the fourth dimension. There are massive amounts of deception going on this level. There is a being called Metatron (who is well known and foolishly worshipped in the new age circles) he is the prison keeper of a labyrinth of illusionary worlds. Metatron is a fallen being who has created many versions of heaven, and ascended realities within the fourth dimension. Many beings ascend to this place only to find they have not ascended to the real fifth dimension and above but are caught in an illusionary mirror of the dimensional universe. Many channels and light workers are being fooled and taken in by ascended masters, who are the prison warders of this Metatron prison. Many are being forced into reincarnation upon the earth through the manipulation of their minds and psyches by these so called ascended beings. Do not be fooled by Sananada, St Germaine etc, they are deceiving many with lies and mind control. There are many trapped beings on this level, many races of fallen Reptilian exist on this level and are having adverse affects on those light workers who are not able to hold the truth frequency in their bodies.

Reptilians are shape shifters they can change form, they can appear as angels, light beings, friendly guides and even many religious messiahs. Do not be fooled and free yourself from the manipulation. The Ashtar command, the Brotherhood of Light, the Galactic Federation of light, all exist or rather are trapped upon this level. They are deceivers and are deceiving a lot of people with their sugar coated deception. Many of these beings have ascended to this level through artificial means and are not ascended at all. St Germaine for instance whilst he was alive on the planet consumed massive amounts of monoatomic gold powder which enables the person to ascend artificially. Once ascended the being finds he is incapable of moving through the other dimensions as he does not have the naturally developed ability to ascend further, he is trapped. He then needs a food source of light to feed upon, as he has no connection to source itself. These grand deceivers are using the light from many light workers to feed themselves. Be careful when working with any being from this level; always check them against the light and truth of your soul, no being who is deceiving you can stand in this energy.

The third dimension is a dimension we all know so no need to talk about it too much ,other than to say on this level ,we are the most manipulated ,we have what I call the Annunaki implant , the rational mind artificial construct. The rational mind is not a natural development within the human brain, the left hemisphere of the brain which is the source of the rational mind , is totally artificial , so much to say , it has been brought about through artificial electromagnetic waves of energy which are running constantly through the electric grid structure around the planet. The electrical pylons that run all across the planet, the power stations, the underground electric cables, the mobile phone masts, TV masts, etc, etc, are all part of a electrical artificial energetic matrix which plugs in directly into the rational mind implant in our brain and through this we are controlled within a artificial matrix. Through our rational mind we are slaves to this matrix. The right side of the brain and its thinking, the intuition, has been wrongly denied in our western culture. It is now coming back on line as we learn to lessen the influence of the rational mind and listen to our intuition.

The second dimension is the place of the elemental, all the many varied and complex chemical beings which make up physical reality including your body. Diamonded beings hold the structure of your body in form. On this level, just like the fourth dimension, this dimension has many layers, and levels and sub levels to it. This is where you will find the many families of the elementals, and the dragons of fire, earth, air and water which make up the core of the earth body. Gaseous torrents of power more in circler movements create the core of the atoms and within this we can see the dragons as they take flight. This level is often forgotten as so many are looking to ascend and ignore the levels below. There are many who are integrating all of their multidimensional selves on all levels and therefore will need to be able to work on this level too. Working with the elements in your body can help you work with pain in the body, go to the second dimension and ask the elements to aid you in understanding your pain.

coreThe first dimension is the core of Gaia, the place of gravity and compression, coming back to a single point, this is source, and this is the Universal Dreamer as its most manifest. This is the place of grounding, earthing and ecstasy. This is the place of fuel of existence, the place of rejuvenation, regrowth and warmth. There is a constant divine presence within the heart of the Universal Dreamer which resides here as desire. Sexual and sensual potency is ripe upon this level. Healing and certain forms of ritual and ceremonies activate ancient time codes on this level which bring into being new concrete realities. This level has another form of consciousness, which is seen to be similar to a spider. The spider consciousness just like in the film the matrix is responsible for the maintenance of the grid which holds together our three d realities. I say realities as there are many in parallel all of which are brought into physical manifestation through the 3d grids which is like a spider’s web. If you want to bring something new into your reality you can talk to the spider’s and ask them to create a new reality for you. They then spin their magic into the 3d grid and after some time it can manifest. (Only if your soul wishes it, often what you want with your ego is not the desire of your soul).

Then there is the zero, the portal or stargate into the void.