Dragon Riders

During an Ayahuasca ceremony, I saw two mountain and a deep valley in the centre, through the valley flew two Dragons, one was red and made of fire, the other was green and made of earth. They spiralled around each other in a formation. They played music at the time which was like a huge horn going off. Mother Ayahuasca said to me “the Dragons are coming and you know what that means, you have waited for this for hundreds of years, Gaia is beginning to have birthing pains. “ I knew I had been waiting for this for as long as I could remember.

When I first moved to the seaside town of Penzance, I had strange dreams and daily visions as I walked the land, they were dreams of Dragons. The cliffs that surrounded our landscape here in Cornwall, England were littered with faces of Dragons. They were not just faces but as the rocks crumbled into the sea, huge sleeping Dragons could easily be seen. They were massive and I was surprised that no one else could see them. As I walked the backs of these Dragons I could feel a strange magnetic vibration under my feet. I recognised that the land was covered with ley lines or Dragon lines, I could feel the energy but this was something more. As the visions continued I began to put together a story.

Taken from “Like attracts like “by Alloya …

“THE DREAMING. Falling like a pattern of light He fell, a blueprint, an idea in light. A fallen angel not cast out by God but surrendering to a higher purpose, an impulse from the Star. The idea was to create a planetary body capable of holding an energy that would isolate and segregate the planet from the love of the rest of the cosmos. This isolation would enable the inhabitants to grow and evolve and learn through all possibilities whether good or bad. He would sleep in the centre of this soon to be planet holding an energy that would allow the plan to be implemented. As He fell He wrapped cloudy veils of illusions around Him. These veils, these illusions were to become the reality of planet Earth, weaving together creating the illusions, the myths and legends of man. Holding firmly the histories of man He slept encased in the hard rock of the planet, safe from harm, undisturbed until He was to awaken and take the planet to the light by His awakening.

As HE fell through the darkness, the reaction to his presence created wisps of energy. These energies swirled and spiralled like mist on an early mom. As He descended further and further the wisps of energy became denser and denser until a form could be clearly seen. A Dragon with giant wings a serpent of the Void, the unknown .Encased within the safety of the loving embrace of the Dragon of creation HE fell further and further into the unknown darkness. As HE radiated the forgetting energy out from his centre a strange phenomenon could be seen to occur. The forgetting energy created level upon level of reality. At first there was only a slight disconnected feeling from the source of all light, the Star, as the process proceeded the levels became denser and denser creating more and more levels of forgetting until the Dragon of all creation could be seen to split into two.

A mighty Dragon of light and dark, polarity, duality, divided. When HE came to HIS final resting-place the Dragon divided even more like the dividing of cells, splitting and separating into four distinct and unique energies. These Dragons of creation would make up the final resting-place of his heart. The Dragons, serpents of energy danced and wove a beautiful pattern of light; each carried its own ingredients to create physical reality.

The awesome Dragon of fire, a passionate elemental of light, its fiery tail ablaze in the darkness of the Void. Cascading shards of light as it swooped down and down into the depths of the unknown. With a roar and a torch of fire it exploded into a giant ball of burning light. Serpent of the deep, the water and fluid, the lifeblood of creation, its aqueous, moist body casting trails of mist in its path. It’s ghostly form alluring and hypnotising. Almost invisible to the eye, the elemental Dragon of air could only be recognised by the ripples that could be seen in the Void as it flew in its swirling dance. Its ambience and openness created a space in-between the swirling fire and the water-laden clouds. With this interaction of energies a fourth and final energy was seen to hold all the other Dragons in form, the Dragon of earth. Not as dense as we know physical reality but an etherical structured pattern of energy and sound that held the shapes of the others as well as itself. Its immense body stretched and layered creating the very weft of the carpet of creation. Earth, air, fire and water, the very elements of all physical creation. Chasing their tails they spiralled around and around each other weaving a coat of denser and denser energy around HIM cradling him in the softness of matter.

The pattern that they all together created came to rest in the dark. The Dragons succumbing to the sleepy sedating energies of the forgetting too fell asleep, drifting into a dreamtime where they created and dreamt dreams of a planet that could express all of their energies in an illusionary way. The hallucinations of their making wove together until a physical planet could be seen hanging in the furthest reaches of the Void. There it hung all alone illuminated by the pinpoints of light that had now been created all around it. Isolated from that which it could see, it lay sleeping nestled in the womb of the Void, unknowingly looked upon by the stars of consciousness that danced all around it. Gaia was her name, giving animated intelligence actuality. She made possible the dreams of the Dragons that in-turn were able to do so through the forgetting that He held in the centre of the planet. The Dragons created her and became her skeleton framework for her to hang her dreams upon. And so the place of the forgetting was created and planet Earth was born”.

There are four Dragons which make up our elemental world, earth, air, fire and water. These elemental Dragons came together in a woven pattern of elemental energies to finally form the planetary body. Once the planet solidified and became complete these Dragons then rested in the centre of the planet and slept until a day when they would awaken. Upon their awakening they would change the vibration of the planetary body taking us to a new paradigm.

This was not the first time I experienced the awakening of Dragon consciousness. Many years ago now I had many food allergies, sugar, wheat, dairy products, and many more allergies to food which made my life very complicated. I often woke with a swollen face and red eye lids, sore and painful. I had managed to regulate my diet and had not had a reaction for over a year so I thought I had finally overcome them. One evening I went out with friends (whilst staying in Munich, Germany), for a beer or two. That night, I dreamt a very vivid dream which woke me up with a start. I dreamt I was living upon Mars.

There was an advanced civilisation upon the surface of Mars, there was a definite hierarchy. There were the elite who lived in amazing cities and there were the lesser classes who lived in tents upon the sandy landscape. As the dream continued I looked down to see the sand and dirt of the land beginning to ripple like it was made of water. As I wondered what on earth this was someone ran past me screaming in panic. She said “they have awoken the Dragon “. I was shown in my dream that there was a red Dragon which slept in the centre of the planet and that the elite had designed technology which was capable of awakening the Dragon, unfortunately prematurely. As the Dragon awoke it raised the vibration of the atoms of everything and everybody that lived upon the planet including the people of Mars. It became evident that we were not ready for this shift in vibration. This awakening of the Dragon would destroy us all. I looked to the skies to see many space ships owned by the elite leaving the planet, jumping ship, leaving those of us not rich enough to leave the planet to be destroyed in the awakening of the Dragon. I began running in fear where would I go. I was climbing over a fence and I looked to my friend by my side, she spontaneously burst into flames , I then felt the atoms of my body begin to speed up and I knew any moment I would also burst into flames. This was enough to wake me up in a cold sweat.

I woke the next morning with a totally swollen face and could not open my eyes. I managed to open one very swollen eye to see a very deformed face in the mirror. I went down for breakfast and my friends who I was staying with were shocked to see my face. I went for a bath and I was shocked to see as I removed my clothes the whole of my torso was covered in deep red and black bruises. I could not imagine how I could have hurt myself so much to cause these bruises. Were they coming from within my body, were the memories of my life time upon Mars, manifesting in my body. My friends asked me what I needed and I found myself saying Chinese food. So we went to a restaurant and as I entered the restaurant and saw several red Dragons upon the walls I began to feel better. I ordered my food and as I took my first mouthful I began to feel much better, I pulled up my shirt to watch what once were very black bruises slowly disappear, it took five minutes before they had completely disappeared. My friends and I were shocked.

In the very beginning of earth’s development before man stepped on to her surface, the Dragons were here. The Dragons of creation came into the space allocated for Gaia and wove the elements of earth, air, fire, earth and water to create the physical planet. Do not mistake these creatures as being myths, for they were real and powerful creative forces. They were immensely powerful beings, and simply through their presence they set in motion the cycles that would later become the weather patterns of Earth. They spiralled their bodies around and around until the pattern of creation was formed. When the planet began to drop in vibration in later times, they slept. It is as if the dragons created the landscape of the hills and mountains. It is no mistake that some of our mountain ranges resemble Dragons. There are many places on this planet where the Dragons still sleep. This is the time for them to wake up. The Dragons hold in their bodies the codes on how to ascend planets into the light of a new reality. They hold the secrets on how to transform this world. When the Dragons awaken, they will activate the codes present in the human DNA, aiding the transformation of this planet. It is not necessary that you go to these places in your physical bodies, as you can travel their astrally and still have the same affect. In your dream body you can travel to this place, awaken the Dragons, activate the codes and aid the planetary transformation. You may, or may not be aware of this process, it does not matter. The Dragons are bridges of sort, between the very high starry dimensions and the earthly realms. The Dragons have the ability to take very high information from the stars and anchor it into the matrix of the planet Earth.

If you are connected to the Dragons, then you are guided and inspired by very unique Earth energies, the energy of the Dragons. The Dragons brought their creative spark here to the space allocated to the Earth, to allow the planet, a space in which it could form into a physical being. They slept when the planet became denser and moved from the etherical expression to one of dense physical matter. You are here now in a human body to access this information from the Dragons that sleep in the Earth. When you go on holidays or trips, you may find the energy of the place affecting your body in strange ways. Be open to this occurrence it will greatly transform your perception of reality. Your body holds the keys to awaken these Dragon energies, for the Dragons will be responsible for activating the next stage of the shift of this planet, and you are one of the main players in this drama. Maybe you have not considered this Dragon connection before that is because the time is now!

How can you contact the Dragon that you are, that sleeps. Be aware of places and especially mountains, big Dragons use large landscapes to hide themselves under; maybe a trip to the mountains would be your doorway into the realm of the Dragons. Dragon energy is very close to human vibration, they are fourth dimensional, they feel heavy in the body, be aware of when the sight goes cloudy and the body feels heavy. Open yourself to the idea that it is Dragon energy and allow the communication to flow. The Dragons are guardians of the Earth. They are an intricate part of Gaia’s consciousness. We call them Dragons because to us that is the way, they show themselves. Our mind takes energies and creates images that will best represent them to us.

Everyone has a connection to the Dragon energy as they live on Earth, but you may have a special connection, as you may have been one of these beings. Now it is time to awaken the Dragon consciousness, that is within you .In your body and in your DNA there are particular codes, which will ignite and awaken, this will also awaken your Dragon energy on the planet. By aligning yourself with this energy, you not only fire codes within yourself but also codes within the planet. These codes are like triggers, which will fire information around your body and the body of the planet. This is greatly adding the shift into light, which is what, is happening on Earth, at this time. By awakening your Dragon, not only will you aid what is going on Earth but you will also raise the frequency of your body. Your atoms will begin to vibrate faster and faster. Then your atoms will be able to hold its integrity, as it shifts in consciousness, from a third dimensional expression to a fifth dimensional expression. It is very advisable before you begin to open up to this Dragon energy to cleanse the body of toxins, as the Dragon energy being very close to the third dimension, will affect the toxin levels in the body. Maybe a fast of a few days and drinking plenty of water will remove the build-up of toxins in the body, and you will then be cleansed and ready to align with your Dragon energy.

You need to spend some time in meditation, allowing the energy of your Dragon consciousness to come to you, and move you in a new direction. Dragon consciousness is very dense indeed, it may not be possible for you to communicate with this being in words, usually they communicate by feelings, not emotions but sensations in the body. You may feel very heavy in your body whilst you communicate with your Dragon. In your Dragon form you are very immense and powerful. It is time for you to step into your power and do the job you came here on Earth to do. It is no mistake that the ley lines of the planet are called dragon lines in some cultures. They are the backbone of the planet and hold together the matrix that supports the physical form of the planet. They also carry within them the DNA code that supports humanity in its transformation. Your body’s DNA has information as codes, design plans for the transformation of the planet. Your body is beginning the change and you are moving into realms of the later stages of transformation. The cells of your body are holding higher and higher energies much more comfortably. There are certain things that you found whilst these energies merged and vibrated within you, that aided you. There were many moments though you did not hear them speak to you in words, you heard them softly speaking to you through your intuition. You may sometimes feel that you are not being guided by the Dragons, but they rarely speak to you in words, they prefer, dreams, visuals and feelings. They are deeply feeling beings, they have given some of themselves to you and thus you are very sensitive to other people’s energies because of them. Now that you are totally here it time for you to connect with the planet. Even though it feels like you are earthed and connected, there is to come, an even deeper connection. There is a level of consciousness that you are yet to connect and be a part of. This is the level of dragon consciousness. Once you have connected fully to this Dragon energy, you will be able to download the information that you carry into the matrix of the planet, and then it is time to perform practices that aid your awakening to the realization that you are creating your own reality. It is time for light workers to wake up and start creating the reality that they desire the most. You know how to do this within yourself. What would you like to manifest in your life. See your desire and create the reality that you want in your heart. Start small and see only your success.

The Dragons do not really have wings and breathe fire, as we perceive them; this is only the image our imagination uses to translate a universal energy, into a form we can understand. This Dragon energy is the most ancient expression of the Source that has ever manifested in this universe. The Dragons come from the void, they are the mystery. How can you create something from nothing? , the Dragons will show you how.

“Planet Earth lay dreaming her dreams. She was a radiant beauty, a green and blue sphere, spinning around the Sun. Earth was an exquisite gem hanging in a spiralling galaxy, an inter-dimensional doorway to other worlds. The Earth was young and untamed, playing and dancing in the void, her coat of fire swirled around, with sparkling trails. Among this feast of flames, in the magic of the first Days, Dragon was born. Dragon made its way through the burning wilderness, flying, splashing in rivers of shining red lava, creating its first paths, on the shy hardness of a fresh ground. Earth subsided in her fiery birth; the fire disappearing little by little from the surface of the great sphere. Another kind of life came, populating the seas and shores. But the power of that primary fire remained, like embers forever glowing, in the eyes of the watchers, the Dragons.” – taken from my book, “Her Perspective

Once the Dragons had created the body of the planet, they too became a part of her, they slept within her body. You can see evidence of these Dragons in the forms of certain Mountains. The body of the Dragons make up the landscape. The land of this planet is not entirely third dimensional, it is more pliable than that. It is not stuck in permanent form or structure and therefore over time it can come to form shapes and images within its landscape, to represent the ancient beings that took part in earth’s birth and development. I know this is a lot to take in and understand, but look at this with your imagination and not the limitation of your rational mind. The rational mind does not know anything about other dimensional energies, as it is stuck in the 3D. Expand your mind and allow yourself to realize that on another dimensional level, you are part of an immense Dragon consciousness. This part of your soul wants to come forward into your life and have an influence on you as a human being. You are living on a planet that is beginning a transformation from a 3D focus and vibration to a 5D focus and vibration. What this means to us as human beings in that now is the time to get in touch with all the different aspects that make up our soul and integrate them into the body, into the very dna. This integrating will activate certain codes and instructions within the DNA, which will allow our physical bodies to raise its atomic vibration and allow us to become divine human beings. By introducing you to this aspect of your soul, I am activating this integration process within you. This Dragon that you are on another level is coming forward, as you have work to do with such a being. Not only do the mountains emanate their energy, but also the rivers and oceans. There is a network of energy that runs through this entire planet, similar to our nervous system. These Ley Lines are power lines, which form a network across the whole planet. Some people can dowse for these lines and can harness the energy of such lines to heal and balance. They are also called Dragon lines, if you look into many of the Chinese myths and legends you will find that they refer to the primeval forces of nature as being Dragons. There are places where these Dragon lines meet and these are often recognized by man as being sacred places. Often churches and the like are built on top of these vortexes, which are a crossing of the lines. Around the area in which you live are many vortexes, which are in need of healing and balancing. In times past people have harnessed the energy of these places, and have not always used it for good purposes. Many of these Dragon vortexes are either blocked by the insertion of metal upon the entrance point into the vortex or they are still functioning but are very negative.

Your Dragon self wants to come forward and make itself known to your body so that it can integrate and then guide you to do some work on these blocked and negative Dragon vortexes. Dragon energy is very heavy and can make the body feel very full and tired. When you work with the Dragon energy it can be very difficult at first, as the body gets used to such an immense energy. That would make sense of why you are feeling so tired at certain times in your day, this is the influence of the Dragon on your body. It is difficult to communicate with words or pictures with these beings; they tend to speak in a language that can only be felt in the body as bodily sensations. Notice your body more, and ask yourself in those tired moments why I feel so tired. Where in your body is the heaviness and what does it really feel like. If you tune into your body in this way, then your mind will begin to translate the language of the Dragons into a form of either words or pictures so you can begin to communicate with this being. You have work to do on the land, your Dragon self is asking this of you. It is going to take some time before you really are ready to do this. Take your time, Dragon energy is slow, there is no rush- all in its right time.

The Dragon wants to anchor in the body and guide you to certain places in your area, that need healing and balancing. Once you have gotten to this point you will be guided to stand in certain places and allow the energy of the place to come into your body to be transformed and released. This is not an easy job, you may have emotions, which are dense, and powerful, your head may not understand. Do not worry your Dragon will guide your through your intuition and bodily feelings and you will know exactly what to do. It may also get uncomfortable in the body, do not think that your weird symptoms are an illness, this is not the truth. Any bodily symptoms at this time are only a result of the Dragon energy coming into your body. You will be a natural as you have worked with this Dragon energy on the land many times before. This is the soul intention for this lifetime to allow you to step into your power, as an earth healer. Just like you were in many of your previous lives. The Dragon consciousness that you are on this level, sleeps in the centre of the planet. I have been on a journey into the centre of the Earth, and I have passed through many levels of consciousness. As I got to the very core, where the crystal lies, I saw it surrounded on all sides by sleeping Dragons.

Now how this will manifest I have no idea. It is meant to be a mystery. But there are instructions for you, to do in preparation for this awakening. You must cleanse your energy body of negative power. Now when I say negative, I do not mean negative as in bad, but negative as in electricity. You will reverse the polarity of your energies. You are being requested to spin your chakras and allow them to bring up energies, which are magnetic in nature, but are holding old patterns and codes that need to be cleared, in order for there to be room, for more evolved information in light, to settle in the cells of your body. Imagine that your body and its cells are like a hard drive in a computer. You cannot put any new software on it, because it is full of old out of date data and software. So in order to create room for new information coming into your DNA and hard drive, you will have to cleanse the system of old programmes. Now these programs have little or anything to do with your personality or sense of self, this is deeper in the body. You have done enough of the process, to clear the emotional body, now the very cells of your body are preparing themselves for change. You are going to begin to prepare to transform. You must begin working with your chakras, meditate if you can, on each chakra point in the body and allow the energy to build and take your focus into the chakra and allow it to show you where it is out of balance. Dance the energy of the chakra; create words to describe the energy it carries. Paint or draw mandalas to represent the chakras, find ways to express what is going on in your process, with each centre. Find books and read about them, do colour breathing with the appropriate chakra, and find new techniques and meditations for working with them.

You can prepare your energy body, for this shift in consciousness; make it a daily routine of working in one way or another with the different points. Start with the chakra, which feels the most out of balance. You can find ways to know which one it is, if you do not trust your intuition, you can dowse for it with a pendulum, or through kinesiology. The reason that you need to work on this level is, because when the Dragon consciousness wakes up in the centre of the planet, it will also awaken in the centre of you. It is sleeping in the cells of your body too. You need to be in balance in order to take the increase in energy. We all need to become more aware of being in balance or finding quick and easy ways to get back in balance, as the energy on the planet increases its frequency. If you are not in balance, you will become sick and tired. You have to find a way to combat your levels of negative stress. It is very important, that you meditate at this time, find a way to release stress and relax. As your Dragon consciousness awakens, you need to be in balance. It is not so difficult to achieve yet needs constant maintenance.

As the years passed many times I dreamt about the awakening of the Dragon consciousness inside the planet and these dreams left me with a familiar feeling which I knew I would one day feel when our earth Dragon was beginning to wake up. This time is now. There will be earth quakes and volcanoes going off soon, it is time to heal our relationships with Gaia and especially the Dragons as only then will we be safe. If we can get in touch with the Dragons then we will be guided to be in places which are safe. If we do not listen then we will find ourselves in places which will experience these changes. The Dragons are the ones who carry us to a new world but first they must rise from the earth, this time is now.

What we need is the awakening of the Dragon Riders. We need those who are the Dragon riders to wake up and take up their position of channelling this energy, so we can ride the waves of change into a new world of consciousness. Are you a Dragon rider?

If the Dragon energy is allowed to just rise from the centre of the earth it could bring about major destruction which we all have the knowledge of in our ancestral memory. We all fear earthquakes, tidal waves and major earth changes. These beings if allowed to just come up with no riders will cause immense devastation. We need to ride the Dragons and the waves they will create, the earth beneath our feet will no longer hold our grounding and we need to get on the back of the Dragons and ride them into a new reality. This process will not happen all at once (like it did on Mars) but we are being asked to step up now. When Dragon energy first comes up it can feel very dense, painful and heavy, we are to allow these feelings and not fight them. There is nothing wrong it is only the birthing pains of Gaia, birth is painful for both the Mother and the Child. Breath is important at this time; it is time to breathe deep in our lower chakras, not to generate energy but to release the build-up. Earth quakes and volcanos is pressure building up in the earth and it must be released, if we can take some of this pressure into our bodies and express it through the breath then we can reduce the earthquakes and lessen the destruction. Integrating the Dragons is slightly different to the other aspects, the other aspects we take into our bodies. The Dragons we go into their bodies, they are huge there is no way we could fit them into our bodies. We need to sit inside their bodies.

How do you ride this Dragon? You will over the next weeks feel waves coming up from the earth, they may make you unsteady on your feet, just like an earth quake would rock you, so will these waves. When you feel this you must stand up, and have your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend the legs and sit as if you are sitting on an invisible chair. There are martial art stances which are similar to this pose. Breathe deep into the base of your spine and feel the waves coming, you must learn to ride these waves, and do not sit down or lie as it will rock your body. At first these waves will be so subtle you may not believe you are feeling them but as you become more adept at riding the waves, riding the Dragon, they will increase. To support the body you need more iron in your diet, dark green vegetables are excellent for this, as is seaweed.

Have you watched the film Avatar? If not I suggest you do as in the film they show you exactly how to ride the Dragons. It will trigger your memory and activate your training as the Dragon Rider. You are to stand up now and do your mission and see if your training has been enough.

There are no blocks to your Dragon, you fear there is because you can feel the immense power of this being coming, it is as if they have only opened one eye, they have been sleeping for hundreds of years, if you are in fear now, this will only increase as they begin to shift and get ready to push their way through the earth and take flight. It is important not to let the fear over take you, it is not there to be processed but acknowledged as these beings are awesome and you would be a fool not to have some fear of this process. But know in your heart and soul you are READY! The fear is good, it is like the fear you feel when you jump out of an aeroplane. You will also feel pain in the legs this is ok too, the way you ride the Dragon is not to sit on it but to stand on it with legs bent and you will be asked to make your muscles strong. Do not worry if you experience aching legs over the next weeks this is your body getting ready. You will also have temperature changes especially fever; this is part of the process too. You might think you are ill, you are not, and it is all part of the process of the awakening of the Dragon Riders.