Earth Stories

Lives are lived, but death comes for them all. Time wears away the script with the years that pass. Until, the story fades from memory Earth stories,  lived to be told Battles fought, Souls lost Loved ones grieved. The mourners linger on. Their memories held captive in Earth grave. Blood seeped into crack of stone. Pain of memory held in human bone.

When we think about being multidimensional, we tend to think only of the dimensions, which are higher up in the frequency range. We in our human minds, tend to think in hierarchical thinking patterns, and therefore we tend to see the higher dimensions such as the 5th, as being above us, out in space and so on all the way back to the Source. We very rarely think about the dimensions, which are below us, such as the second and the first. Just as there are a multitude of different dimensions out in the wonders of space, there are also worlds within worlds, held within the planet itself.

Imagine the planet being an onion with layer upon layer of different dimensional frequency ranges, which house many different kinds of beings and entities. If you drop your awareness from the confines of the 3D, to enter the Earth so to speak, you will come across a wide range of beings and entities, which are both negative and positive in their focus. Some of these beings are from nature itself, however some of these beings living inside of the planet, are human, and the Souls of those who have deceased – Ghosts. These beings are trapped Souls, who dwell within the Earth. They live in the shadow lands, the place of the dead.

Many of us have heard about these places of the dead in the underworld of this planet, they are often described to us in myth and story, coming from many different cultures. When a person dies in a negative way and especially during battle, the energy of that person lingers on as a form, forever stuck in an underworld of torment. The energy, which emanated them as a person, is not reunited in the light of their Soul and made whole; they are forever cut off from their Higher Selves and are forced to wander in this perpetual state, imprisoned in the energies of the Earth. Earth is a karmic planet, that is to say, that once you have bound yourself to the planet in a karmic way, you are no longer free to go to the light of the 5D. Some of us like to see this 5D as heaven and the underworld as hell. This is incorrect; hell is a different frequency reality deeper inside of the Earth. This place of the shadows is closer to us in frequency range than the levels of hell. It is just under the surface. This place of the Dead is well portrayed in the film “The Lord of the Rings”. There is a scene, where Frodo and Sam walk through the Dead Marshes. It is the place of the Dead. Sam and Frodo can see the faces of those who died in a great battle, just under the water. It is as if the dead lay there trapped forever.

Two years ago the Goddess Gaia told me that she would soon be releasing these Souls and their stories from the Earth itself. At the time I did not truly understand what this meant. However now I can tell you that this process has begun. For the past few months I have been seeing clouds of dark energy being released from the Earth. Sometimes I can see images in the clouds and I get a feeling of the Souls that are being released and also the stories of their lives. There are certain places on the planet where great battles have been fought and much death has taken place. These places will be the places where Light Workers are now congregating. The reason for this is because Gaia needs the special talents of the Light Workers, to aid her in this process. Many of us have karmic connections with the stories that are coming from the Earth; many of us will have past life memories when this releasing occurs. The deceased need to be released at this time, because Gaia is transforming. She is raising her frequency, she cannot transcend with this negative dark, heavy energy in her body. She needs to cleanse herself of these deceased beings in order to transform. For thousands of years these deceased and their stories have been fermenting inside of the Earth. As these dark energies come to the surface it is possible for those of you living in these areas to become sick. It is very important at these times to protect yourself and learn how to aid these Souls to release.

The Earth in a way is possessed by these deceased beings. For those of you are familiar with the Transformation process, will know that there are places in the body, which store the negative memories, of past lives you have lived on this planet. (Please follow this link to go to the process section of my website to learn all about the Transformation Process. ) It is possible by using this process to release these negative energies from the body and replace them with the love and light of the Soul. The Earth is doing the same thing. Let me explain further.

The Earth is the body, as we all know. The Soul of the planet is the energy of the Goddess. For many years since ancient times, the energy of the Goddess has not been present on this planet or rather her influence has gone unnoticed. There was a time when the energy of the Goddess, the Soul energy of the planet itself was very active and visible. There came a time when the male energy of the Universe wanted to have dominance, so the Goddess fell in myth and legend. In truth her energy receded deep into the very core of her body. It was all meant to be this way. However now is time for the Goddess energy to come back to be seen by all who live upon her surface.

It is as if the Goddess energy is reawakening inside the planet itself and pushing its energy to the surface. As it does so it moves through these negative energies, which possess it, and through processes such as Earthquakes, floods etc, will cleanse herself of these negative pockets of energy. As this process continues the energies of the deceased will come to the surface and will await release. That is where you as Light Workers come in.

Many of you will take on the role of being the Shadow Dancers.

Many of you have contracts with certain Soul groups on this planet who want to be released from the Earth. Groups of people who have lived and died here on the Earth and for one reason or another the energy of that particular personality is locked in the Earth. They are locked in certain places on the planet. You will be drawn to certain places, which are in need of your releasing expertise. Many places of worship are very negative in this way, as they are often a magnet for such deceased beings. Follow your intuition and allow yourself to go to these places you are being drawn to, even if it does not feel comfortable to go there.

You may get body feelings and symptoms, when you are about to process and help release these Souls. Sometimes you can feel pain and pressure in the body, as well as blurred vision and disturbed hearing. Often I feel a deep sickness and constriction around the throat area. As you go into the process fully you may have intense emotions and visions in your mind to give you the story of the lifetime. Allow all that happens. What is happening is that the deceased are using your body to release themselves from the Earth and venture up into the light. You as a Light Worker have incredible amounts of light in your body; this is where you can really do some much-needed work. You will find that you may want to perform certain rituals to close and heal certain places, especially places of worship. Many places of worship are built upon important ley lines and places where these lines cross, creating power places. Any negative event which takes place on these power places is instantly imprinted into the actual grid which is Gaia’s network of ley lines. The spilling of blood on to the ground imprints the actual story into the grid, it is totally possible to access the story and memory and even live through it, as if it is going on in the here and now.

When we work on this level we are often out of present time, we can find ourselves living through times past. We can find ourselves reliving the event as if we lived through it ourselves in past lives, which of course is totally possible. Many times people are drawn to these places to be able to remember the event, as they often lived through the event themselves in a past life. Not all of this releasing work is personally connected, not all of the events were lived by the Light Worker doing the releasing work. It matters not if you lived this life or if you are only viewing it to be able to do the work of the releasing, the effects are the same.

The place you are clearing will understand the symbols you use in your rituals and respond well to your intentions. Do not make the rituals complicated, and always follow your intuition. It is very important that you allow your emotions to flow at this time of healing. Do not worry if your head does not have a clue as to what is going on, just allow. Breathing is very important as it is the body’s way of drawing up the energy from the Earth, to pull it through and out of your body, this is the releasing process playing out in your body. Simply allow it.

I will tell you about a process I went through whilst I was visiting a chapel in the middle of the woods in the south of Germany.

Taken from an email to a friend

“A few months back my German friend Isabella sent me a photo of a disused chapel in the woods near her home. I did a reading on it, it was once a place of pagan Goddess worship, which had been taken over by the Catholic Church and was being used for bad intention, as the energy of the Goddess was blocked and imprisoned there through the use of crosses. On the photo I could see metal crosses next to the chapel. (Crosses were often placed in the ground directly into the ley line. This harnessed the energy of the ley line and enabled all of those who were involved with the particular church to draw upon its energy. Not all crosses were used for negative reasons; however I have since discovered that many of the Catholic churches have these crosses placed into the ley lines, to enable the Catholic Church to siphon off the power of the Goddess for their own agendas. The energy which is drawn up into these catholic churches is then drawn into the vortex which is sucking energy in, within the Vatican. Even the architecture of the buildings are designed as energy magnets, to draw energy from the grid directly into the Vatican. The network of churches all around the world send their energy to the Vatican, it is taking Gaia’s energy as its own. )

When I did the reading for this place I became aware of a Druid who worshipped the Goddess there and then went on to betray the Goddess worshippers to the Catholic Church, by telling them where this place was. This Druid was alive in these times in this lifetime, as a Priest but not a very good one, this was confirmed and the Priest of the chapel was very psychic but a drunk. It stirred something in me but I pushed it away. Whilst I was in Germany it was arranged that we go to this place and the Priest would meet us there at 10 am. We had to rearrange my whole schedule just for him, as he would only come at this time. On the morning I woke feeling really angry with him and did not know why, when I spoke to my friend Nina (my translator), she said she felt exactly the same. Interesting!

I thought that when I got to the chapel, I would l tune in and see if anything happened, yet nothing could have prepared me for what did happen. Nina felt sick as we drove closer and closer. This should have been a sign to me.

I walked to the chapel and as my feet touched the earth I started screaming “no” over and over again, I burst into tears, and I was overwhelmed with grief and fear and rage. I was no longer in modern times, I was in a past life, I saw a woman in a pale dress hanging from her neck, and dead bodies everywhere. I saw men in black habits with their hoods up, killing everyone after making them pray for their Souls, and destroying the icons of our chapel. It was awful.

After what felt like forever, I managed to stop screaming and wept and starting moving the Earth and dug into it with my fingernails. I did not know what I was doing and I could not stop it. I lay my hands on the rock and wept and then I suddenly said, “Where is Nina? “. She was behind me and she came to my side, she was crying and crying, I made her lay her hand on the rock too, even though she was shaking.

I realized we were sisters in this past life, I was about 16 and she was 13. Our family were Goddess worshippers and the men in hoods killed them all there. I am not sure if they were buried there or it was just where the memory was. We felt it begin to heal when our tears dropped on to the place, where we had dug. Then I took a flower and lay it on the Earth. I did not know what the Priest would think when he saw this. He did not have the courage to turn up, and I was glad, I do not think I could have looked at him. The moment it was healed we were pulled back into modern times and felt strangely embarrassed; it was an all-together bizarre experience”. Email sent by Alloya.

After this had occurred I became more open and aware on this level. I realized that this would be the work of many Light Workers on this planet. So be open, allow yourself to visit those places near your home, which are in need of balancing and healing. You may not always get such a drama as I did but will only experience feelings in the body and then a shift of energy. Allow and flow with the experience. You may also be called to work on other living people who have deceased beings around or attached to them.

For those of you who are working in the healing professions, it is important for you to know that an increase in people being possessed will occur. Now I am not talking about demonic possession yet sometimes this is the case but rarely. Even the most demonic of energies is usually, in fact an aspect of a fallen Soul, or deceased person. These beings are around us always and we are often unaware of them. This is the time now to be aware. Many of these beings are requesting release. You may not be aware of your contracts with these beings, as they were made in other dimensions, but you will be called to release many beings that have attached themselves to other living people. Gone are the days of excising these beings, catapulting them into the darkness. We can successfully remove these beings and channel them to the light. All is needed is that you hold the energy of truth, the energy of transformation during these releasing times. Truth is an energy, which calls all beings to their rightful place in the Universe. If you hold someone else in this energy, then the attached being has no choice but to be magnetized to the light. It is a gift for both the client who is possessed and the being itself.

Do not think that it is only weak people who get possessed. Often Angels in human bodies incarnated Angelics, often become possessed. They are extremely light and like the moth to the flame, dark and lost energies are drawn to them. The problem for those of you, who have very strong Angel energies in your Soul, is that you tend to be ungrounded which opens you to these possessions and also you have not integrated your dark side. Often people are tormented by a possession so they can look at their ultimate fears and process them out. The dark being that is attached (on another level) is doing you a great service. It is allowing you to overcome your fear and process the possession of fear from your body. Fear within the body whether from this lifetime or a past life, is the anchor to the being that wants to attach to you. Rid yourself of this fear anchor and then the being cannot hook in and attach themselves to you.

Now I am not necessarily talking about full on possessions, I am not talking about heads spinning around and devils speaking. No, yet many of us are possessed without even knowing about it. I have been possessed by dead brother who died when he was a baby. I had no idea that many of my negative headspaces were in fact coming from him. Once I removed him and sent him to the light, depressive headspaces no longer plagued me. Many symptoms, which you have in your body, are symptoms of possession. Many of these symptoms do not warrant any real concern but are there never the less. These can often be the body reacting to a dark or negative energy, which as attached itself to the energy body. So be more aware when doing self-healing to really investigate your body and ask it to show you where your attachments are. This is the time of healing on this planet, so it is time to get rid of all unwanted guests.

There are several rituals, techniques, meditations which will aid you in this process, I am sure you will find the right one to suit you. Remember to stay in the truth of your Soul’s energy and all will heal. The Archangels are the most affective energies to call upon to remove attached and possessing beings and take them successfully to the light. If you work with these beings they will aid you and make sure that all negativity is transformed. They are only there really as a support; you are fully capable of doing this work yourself without the aid of the Angels. They are only really there as a comfort until you gain enough of your power to perform these tasks yourself. Remember in all of this the most important thing is to stay in your truth.