The following is the experience I had while visiting the Great Giza Pyramid. “First of all, I went into the smaller Queens Pyramid, there were lots of Egyptian tourists there visiting and it was very difficult for me to feel any energy what so ever. The noise was very loud and the crowds, pushed and jostling, giving me no space to experience anything else other than the heat and air less atmosphere. I was impressed by the building, but that was all. I was disappointed to say the least. I thought to myself trust me to think I would have an amazing experience then to get nothing that will teach me to have expectations. So when I entered the Great Pyramid, I expected the same thing to happen. After a hot and hard climb up into the top chamber I was tired and very hot. I was shocked my whole body went into panic, it was so hot in there but more than anything there was an incredible energy. I must say it was not all together pleasant. My body started to shake and I felt like I would cry. So I sat cross -legged on the floor and closed my eyes, the feelings intensified. I called in the energy of my twin flame, Michael (not to be mistaken for the Archangel). I always call his energy when I personally need support in such situations. I felt him enter my body and the shaking stopped and my body began to calm down.

As this occurred the Egyptian guide of the pyramids came into the chamber and in a very loud voice began telling all the Egyptian tourists to leave. I thought this was strange as it was not due to close until four o’clock and it was only two. The room began to become more silent and I thought the moment I opened my eyes he would ask me to leave too. So I opened my eyes and saw that the only people left were my travelling friend and another man. They were sat crossed legged with their eyes closed; they looked like some sort of guardians. The guide came up to me and looked deeply into my eyes. I was shocked beyond belief, the guide looked just like Michael. He took my hand and said, “Come stand in the middle where the energy is”. I stood on a spot in the centre of the chamber and felt a feeling that was like fire going up my spine. He then took both my hands and for the next forty minutes we looked deeply into each other eyes and when he breathed out I breathed in and vice and versa. Tears ran down both our cheeks and the emotions were very, very intense. I must admit it was a little over whelming and I was a little scared of the intensity.

Then he took my hand and led me to the stone sarcophagus. He pointed into it and said “feet there, head there” I thought he was simply telling me the way they had put the bodies in, so I said “oh really “he frowned at me and said “no your feet there, your head there.” I was shocked, I said in a timid voice “what you want, me, to get in?” He said, “That is what you came for isn’t it?” I climbed in

Even though it was not that deep in physical, I felt like I was going down metres and metres. I was scared; as I lay there my whole body began to twitch as if there was electivity going into every muscle. I asked my spirit what was going on and she said I was to calm down and allow, it was firing the codes in my d.n.a. After what seemed like ages, the guide’s hand appeared and pulled me out. Both my friend and the man were crying. The guide took them both in his arms and hugged them. Then he turned to me and kissed me on both cheeks and then the fore head and then he said, “See I never did forget you.” I was shocked this is a sentence that my twin flame Michael always used.

It was now time for us to leave, as we came out of the pyramid I looked at the guide and was again shocked he now looked nothing like Michael at all. Feeling a little shaky, I sat at the foot of the pyramid and a crowd of about 100 Egyptians flocked around my girl friend and I. They wanted to know our names. One girl touched me and many of her friends wanted to touch her because she had touched me. I was very overwhelmed. In the end the police moved them on, and gave me puzzled looks as to how I had attracted so many people. My friend and I walked away with half the people following us calling our names. Since this experience every night when I go to bed I get this strange vibration in the whole of my body that seems to come from my bones…