Electrical Messages from Angels

Many years ago at the beginning of my journey of integrating my soul and its many aspects, I attended a Native American Indian Medicine Wheel workshop in my local town. I had little money at the time but something urged me to attend, something was driving me, something beyond my everyday consciousness. I did not know why I was going, but the first evening, as we sat down to chant and drum, surrounding a camp fire, I began to vibrate in my bones. We drummed and chanted until the early hours until the Shaman spoke of the ancestors who were sacred to them. We were asked to pick one ancestor which we resonated with and when we went to bed we were to call upon this ancestor and ask them to give us a dream. I went to bed that night, sharing the room with others who were much more used to meditation and ritual than I. They knelt on the floor in a prayer pose and called upon their ancestor with all the reverence which should be given to the calling of a sacred ancestor. I was exhausted the energies were overwhelming for me I was new to all this energy work and I was too tired to mess around with complicated rituals or prayers. I got into bed and very un-ceremonially I called upon one of the ancestors (the only one I could remember I might add) Black Lightening Eagle. “Hey Black Lightening Eagle, give us a dream will you mate?” I asked , not for one minute thinking I would get anything, I was not being ritualistic enough or even honouring the ancestors by the way of my asking , too tired to care I fell asleep. I awoke in a dream (I say I awoke because the dream was totally lucid I was fully awake). I was in the garden of the seminar centre where I was staying; all over the trees and bushes was what looked like Angel hair. You know the kind of cobweb like hair that you decorate Christmas trees with. As I was wondering what I was to do with this Angel hair, I suddenly realised I was not alone and stood behind me was an Angel. It looked more like a glowing radiating geometric pattern which when I focused on the light radiations a face came into view, a face which I knew. This was my guardian Angel, (I now know that these beings are often the Angelic aspect of a person, at this time I did not know this and still thought of these beings as guardian Angels).

I asked what we were to do with the Angel hair and she suggested we gather it up to a pile on the lawn which we did. Once we had a big pile I asked what to do now, the Angel said “You are the weaver, weave”. As I took a piece of the Angel hair in my hands it turned into multicoloured thread, which I then used to weave a kaleidoscopic pattern of many colours. As I completed this, a huge black symbol (which actually looked like lightening burns) appeared on the multicoloured banner. Once complete we proudly, the Angel and I walked around the garden holding our banner aloft. Soon as I awoke I knew this was significant but I had no idea what it meant, I instantly drew the black symbol. When we all went down for breakfast the Shamans asked us if we had any dreams. I left it until last to say anything as I was shy. Finally it got to my turn, I told my dream and showed them the symbol, and they were open mouthed, gasping in amazement. They told me in awe “oh wow you are a dream weaver”. Everyone else seemed to know what this meant, I was new to shamanic practices so I did not, too shy to ask what that meant, I nodded pretending I also knew what they were talking about. However I had no idea what it all meant, but I knew it meant something special. I returned home and made a huge banner out of coloured fabric in a kaleidoscopic pattern with the black symbol on top. Many years later I sat down to write my book “ The Mission of the One Star” , in the first pages I read back the words “ We are the Weavers , the Dream Weavers” . At the time I thought ok that symbol was a calling card if you like of these beings called the Dream Weavers and I had been given it as a way of making contact with them , little did I know at the time the full significance of this symbol, only now am I coming to realise.

Many years later I began to have this same Angel turns up in my meditation, her name was Shektah. She often manifested as a wonderful rainbow coloured energy burst, it was my mind that gave her shape, and realised that this being was an Angel. She moved into my meditations daily working with my energy body until finally one day I began to communicate with her. She took me on a journey of healing, which I desperately needed, I like many others had a broken heart, she healed me and taught me I was loveable and whole. She took me on such a journey which climaxed with her telling me that she was my Angelic aspect, she was me. Of course this took me a long time before I could finally accept this and finally integrate her energy into my body, this was the beginning of my journey of the integration of my soul. (She was the first aspect to integrate, many more aspects came you came read all about this in my book “The Mission of the one star”.)

When I finally integrated her energy and she confirmed this I then had the symbol tattooed on the back of the neck. I always knew this symbol was important but never really understood how important or why. I pondered this symbol a lot wondering why my Angel would pick this as its symbol. I thought it looked a little like a person with its arms up, and the base looked like tail feathers. If others asked me what it was, I told them it was an Angelic rune for protection that was much easier than telling them it was the symbol of my Angelic self or aspect. The years rolled by other soul aspects, other guides turned up and I thought little of the symbol even though I was walking around with it tattooed on my neck. What caught my attention was when I was watching a documentary on the Dogon Tribes and their many dances and rituals. I thought to myself, that the headdresses were very similar to my Angelic symbol.

It was not until I watched David Talbot’s fantastic documentary “Symbols of an Alien sky” that I came to understand what this symbol was in its importance. Perhaps the most compelling discovery comes from the sciences. Independent investigation over the past 12 years has confirmed that the celestial formations Talbot reconstructed—all from historical evidence—precisely match the behaviour of electric discharge in the plasma laboratory and in remote space. A convergence of historical evidence and plasma science has occurred. The converging research points to planetary instability and intense electrical events in ancient times. A challenge to some of the most cherished assumptions in today’s theoretical sciences.

Plasma scientists are now comparing electrical discharge formations in the laboratory to rock art images around the world. Anthony Peratt, who is a leading authority on plasma phenomenon, has been researching unstable formations that develop in high – energy electrical discharge. The more elaborate discharges forms are now called Peratt Instabilities. Within a communication with David Talbot, Peratt became intrigued by the similarity of ancient rock art to the discharge formations he had been recording. He noticed that he was seeing the very same formations painted on the walls of caves, as he had seen in his laboratory experiments. Peratt then got together a team of 30 people who investigated over 25,000 rock art images .The “squatter man” configuration depicted above occurs when a disk or donut-like torus around a linear discharge column is bent by magnetic fields induced by intense current flow. From the viewpoint of the observer, the edges of the upper disk may appear to point up (forming “arms”) and those of the lower torus may appear to point down (forming “legs”). The underlying “hourglass” pattern, with many subtle variations, occurs around the world. What is plasma instability? – A point at which high density plasma or electrified gas can no longer hold its charge. The plasma then changes its shape according to the nature of the current running through it. There is an array of resultant shapes. (See Peratt’s paper or just google plasma instability images.) They include – beads, bullets, and strings of beads, “sausages” chains, ladders, serpents, eyes, feathers, feathered dancers and serpents and so on. Plasma is saleable, i.e. what happens in space can be recreated in a lab for detailed analysis. The image above is lab plasma and constitutes the form of the Squatting Man. It may also be the origin of the archetype of the Holy Grail.

After lengthy analysis of the petro glyphs, scientist Anthony Peratt concluded this phenomenon; of a giant plasma instability had appeared across the globe and appeared about 50,000km high. Electricity in plasma discharges create rapidly morphing shapes; rotations, “pinching,” spheroids which flatten into disks with outer curving edges, creating bowl shapes may appear as “limbs” along the discharging axis. When the formation reaches a saturation point, the formation breaks apart, very explosively. The plasma event giving rise to the Squatting Man image may have lasted for up to 1,000 years as visible phenomena before it faded completely. The rings, columns, spirals, ladders, snakes, feathered serpents, beads and strings of beads and dragon shapes which rolled and rotated with varying degrees of luminosity and transparency were interpreted as gods. Carved into rock for immortality and mythologized, humans levied worship on these awesome sights. So the symbol given to me by an Angel in a dream, is a plasma discharge out in the cosmos. This discovery made me go back into my studies of Dan Winter’s work about the two families of Angels , ( you can read more about my study of Dan Winter’s work in my previous articles , Plasma Universe, Silver Serpents , Braiding the self etc).

There are two families of Angels the Seraphim and the Ophanin. The Seraphim were thought of as being huge fiery Dragons, the High Winged ones. The Ophanin were the Bird Tribes, the Thunderbirds. The Seraphim were symbolised by the twin serpents wrapped around each other. The Ophanin were symbolised by the wings, both together create the famous caduceus. The twin serpents spiralling around a centre column is the light filaments that are pinched together to create Birkeland Currants. For more information about the Birkeland Currants please see article Silver Serpents. The plasma filaments weave around each other and then create a toroidal movement which causes the plasma field to doughnut, the beginning of the spin or toroidal movement creates arcs or wings. The Caduceus is the combination of the Seraphim serpents entwined and the Ophanin wings. The Seraphim created the spin, the means by which to impregnate the plasma field with an electrical charge (which is life) but there was no way of steering this life igniting lightning bolt. As life evolved and the serpents danced around each other, they created spin which began to implode upon itself, within this implosion the wings of the Ophanin could be seen to form. Now this life giving tornado (the Seraphim) had the wings (Ophanin) by which to steer itself. This combination of electrical discharges (the Seraphim serpents and the Ophanin wings) within the plasma field creates a self – aware, self – steering; life giving Angelic feathered Serpent, a chance to create life in the cosmos. So these two tribes of Angels are really electrical currents needed to create self – aware life. Angels or angles, they are the electrical movements of the plasma field as it become self organising and self aware.

The symmetry operations of these Angelic forces of creation are highly charged light language, the language of life. They created life by setting up patterns of many doughnuts, charge domains into a spiral and thus the caduceus was formed. It is said in myth and legend that the two families of Angels fought in the heavens and to create peace between them they combined their energies together to create the feathered serpent or known by the Maya as Quetzalcoatl. This feathered serpent was also Shektah; she was a highly charged plasma discharge pattern. She burrowed her way into the plasma field just like a sperm enters an egg and created life in our universe. This is how she incarnated herself into matter, from this electrical discharge within the plasma field; she was able to create galaxies, solar systems, planets, beings, and me. The caduceus was a visual representation of how life became in this universe and how Angels incarnate into matter. This symbol on my neck was not only the calling card of an Angel as first thought, but was also a graphic interpretation of how to create life, and how to incarnate into matter. By giving me this symbol not only was I learning a lot about how life came to be in the universe, I was coming to realise that this symbol was a way of embedding that Angelic energy into the cells of my body, this was true integration. These lightning bolts caused life to form in the plasma, it called DNA to form. The Angels through their language of light formed symmetry to form in the plasma along which DNA began to form. The plasma had to be able to hold this charge it had to know how to swallow the charge, swallow the serpent in order to hold charge and create life. By tattooing this symbol on my neck I had imprinted or rather burnt into my energy field the symbol of my awakening. ( you can read how the Goddess Lilith experienced the lightning bolts of life in my earlier book “ Her Perspective “ available on Amazon in paperback and kindle. )  Link  . These electrical fields became self aware and self organising; this is the initial start of life. These electrical fields, these Angels embedded themselves into the structures which were forming through the interaction of the electrical discharge within the plasma field. It is possible to embed or incarnate into other bodies, not just the human physical body. Angels inhabit or embed themselves into the plasma body of galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets and human bodies. Was this what Shektah was trying to do embed herself into the cells of my body, into plasma within my field. “You thought that you could only inhabit a body, did you know you can inhabit even the stars. Angelic beings are plasma beings the size of stars.” – Shektah