During an Ayahuasca Ceremony I put out the request for a physical healing and boy did I get one. In the early hours of the morning I was rubbing my legs as they hurt when I noticed a lump on my shin bone. I thought to myself I wonder if that is a past life memory or something from this lifetime. Mother Ayahuasca said to me that I had broken my leg; I then relived an experience when I had fallen out of a tree when I was a kid. She told me not to worry that the Elementals would fix it. All of a sudden four Elemental beings entered my vision. They were about three feet tall, they had very angular bodies with scruffy hair, and they had tool belts on with gold and silver hammers hanging from them. They panel beat my lump straight again, oh my god it hurt I yelped with pain even though it only lasted a few seconds. She then went on to tell me that the Elementals were angry with humans as they were always having to repair the damage that we make. She told me to do a blessing for them when I returned home. She told me to find where they live and pour a frothy beer on to the earth as a gift to them. Later in the morning when I was standing outside I looked to the brow of the hill and saw an Elemental fort. It was wonderful it looked like a boy’s camp, it looked like they had stolen wood from their dad’s garage and made a fort, there was a flag and a fire. All around the fire the Elementals were dancing and partying, they invited me but I had to decline as it was too far from the house and the shamans would not allow me to wonder off. I promised that I would go to their party another time. It was one of many wonderful experiences.