Elven Poem – Alloya


We speak in myth , legend and poetry

To capture your imagination so you can really see.

To understand the story we hold in tender hand.

A story about our green and pleasant land.

This story has been lost and scattered in the depths of time ,

Only retrieved with a little poetry and rhythm.

Lost are the tales of long ago,

Only from these seeds will the story grow

When we talk about Elves to the ears of man, they laugh because they can

Ridiculed and none believed we are no longer perceived

Yet we walk right past you in other realms

We make our home among the Elms.

Little men dressed in red hats, are you joking, are you bats

We never looked like this in form, tall and beautiful was our norm.

Graceful of body, slight and lean

This is how we look if seen.

Nature spirits they call us this is not true

We are a people just like you

We have a history though not in a book

On the henge there is script if you look

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