Entering the matrix !

The Living Souls

How did we get here?

We fell upon the rainbow, in spirals of phi how we were to know that now we would die.

Over and over lives spent in the blinking of time, atoms turned on as we fell upon the line. Descending the pressure mounting, the rabbit hole never-ending, the platonic solids solidifying our minds into structure and form. Electromagnetic grids formed oh so quickly, tightly knitted constructs began to form the matrix which formed in green code all around us. Death came in increments, we fell in stages, not in one plummeting descent. We did not fall in truth but simply traversed the rainbow bridge, down stepping as we spiraled down the spiral of phi, lay for us by Lucifer. As sparks of phosphorus essence we fell upon the green-ray of Aurora and we made her body our home. The emerald dragon mother, we rode inside her mighty form as she caressed and teased the inert matter, which lay deathly in the void.

With a swish of her tail, we were scattered like seeds on a breeze, embedding ourselves ( sElves) into the fertile soil of the green electromagnetic emanations of Gaia Lucifer Sophia. Our presence began to manipulate the code and we began to write the code ourselves changing matter to our liking. Violet in hue barely in form, we began to walk the plane which lay inert all around us. We caused forms of thoughts to encode themselves into the matrix. Sacred thoughts thought along geometric angelic lines. Templates of creation formed emanating from our emerald heart space which resonated with the love of the Great Anu.

We are the El or the L , we fell on right angles, on the spiral of phi to make our descension to the centre of the eye, the eye of the storm where all becomes as one again. The journey does not end there for in the process of implosion we are transformed now longer are we wearing coats of in-cubation we have been born, through the womb of the Goddess passing through the fishes as they dance around each other.

Versica Pisces.

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