Birthed from the womb of the Great Mother Goddess

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Escaping the Moon Matrix & freeing the Goddess

vsmallsmall6There is an artificial control grid or matrix around the Earth which affects, controls and limits the consciousness of the human race. This matrix is projected to the Earth from the Moon and therefore is called the Moon Matrix.

It has been there for thousands of years and acts as an artificial false reality construct. This construct not only affects our everyday consciousness but also can have a limiting affect on our Souls too. Have you ever wondered why you cannot remember past lives or past existences on other planets? It is because this matrix technology is wiping the memory of our Souls as we pass upon death through this artificial barrier.

This technology is fuelled by the entrapment of the Moon Goddess’s energy. Here in this workshop will address the many levels of the construction of this matrix, we will discover how it came about and the part we may have played in this. We will free ourselves from the manipulation of this matrix and also act as way showers for those that follow. And most importantly we will free the Goddess energy and enable her to shine her true light upon the earth. If you are drawn to this workshop it is because you are part of a special team of matrix busters, you are adept at such endeavours and have been called to perform your mission. Together we can free the Moon.

Contact Alloya if you are interested in attending this seminar or organising the seminar in your local area.


Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sky watch over us and show us the way out of these dark times