Event- Croatia October 2020- Seminar with Alloya


Soul Integration for Starseeds

Weekend Seminar with Alloya Huckfield

Croatian Translation of Flyer

Travel with me Alloya, through the many dimensions that make up this universal reality. Through deep healing processes and meditation I will guide you up on a journey whereby you will move through each and every one of the dimensions that make up a 12 dimensional universal model. I will take you up on a journey whereby you can have direct experience of the various different dimensions, and your place upon them. In truth you are a multidimensional being, who has an aspect of soul on each one of the dimensions that make up this universal reality. I will guide you through the process whereby you will meet each and every one of your soul aspects, you will go through an intense healing, rebalance and recalibration process, and finally you will integrate your higher self into your human energy body.  You will be guided through all of those dimensions from the 12th where the Godhead, resides all the way down to your human self here upon the Earth in third dimension. You will be lead through various processes whereby you can clear the space within your energy body for the integration of these higher dimensional aspects. I will help you integrate each and every one, and ground them into your Earth human experience. When complete you will be assisted to plug into the organic grid of Gaia, and thus you will be able to download your higher frequencies directly into this matrix.

This is your mission here upon the Earth as you are star seeds who have been chosen for this mission here upon the Earth. By integrating all of the aspects of your multidimensional consciousness, and anchoring them into the organic grid of Gaia, you can bring yourself into full incarnation. This in itself will give you, abilities and wisdom, which you can use to aid and support the grid of the land of your country. There is much healing to be done and Gaia has sent out a request through me as alloya to put out this call.

I put out a call it to all of you who are star seeds, who have originated from the stars. Gaia requests your assistance and your healing energies. For there are many distorted patterns within the organic grid of Gaia in your land. Through working with your various different selves, and coming to full incarnation, you will be able to learn many skills, whereby you can then begin to heal the land. The goddess Gaia is putting out this request to you, for you have worked in this capacity before in a past life. Not only are you connected because you are star seeds and you originate from the higher dimensions, but you are also connected through a past life, whereby each and every one of you were a sister or priestess of the Goddess.

Date & Time: October 3rd & 4th 2020. 10 am –5pm.

Venue:  Zadar Croatia

Contact:  Biserka Sterpin


Price:180 Euros

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket as people often get cold during the processes. You will also need a bottle of water, tissues and a journal for writing. All cell phones will be turned off during the workshop.