Gaia’s various bodies

I am a multidimensional being travelling through all dimensions and levels of consciousness, coming from the source on high to navigate my way through all dimensions to finally enter the underworld of the second and first dimensions on my way to the zero. As I travel I met many different entities and levels of consciousness. As I travel I am coming to know the many faces of Gaia. There seems to be a set pattern of consciousness as I travel inside her body. I am met by serpent beings that undulate in ecstatic movements both around my body and deep within it, travelling along my veins and meridian channels. Cleansing my blood and working on removing of energetic blocks in the blood and veins. Then after they have finally worked on me they leave as quickly as they came to be replaced by thousands of species of insects, I can hear their frequencies as they run along my nervous system, repairing the DNA strands, neutral power lines and meridian points. It can become painful but luckily they are quick workers and just as the pain gets too much they leave to be replaced by cat beings, black cats come into my awareness , comforting my body, making my muscles relax , soothing me after the operations of the serpents and insects. Their purring is a soothing vibration like a balm. I have recently been initiated into the spider consciousness. I was bitten by a spider and my arm swelled up, this enabled me to communicate with the spider consciousness of Gaia. They reside on the first dimension and are responsible for the creating of realities. It is as if they are the nuts and bolts builders of our third dimensional reality. I first made contact with these beings many years ago and you can read all about it in my book the mission of the one star.

It is possible to create a new reality if we give our ideas to this level of consciousness. By placing our intention or wish into this dimension we can request the help of the spider beings to create a reality for us. There are many myths about Grandmother Spider and how she weaved all the forms of the animals on the planet. I met her for the first time only days ago. She was beautiful, I was scared of spiders in the third dimension until I met her, she was so delicate in form and consciousness, she was awesome. I can feel I have a great allay in her, she is always in my consciousness now supporting me as I repair my brain matrix so I can move out of the distorted patterns of our artificial matrix. Call upon her if you wish to weave a new story into your life. Gaia is made up of many races of beings as I venture down into the second dimension and eventually to the first I am moving through levels of consciousness , there is serpent or snake level, insect, bird etc. etc. During my journeys I have met many allies who support me along my way. Gaia is showing me her various bodies. There are the bird or eagle beings who always support me as I move through the illusion of the darkness in the underworld , they always come as the wings ones , pairs of light eagle feathers first appear in my mind’s eye , I feel the soft breeze on my skin as they float effortlessly down into my personal space. All dark entities are sent scattered, running soon as the winged ones make their appearance. This is Gaia’s spiritual body, next is the insect races, wasps, spiders move into my body running along my meridian lines, and neutral network of my brain repairing the damage that has been done through incarnation upon incarnation of mind control and manipulation. I feel them as they move along my neutral network repairing breaks and removing distorted patterns of consciousness. This is Gaia’s mental body, the serpents are her etherical counterpart to her physical body they work on my blood. The cats are her feeling body, bringing comfort and peace to the form, relaxing muscles and realigning my spine.