General Relationship Reading

Have you ever wondered why you choose the relationships that you find yourself in?
Is the significant other in your life, your Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or Karmic Partner?
Are there any significant past lives you have had together and how do they affect your present life?
What are the energetic dynamics of your relationship, how does your unique energy affect each other and what could that bring into your relationship?
Is there any karmic debt that needs to be addressed in your relationship?
What struggles and challenges could this bring into your partnership?
What does your energy look like when it is combined, how do the dynamics of your energies play out in the relationship as one being or entity.
What could you achieve in your relationship from a purely spiritual perspective?
Why are you together from a higher spiritual soul perspective?
What does your soul learn from this relationship?
What does your partner learn from you and how can you assist in their spiritual path as regards your relationship?
How can you move forward in progress in your love?

This reading covers the above topics and questions in a general overall view of the relationship. Those wishing to work particularly on issues, problems, etc please choose the Relationship Issue Reading, this general reading is not for you, it is for those who want an overall and general view of their relationship and do not really have issues to address.

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Recent photographs of yourself and your person. 

Share as much as you wish about you and your person and your relationship. Structure your questions. Open up and share as much as you can as it assists the process of tuning into you. Take your time with this and please only send your information in one email. 

I will thoroughly read your information and if I need clarity or need to ask a question I will contact you. If all is understood then I will simply send you a receipt of your information and then keep it on file to the day of your booking. 

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General Relationship Reading

£ 70