Birthed from the womb of the Great Mother Goddess

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Goddess of the Magnetic Wave- Navigators of the AbZu – Episode Two

“Navigators of the AbZu”, guides the reader through the dimensional universe, introducing them to new and ground breaking scientific teachings. Readers of my work will notice that it is very different to my previous books, it is more science based. I was never interested in science at school I found it boring, limited and basically incorrect in many of my observations. I never thought I would find science interesting until I had an encounter with a Serpent Goddess called Ananda Hari. Ananda Hari guided me to find a scientific perspective on what I was experiencing, as I walked my spiritual path.
Ananda Hari “In the beginning of my nature, there was only bliss, an ever expanding vast of nothing, blackness devoid of light, a sea of un-manifest potential. From an electrical focus of attention I was born into being, a magnetic wave in response to a touch from the Divine. I am the sentient Serpent consciousness of the first toroidal spin of the Universe. As I was brought into creation, my initial movements, caused vortexes to spin, calling all matter into being. Chasing my own tail, becoming the Ouroboros, I began to create the Universe. As a torus I was all about spin.