Healing Clinic

Healing Clinic,  every Thursday evening from UK time of 7 to 9pm

During this time I will give a small group of people, a two hour Healing Session. They will get approximately 10 min individually to themselves, and the rest of the time it will be a group healing. This healing clinic will be available in monthly slots. When you first book a session on the healing clinic you will receive a document explaining all the different processes and procedures I will do during this Healing Session. That document will be generic. It will give you all the information that you will need to know about what you are receiving during these sessions.

You will receive a two hour Healing Session every week on Thursdays for four weeks. After four week if you want to go ahead and book another month. You obviously will not get the document as you would have already received it. If the timing of this healing clinic is inconvenient for you. Then you can rest assured that is not always necessary for you to be in a relaxed and receptive state in order for you to receive the healing energies. You will receive the healing energies anyway.  Time does not work the same way on the higher dimensions and it is possible to be able to temporarily pause the down flow of healing energy and at a time which is appropriate for you your soul will download the energy, your soul is in charge of all of this.

The reason I am making this clinic available is to allow my clients who have chronic conditions and whom the regular healing sessions to have a service which is not so costly. I am keeping a healing clinic down to a minimum because I will not be giving out individual healing reports. I will not be responding in depth, detail or length in e-mails to individual people’s issues and problems that may be covered energetically within the session. When you first book a monthly slot and you are a brand-new client, there will be some correspondence between us as I get to know you and get to know what it is that you need to focus on. Anyone is welcome to send me any information about the update of how they are and feedback, but they cannot expect lengthy or in depth e-mail responses. The reason I’m doing this is twofold. One is to provide my clients with a cheaper service and also for me to cut down the amount of typing and correspondence.

One two hour group session every Thursday 7-9pm (UK time) for 4 weeks

Please send the following to me Alloya at


NB* if you are requesting the healing clinic for someone else please make that clear.

Email Address: (if the payment is paid using a different email address please inform me)

Please let me know if you have had a healing with me before .

A recent photograph of yourself.

Open up and share as much as you can about your issues for working on during the clinic.  

I will thoroughly read your information and if I need clarity or need to ask a question I will contact you. If all is understood then I will simply send you a receipt of your information and then keep it on file to the day of the clinic.

Thank you

All payments are taken via Paypal via a credit or debit card however if you prefer you can request bank account details by emailing me at alloya@alloya.com. All payments are in English pounds however PayPal will convert it into your currency. If there are any problems with payment, please let me know.

On receiving your PayPal payment I will contact you via email and give you a document giving details on the various procedures performed during the clinic. You will receive any correspondence about the clinic sessions on the Friday mornings. 


Healing Clinic

£ 40