I Alloya am a fully qualified “London College of Healers” certificated practitioner of over 30 years. I am a qualified Facilitator and Facilitator Trainer of the Jann Wiess Transformation Process.  I have worked with clients addressing many issues physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual. I can assist you in coming to understand your issues and can assist you in finding the quickest route back to full harmony and wellbeing. 

Working with Light frequencies channelled from higher aspects of my multidimensional self I assist in the clearing of the various layers of the auric field, chakras, light body devices and more. I provide with my healing sessions detailed documents describing the various procedures performed during the sessions. I provide remote healing sessions which last for 2 hours. The energy work will bring about an upgrade and balance to assist in your healing. I work with many different levels of consciousness who will also bring forward helpful and wise information to assist in your healing. Please see individual healing sessions for more details.


Generally there is a 4 week waiting list for appointments. 

Upon purchase I will contact you via email and we can discuss and book in a day and time that suits you. I work from UK time of 6am to 10pm. The reason I am available for such a time frame is to allow my clients who live in other countries and live in different time zones to find a time that suits them. During our email conversation we can discuss your healing session. I will request a recent photograph of yourself.

On the day of the session please find somewhere you will not be disturbed for those two hours. You can read a book, listen to music, meditate or even fall asleep if you like, just relax and allow the energies. There is no need to tune into me but you can if you wish. After please do not rush around and ground yourself with drinking water.

The next morning I will write up a detailed report and send that with a document explaining all the different healing procedures done during your session. I will send these documents as PDFs via your email address.

Customers reviews

I rushed with energy from head to toe whilst Alloya was working on me. I could not imagine that my spiritual abilities would have developed as they have - thanks Alloya * Sarah Harris
I always had pain in my lower back no amount of therapies could touch the pain I had almost given up hope. Alloya worked with my in three sessions and I worked on an emotional blockage which Alloya highlighted and together we were able to heal the pain I had in my back , a pain which had been there since a young man. * Alexander Gordon