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Healing Sessions

Alloya offers three different Healing Sessions

These sessions are done remotely at an arranged time. It takes approximately two hours , during which the client is asked to relax and allow the energies .

A report is included .It is a word document sent via email , it includes the details of the healing session.

Design a healing yourself- Cannot see a healing above which suits your needs? Alloya is very open and happy to discuss a healing tailored to your needs.


Chakric cleasning , alignment and balancing. Spinal clearing , to remove blocks that are affecting the balance of the chakric system and energetic body. Auric clearing and basic healing.

There are twelve power points that lie along the spinal column and also are above and below the body. They are responsible for the health of all four bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By bringing these energy centres back into alignment, energy can then pass up and down the spine, energizing the whole being bringing health and well-being on all levels.

Within this healing session Alloya will remove any negative programming from the auric energetic field , which can be a major contribution to ill health and a lack of energy. Alloya works with high energies from other dimensional sources , facilitating the insertion of these energies into the auric field, bringing the client an energised and cleansed energetic body, which will then affect the health of the physical body, raising its frequency.


Light body alignment. Removal of implants . Possession and entity attachments removal.

Light body activation is part of the coming transformation of the human consciousness. The Light Body contains within it light codes that are a mirror reflections of codes which are within the stars themselves. Alloya works with the Antari to align the complex star patterns that make up the light body, with the physical body. The Light body is aligned into the merdian system and all adjustments made to bring a complete and balanced system.

There are often negative implants within the light body which have been implanted by other dimensional beings, they use these implants to control and influence the incarnate being. Alloya will either remove these implants or re-programme them, bringing the Light body back into the stewardship of the owner.

Beings residing on the fourth dimension often attach themselves to those who are transforming in energy, to take their energy and influence them. Alloya removes the attachment of these beings and also aids them in finding a connection to the Source for their energy, so they do not need to attach themselves to a lower density incarnate being again. All negative contracts are removed , leaving the client free to walk their path unhindered by negative contracts and karmic patterning.


Balancing of brain hemispheres. Opening of pineal gland and activation of third eye. Kundalini activation.

Alloya works with high toned sound waves which the Antari channel through her body and voice to bring the right and left hemispheres of the brain into alignment. By bringing the brain into alignment the client can connect consciously to higher dimensions. This opens the client up, to allow the channelling of the higher aspects of the Soul’s multidimensional identity through the client’s body. The pineal gland lies in the centre of the brain and once developed can bring visions and creative visualization to the client ,allowing them to perceive past and future lives , and the beings or aspects that live on the other dimensions.

The Kundalini is a force that rises up from the Earth as a serpent of power, which activates at the base of the spine and rises up the middle channel of energy which lies in the energy body. The Kundalini moves through the chakric system until it finally comes out of the crown chakra and blossoms like a flower, bringing full consciousness. Alloya works with this energy and the blocks that are preventing the ascension of the Kundalini energy. This procedure will greatly aid the client in his or her spiritual development.

Please contact Alloya with your request and an appointment for your Healing session will be arranged.

The Fee is £45.00 or the equivalent in your currency.

Payment can be made by Paypal ( you do not need an account ) .

Alloya on request, will send via email a Paypal invoice which you can use to pay for the Healing Session ,by credit or debit card.

Or Via bank transfer, details given on request.

All enquiries please contact Alloya at

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