Basic Healing & Chakra Rebalance

 Auric and Energy Body Clearing

 Implant, Entity, & Pipe Removal

 Light Body Alignment

 Third Eye & Kundalini Activation

 Brain Matrix Hemispheres Rebalance

 Energy Body Clearing & Spinal Flush

 Past Life Contract Resolution

 Soul Shard Retrieval

 Ancestral Curse and Imprint Removal

 Karmic Contract Resolution

 Family/ Relationships Energy Rebalance


Hi I am Alloya, I offer Remote Healing Sessions done at a distance.

The above titles are to show the kinds of DISTANCE, REMOTE, HEALING procedures, I can do within a healing session.

Please see more details below. After a consulation via email, together we can decide which healing procedures you might need. I will tailor one just for you, to suit your needs at no extra cost. Want to know more about Me check out my About Page. 

Take a look and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask . 


Basic Healing &

Chakra Rebalance

The Seven Chakras that lie along the spine in the energy body often become out of balance. The chakras can become clogged and the energy stagnates causing problems with the rest of the energy body. Issues, blocks and attachments can all throw the chakra off balance. By clearing through this negative stagnation of energy in the chakric system, we can bring ourselves into energetic health once more. 

During this session I will clear through the many layers of the energetic body and the chakric system. Removing blocks and stagnation , attachments and anything else which is preventing a balanced system. 

Once the system is balanced I am then able to give you a download of healing energy which the energy body absorbs where it is needed. 

Auric & Energy Body Clearing

The aura around a person can become entangled with various negative energies. These negative energies can be caused by a number of different things. A person can have a cloudy or dirty auric field due to emotional imbalance, mental stress , and even environmental conditions such as EMF. 

The aura is made up of many layers , the etherical , emotional, mental, etherical template, astral body, celestial & Causal bodies. Any of this bodies can become congested and vibrate at a negative rate. 

During this session I will thoroughly clear through each layer in turn. I am able to scan each layer thoroughly and I will address any issues which arise in the various bodies. 

Implant, Entity, &

Pipe Removal

There are many different energies and entities which exist on the other dimensions , some are not too pleasant. It is possible to have a parasitic entity attached to your energy body, through which you will lose a lot of your energy and power. Some entities are little more than astral parasites , others are more serious and could be considered a demonic force. I have had experience dealing with both.

Energy Pipes can go between two people and are often the cause of disturbance within the relationship, causing it to be a parastic relationships . Implants are energetic devices inserted into the energy body by other dimensional beings some are to monitor and control. I am able to remove these implants. 

” The readings of Alloya were very helpful in discovering myself, not as an ego but as a multi-dimensional being. I was much more than the limited beliefs that helped me to be so limited and feeling unworthy. Everyone is so much more than what we learned to be. We are the product of generations, of former lives and of our soul selves and enhanced belief systems. Her readings helped me to interpret experiences that did not happen until that moment, but that would have brought me to fear because there was no logical explanation for having them. But now I was confident and by reading what those predicted experiences were really about, I was confident they were shown to me because I was really open to explore myself and my capacities, to create and let things manifest by the power of thought. “ Ann Marijn

” Alloya has worked me in a distant healing process over two years. This is always a powerful and spiritually expanding experience. In each session as I relax I can palpably feel blissful waves of high frequency energy move through my field and into my physical body always leaving me refreshed, rejuvenated and at peace like a weight has been lifted. Most importantly Alloya is a special, wise, generous and a compassionate person in that she sincerely looks after you through your energetic processes assisting you to heal from within. I’m so grateful, Thank you! ” Eddy.


Energy Body Clearing & Spinal Flush

There are three channels which run up the spine in the energy body , these channels can become blocked and are in need of a flush through of energy. Allowing the energy to flow easily through these channels can greatly benefit those of you with back and spine problems, as well as those of you who experience fatigue . 

This can be an intense healing as it incorporates a flush through the various layers of the energy body. This can cause feelings of intensity for those who are sensitive. 

Past Life Contract Resolution

There are distorted patterns within the etherical template which are the result of past life trauma and experience. These patterns contain habitual life experiences and can have a damaging affect upon the current life. 

Through exploration of soul records I am able to resolve past life trauma, if it is appropriate, or I can assist the client to resolve these karmic past life issues for themselves with my suppport. 

Soul Shard Retrieval

We are multidimensional beings who are made up of many soul selves or shards. When we experience trauma we can split off a soul shard and it gets lost in time and space. 

Through working with shamanic soul retrieval methods I am able to find the soul shard, return it to the overall multidimensional identity and bring about a feeling of wholeness.

This can have an emotional effect within the client. 

Information required from client :

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Recent photograph, preferably showing the eyes
  • Details of country of residence (so the time difference can be factored in, as I works in the UK).
  • Information about the issues or problems that need to be addressed during the healing session. Please share as much information with me about your issues, problems, wishes, desires, what you want to get out of the session. If you can give me more details it is very much appreciated, as it helps me tune into you better. 
  • The healing session will be disccussed before hand via email. 
  • The duration of the session is approximately two hours, during which the client is asked to relax and allow the energies, turning off the phone and the TV, making sure there is no disturbance. Please drink plenty of water after the session.
  • A report is provided the following morning, detailing what occurred during the session and any advice. This will be directly sent as a PDF file via email.
  • You can design a healing yourself if none fit your needs, I am happy to discuss a session tailored for you.


Light Body Alignment

During this session I work with a group of higher dimensional beings called the Antari. They are experts in their field aligning light bodies, inserting star codes and more. 

The Antari align complex star patterns that make up the light body, with the physical body. The Light body is aligned into the merdian system and all adjustments made to bring a complete and balanced system.
This session could be thought as being a spiritual tune up, it brings about a heightened state of consciousness and more soulful awareness. 

Third Eye & Kundalini Activation

The Kundalini is a power source which resides at the base of the spine. On its arousal it ascends the spine and opens up the chakras like lotus flowers, bringing about a spiritual awakening experience. 

During this session I remove the blocks, address imbalances and remove all that stands in the way of having a pleasant Kundalini awakening. Please note this is not for everyone, it is not always possible to activate it by force. 

The third eye can become cloudy and closed due to many factors, this is easily cleared with high energies coming from the Antari. They are able to remove the grey film which is often found over the eye itself. The Antari clear the piso electrical crystals which are present in the eye. 

Brain Matrix Hemispheres Rebalance

The Antari are able to send  light encoded pulses into the right and left hemispheres of the brain bringing about balance. 

If you have brain fog, are unable to concentrate, or are having disturbed sleep patterns, then you might benefit from a brain rebalance. It can also assist you to reach higher meditative states of consciousness. 

Exercises are also given during this session something for you to do, to make sure you stay in balance. 



Healing Sessions





It is possible to pass family karmic binds, contracts and curses along the family lineage. Imprints from past lives lived by other members of your family, can have an adverse influence upon you and your family dynamics. 

I work with each member of the family and by reading soul records I am able to track the family dynamic and its distortions, clearing time lines and family trees. Bring harmony and understanding into the family energy dynamic. This work is similar to Family Reconstruction work. 


Karmic distortions can plague a person’s life and they often have no knowledge of where it comes from. These karmic contracts can for example cause someone to be poor, as they have taken vows of poverty in their past lives. 

Karmic contracts can also cause a person to find it difficult to sexually express themselves or have healthy intimate relationships, due to having taken a vow of celebacy in a past life.  

These karmic contracts can be associated with a number of vows, promises, patterns and the such like, all are easily cleared wtih karmic contract resolution. 


This is very similar to the Ancestral session however it is more focused in the here and now. Are you having problems understanding your family and its dynamics. This session can clear the family dynamics as a whole. 

I work with each member of the family in turn and then look at them, as a whole being made up of all the members. We are one entity on higher levels and your family has its expression as one collective, on these levels. 

By working with the collective I am able to speed healing processes, bring issue resolution and basic harmony back to the group. This can be done with your blood family or any group. 


  • Please contact Me with your request, and an appointment for your Healing session will be arranged.
  • I currently have a long waiting list and have no available appointments until February 2020, so please allow for this when contacting me. 
  • I do not work weekends and therefore please do expect a reply to your emails between 10 am on a friday morning and 10 am the following Monday Morning, thanks. 
  • The Fee is £70.00 or the equivalent in your currency for all sessions, except the family session which is £90.
  • Payment can be made by Paypal (you do not need an account, only a credit card).
  • I will will send, via email a Paypal invoice, which you can use to pay for the Healing Session, by credit or debit card.
  • Or if you prefer you can make a payment via bank transfer, details will be given on request.

All enquiries please contact Alloya at  

Email Correspondence

Email replies only on a Monday.

From now on I will be replying to emails only on a Monday.

Due to an extremely busy schedule I request that you please allow for a seven day wait for a reply to your email. I currently have a ten week waiting list for appointments, so there is no urgency for a reply to your booking request.

Please do not send me a follow up email until you have had a reply. Sometimes emails go astray so therefore if you have not heard back from me within 14 days , then please go ahead and contact me again.

I am unfortunately having to restrict the email communication as I am becoming extremely busy and finding it difficult to keep up with such a lot of correspondence. In the past I was very open to chatting with people however because of my busy work schedule that is no longer possible. I thank all those people who have so kindly chatted with me in the past.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can reduce my administration load, I would be very happy to hear from you, as I am looking for ideas on how to cut the administration side of things, leaving me more time for the spiritual work.

Thanks for your patience all my love Alloya 🙂


I apologise to anyone who has sent me an email via the forms that were previously on my site, and I did not reply, they obviously do not work so I have removed them.

Please send an email to , please put in the subject field ” Healing Session Request ” for enquires of the healing sessions.

Many thanks Alloya