Birthed from the womb of the Great Mother Goddess

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Hidden Woman

vsmallsmall3The world today holds a very limited idea of what it is to be female. Mother, daughter, lover and wife, we are taught by authority figures, parents and society at large that we are somehow less than the male of the species. In this workshop we will re-look at our ideas and concepts. What it is to be a woman?

Held in our bodies are programmes that dictate to us how we are as women, what it is to be feminine. Alloya intends to look closely at these programmes, many taught by our family and friends and the world in general. Through powerful techniques we will remove our negative and limiting ideas and readdress our issues around being a woman. We will look at such issues as, the relationship to the body and how we hold on to limiting judgements and concepts about the self. We are taught by society what is beautiful and many of us do not live up to these standards that are set for us. This can have a very damaging affect on our perceptions of ourselves and our concept of beauty.
Upon this workshop, there will be intensive exploration of your feelings and ideas about sexuality, body and female power within relationships. We will release past traumas some remembered some forgotten in our distant past, as many of these issues we face now were originally programmed during past lives .We will explore our past lives as females , as well as working hand in hand with the energy of the many archetypes of the Goddess. We will find better ways to deal with our relationships to men and also to our female counterparts, learning new ways of teaching, for our daughters to come .You will learn creative new ways of connecting with your inner female power and the Goddess herself. We will learn to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are. By pulling the power of these energies into our bodies we can empower our selves as females and live in female body, in the way we were meant to. This will allow us to move into the creative power of who we really are, which is the Goddess is in physical form. The Goddess has been sleeping upon this planet allowing the male polarity to take the fore, now it is time for the Goddess to reawaken from within the bones of our bodies.

We will use many and varied techniques. A transformational process – to remove unwanted programming and emotional baggage from the present and the past and also creative visualisation, art, drawing, dance and music. Alloya is the author of the newly published book called, “Her Perspective “which is available on kindle and hard copy via Amazon.

Contact Alloya if you are interested in attending this seminar or organising the seminar in your local area.


Stargates are opening , high dimensional beings are entering our local space