You are a child of the Universe , birthed through the Womb of the Great Mother Goddess.

You are connected to the Stars, Sun & Moon.

You are here at the time of Great Transformation.

You are experiencing a  spiritual awakening,  soul integration & a raising of your frequency.  


Do you need a healer, teacher & guide? 

I am here to help you find your path through the forest.


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I wasn’t lost, however I was starting to feel that I would never know my true purpose and answers to certain feelings I had or listening to what others told me about my gifts and life.

Then all that change when I came across Alloya’s website and requested my soul reading. What I received is an priceless biography that provided true clarity to all of my questions and provided a guide for me to awaken.

Since then I’ve grown to understand and appreciate my entire self on every dimension.

Alloya is selfless at all times and has truly shown me how to Love and appreciate all within Unity!

Love in Light, Doug Stokes

Alloya’s readings opened my Elven eyes so I could feel this strong energy again in my heart and body. This is guiding me to become myself again, and to become more ready for our important mission for Mother Earth. I am so very grateful to experience this,

Kristien xXx


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Much love Alloya ॐ