How to Integrate your Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

On the highest level of creation, you are God. The universal dreamer. The God that you are expresses itself as many different aspects, expressing itself on each and every dimensional level. It is time to integrate. How you may ask?
Here a is simple but extremely affective way to aid the integration process, allowing you to integrate into your physical body the energies that make up your multi-dimensional consciousness. You can literally breathe in these energies into the very cells of your body, your very d.n.a.

Integration process.

1) Sit down, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

2) Allow your body to relax, and allow your mind to become clear. Put out the intention to your soul that you are now ready to integrate your first aspect. This calls in the energy of your soul and allows it to assist you in removing blocks to be able to integrate your aspects.

3) Your soul is building in the air around you, do not worry if you do not see it, it is about a relationship between your soul and your body, you head does not need to get it. The neutral energy of life force that is present in the air is now being programmed with the energy of your soul.

4) Begin to breathe it in. Breathe it into every single cell of your body.

5) As you do so it will begin to agitate anything within you that is a block to you integrating your aspects. Your emotions will rise, as will your fears.

6) Notice any discomfort in your body, take your awareness into this place and breathe in the energy of your soul into this place. Allow the energy of your soul to experience it with you. Your soul is a high frequency, the blocks, the fears, a low frequency, by breathing in soul you are surfacing your blocks and removing them.

7) Allow the emotions to be cleared any way they need to. You may cry, breathe deeper, just allow. You will notice your issues that are connected to each aspect coming up, clearing, and taking you deeper and deeper.

8) Once you have cleared that which stands in the way of integrating you will notice yourself becoming quieter; you’re breathing regulating. Now is the time to integrate.

9) Tune into your soul once more and breathe in the new frequency that your soul brings.

10) You may get images, words, or simply feelings as you integrate this new aspect of self. Just be aware.

11) Stay open until your soul shows you, you are complete. Be guided by your intuition as to how often you should do this process and enjoy becoming the new, whole you. It is that simple.

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