Jessica – Light Code Activation Art

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica from Germany and my passion is Light Code Activation Art.

What are light language codes?

Light language codes are encoded energy patterns and messages that are aligned with our own internal DNA codes, many of which may lie dormant until awakened by vibration, a sound, a visual stimulant, such as light codes provide. 
They can be very ancient and very intertwined with sacred geometry, which is abundant in nature, and wish to become one with our divine self.

How do the codes work with our spirit or totem animals?🐢🦉🦇🐬

Animals are multi-dimensional beings which have their own messages and symbolism, and light codes. They bring us diverse, yet specific support, and strengthen our characteristics as they match our own.

How does my activation art help You?

By visually seeing and meditating on their messages, through their light codes, you are supported by the characteristics of the spirit animal it represents for you. You may feel the power of the light codes, as they permeate your mind, heart, spirit, and subconscious.


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