Khnum the Ram Headed God – The HiRam

To the Egyptians, Ka means ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. Egyptians believed that a person’s soul had many parts and that all people and the parts of their souls were sculpted from clay by the ram-headed god named Khnum. This sounds like nonsense until you understand the esoteric meaning of the Ram. The Ram’s Horns are misunderstood in our culture because we have lost the ability to read the symbolism of the ancients.

The Ram’s Horns are formed in a spiral which is divine in its mathematical proportions. The horns form into a Fibonacci spiral. Fibonacci numbers and Phi are related to spiral growth in nature.



The Ram’s Horns symbolically represent the toroidal spinning torus field of the Ka, whilst it cascades in the Fibonacci mathematical formula to the implosion at its centre.



The spirit serpents move up two channels in the spine, entwined around a central pole or trunk before they light up the third eye and crown chakra. The crown chakra spills out its energy as in an every flowing fountain( the holy grail, the fountain of youth). These overflowing waves of plasma turn upon a toroidal torque turn and form the Fibonacci spiral or Ram’s Horns.

The spiral causes templates of light to form in the ether ( plasma field) which are the etherical templates or blueprints for the forming of physical matter. As the plasma of the serpents ascends the spine and cascade in harmonic proportions, they turn on a spiral and form the Horns of the Ram. All of nature was woven into the ether, as these templates or blueprints of light formed by the divine mathematics of Khnum. The ancients knew the power of their minds and the Ram’s Horns represent their ability to build templates of light in the ether with these two spirals, which cascaded out of the tops of their heads. When the brain waves of both hemispheres are in total balance, then the Ram’s Horns are formed. The Rams’ Horns also represent the spiraling torque turning of the DNA and also the tree of life moves in this torus fashion.youth). These overflowing waves of plasma turn upon a toroidal torque turn and form the Fibonacci spiral or Ram’s Horns.

The two serpents which entwine the middle channel or spine of the body are also seen spiraling around the trunk of the tree of life. They are two currents of energy, one masculine and positive and one feminine and negative, together they turn the torus of the energy body which then causes the cascade and forming of the Ram’s Horns. The spirit moves as two serpent bodies entwined around each other in a spiral, electrical, they move around each other as Birkeland currents forming the serpent body of the Feathered Serpent.

Brain waves emitted from the brain when the two hemispheres are in total balance cause a cascade of electrical waves which form the Ram’s Horns in the plasma field or ether, causing the plasma field to form along magnetized lines. Along these lines of luminescence, magnetic sheaths are formed in which the elements of matter are created along sacred geometric platonic solid templates. Behind all of matter there lies these etherical templates which are created by the electrical brain waves which were emitted from the brains of the ancients, to form templates which would later take on form and become solid as a plant or a tree.

It is interesting to note that Khnum’s head is green, the colour of life. Phosphorus is green and is a self-igniting element which causes the initial sparking of the building of the DNA ladder. Osiris too was said to be green representing his rejuvenation. Green is the colour of life, rejuvenation and immortality, and the Aurora Borealis through which the children of the emerald king Osiris were born. Here we can see the Green Man with vegetation coming out of his head which is another representation of the high brain waves of the ancients.


Many cultures in our ancient past knew the secrets of life and hid their esoteric meaning in plain sight but not for the eyes of the profane. The Arians from Atlantis wore horns upon their heads not just because they came to power in the age of Ares but because they knew the horn’s esoteric meaning. The Anunnaki, the gods of Sumeria were often depicted wearing horns. The Vikings too wore horns on their helmets, as did the priestesses of Albion. Those who wore the horns were those of high mind and had activated their cerebrum and were sending out brainwaves of perfectly nested, perfectly spiraling, life-generating, template creating designs of nature. They were called the HiRam or the Abrham. Interesting to note that the Grand Architect of the Freemasons is called Hiram Abiff. He built Solomon’s temple with the aid of the Djinn. The HiRam builds the temple of Solomon or the soul of man.

Before the corruption of our ancient symbols by the Catholic church, the Ram was a symbol of matriarchal power and life. It is interesting that hand sign called the Horns was originally a sign used by the worshippers of the Earth Goddess. They would raise their hands in the horns sign as a mark of honoring the Goddess and aligning with the natural law of life. Now it has been corrupted and used by Satanists. Satanists love to invert and turn around the ancient power symbols. The Illuminati love to hide things in plain sight and therefore now it is being programmed into the general sleeping public, as a cool rock sign to flash. Anyone who bothers to research their true meaning will initially come across this sign as being a sign of the devil or Satan, when in fact it is simply a corrupted sign stolen from the Goddess, the one wearing the Horns of the Ram.

When the goddess-worshipping people of the earth were beaten and murdered by the hands of the patriarch, these symbols were demonized and inverted. So you have to ask yourself why are the puppets of the Illuminati told to flash these signs and why do they want us to think they are demonic or satanic when really they are the power of the goddess and like a wand they are used as tuning forks to harness natural earth magic. The fingers hold different charges of energy and by holding them in this way, we can direct your magical electrical intent just like you would use a magic wand. It can be used to generate energy, direct the elements and weather but you can also point it at someone and use it to curse.

The picture with the two arms reaching for the sky is the sign for the word “ka” in the Egyptian language. Interesting to note that this is also used by the Freemasons and I have seen in often flashed in false flag events, it is flashed by the crisis actors who are performing a secret covert Freemason false flag operation. They are letting those who are in the

 Brotherhood know that it is a Freemasonic ritual. This hand sign is called the sign of a Select Master.





Here you can see Khnum with serpents standing on his horns. The serpents represent the brain waves in standing waves, being created by the activation of the cerebrum – the horns of the Ram. The serpents have orbs upon their heads which represent the magnetic sheath which forms around electrical charges, of high ideas. High ideas are electrical in nature and as the ancients thought in perfect synergy, in perfect balanced hemispheres, they caused the magnetic sheath to form, in which matter could then build to create plants, animals and even human beings.

The spiral of the Ram causes the elements, earth, air, fire, and water, to form a body of clay. The story of spirit being breathed into clay is a creation story which is told in various forms in many cultures. As are the stories of beings being birthed from the head of a god. This wisdom gives us a completely different perspective on the Alfa Romeo car logo. Many in the truth movement think this shows us, how Reptilian overlords want to eat humanity but is it really a representation of the serpent, the spirit, rising up the spine activating the HiRam and causing the birth of the I am?

Santos Bonacci- “ Behold the Ram, (cerebRum, cherubim) Aries, the first, the Alpha, the One, the I Am, the Lamb of God, the throne of heaven (heaved up), the High Ram, HiRam Abiff, architect of Solomon’s (Soul of man) temple.”

The Cherubim were thought of as assistance helpers to the Angels or the Angles. The Cherub ( im – is plural) is the high cerebrum, the Aries, head of the zodiac, as it rules the head and the high cerebrum mind. The cerebrum allows for implosion of the brain waves which are forming in fractals, this implosion of fractals causes the spark of life, a process similar to sonoluminescence. Sound causes light to ignite as in the formation of stars and so does it create the thought, and the word of god. All of creation was made from the word of god. It is in the cerebrum where this occurs. The two horns of the two hemispheres of the brain come into complete balance and allow an activation of the implosive nature of the cerebrum. As the angles or angels of the fractals come together in implosion, ( or fall into matter ) the Cherubim or Cerebrum assists this in happening. It is this implosion which goes on inside the cerebrum which allows thought to manifest as a spark of electricity or thought. This creates our so-called outside reality.


“ Oh you just had a good idea, oh you are a bright spark”.


Santos Bonacci “ Rama of the Hindus, also Ramayana, ‘the journeying Ram’ charging ever forward, the Golden fleece of Jason, the Spring, the Blossom season, le Printemps, the trail blazer and leader, also BRahma of the east, otherwise known as AbRam in the west, Crios, the Judge, lord of the equinox, the balancer, judging between the forces of light and darkness, always overcoming and vanquishing the darkness, hence the celebration of Easter is the resurrection of the Lord, the Lamb. Sign of the Exultation of the sun, Aperio (April) means to open, abRa (as in abracadabra) means to open. R.A.M. (Right Ascension of Meridian) begins at zero degrees Aries.

The bRAin in the cRAnium, the know-er, the thinker, Jupiter Ammon, this is where Moses blows the Ram’s horn on mount Sinai and destroys the bull (cerebellum below cerebrum) when he descends, symbol of elevating oneself to the higher mind Aries, from the lower, Taurus, hence ascending the bride (the Chrism) to be with God and the Lamb standing upon MT Zion.

Yes Moses had horns. When the cerebrum is activated it gives the ability to talk to God or the higher self and bring down knowledge just like Moses brought down the ten commandments.