Light and Dark

Some of the concepts in this text will push your rational mind to the limit of its understanding and you may experience overload. If this happens allow the words to flow into your body and then in time you will come to understand with your mind, until then just breathe in the information and allow it to settle into the cells of your body. An example will help you understand what I mean. When you are downloading something off the Internet you do not watch and try to understand the files as they are downloading, you just set up the computer and come back later to see the end result. Your rational mind is somewhat of a control freak; it has an unhealthy need to understand all, this is not necessary here. I am not talking to your rational mind, which is programmed, with fear; I am talking to your body and soul. So if at any point you are tying yourself in knots trying to understand this text, please stop, breathe and allow yourself to know that your body and soul are in complete communication and understanding, and the mind will come to know more at a later date, when the downloading is complete.

When I first woke up I tried to understand all with my rational mind, it literally fried. You do not have the neural pathways set up in your brain for such high energy concepts, so please do not try to fit them into the box. Have the courage to not understand, and then you will flow with the planet Earth’s mystery. Your body is like a hard drive of a computer, you may not understand these words totally as you read this, do not worry, it is all being downloaded onto your hard drive, and when it is appropriate you will come to understand. There is a lot of confusion circulating among the new age community, about the nature of the dimensions and the ascension process. In this text I would like to share some of my ideas and experiences in order to clear up some of this confusion.

When I first woke up in my limited human mind I believed I knew nothing about the nature of reality or the ascension process. I looked to others for the answers, not trusting my own. I read the obligatory reading list for all good Light workers, believing that only those from higher dimensions could know the truth. I gave all my power away to these beings believing that if they were in the light, then they must be more highly evolved. In the beginning I was confused as even though the words within these books sounded fine, there was a sucking of my energy by the beings channelling the information. I was becoming a meal for those who were supposed to be much more evolved.

All the words were of love and light, but in between the lines there was judgement, restriction and laws. At first I tried to force myself to live by these laws, forcing my body to be vegetarian, stopping to smoke, looking at sex with suspicion. I wanted to ascend, believing it was only possible if I abstained from all that was earthy and turned my back on all that came from the lower dimensions. In these books I read about unconditional love, only to turn the page to see written in between the lines massive amounts of judgement towards those from the lower dimensions. I cannot tell you how confused I was. Many of these books talked about the ascension, and the things I would need to change about myself in order to ascend. By the time I had come to the end of these books, I was convinced that I would never ascend, it was hopeless and I was doomed.

I have always been an anarchistic being, wanting to go against the established norm. I thought these anarchistic tendencies came from my human personality, so I tried to squash these tendencies in favour of a higher lighter way of being. This only increased my urge to go against that which was being taught was right, by these light beings. I cannot tell you how much I battled with myself. My human selfbelieving it knew nothing tried to live by these laws that were being channelled by these fifth dimensional light beings. However deep in the cells of my body, I knew it was not the truth. So I threw away these books of light, thinking maybe I was on the dark side. I decided I would prefer to be on the dark side rather than limit myself in order to live this “holier than thou “lifestyle. I did not dare to tell others my thoughts and feelings about these ascended masters. Everyone seemed to be worshipped these beings as if they were better and more highly evolved. I saw one Light worker after another fall into the trap of worshipping these beings. When I visited their houses I saw picture of these ascended masters held in reverence on their altars. It made me sick to my stomach. I did not know why I felt like this; at first I thought I had religious hang-ups, always fighting against Christianity from an early age. But when I communicated with Big Alloya, she told me these light beings were not in truth, that they were parasitic entities stuck in the fifth dimension and needed the light generated in my human body, to feed off and thus continue their existence.

Can you imagine how I felt holding this secret? I was by now moving in spiritual circles, communing with people who were preaching these teachings from the Ascended Masters. What I noticed about these people who followed these teachings with such fervour, was they always wanted to tell you what to do. They had so many rules and laws; I thought I would suffocate in their company. They seemed obsessed with karma and being none judgemental. It became ridiculous; I became afraid to even express a preference towards something for fear of being reprimanded for being judgemental. I think in these times it is so important to feel for your own truth and not be hood winked by these ascended beings.

The Earth is as dense as it gets in the universe that is why the earth is such a special place. There is no other planet in the universe that is as dense in vibration as our beloved Earth. When the Source breathed out creation, (similar to the big bang), the farthest expression in the darkness was the planet Earth. She is on the outer rim of this universe. If you want to look at it in distance, Earth is the farthest from the Source of all planets. She is on the point where the Source is about to breathe back in. Never before has a planet this dense transformed in vibration to a new level. So when other beings from other planets and dimensions tell you that they know how to transform our planet and they are experts in their field, this is not entirely true. They are indeed experts in ascension but they have not transformed a planet like Earth before.

She is unique. There are a group of beings that come from the star Sirius who are imparting confusing ideas about the transformation into the minds of Light workers. They have been coming here in energy for quite some time, channelling information about the ascension through to us here on Earth. Lots of Light workers have been following their guidance, thinking that they are the only ones who can teach us how to ascend. They have been teaching various techniques designed to activate the Merkabar to ascend the Light workers on the planet to the fifth dimension to the exclusion of the other dimensions. This is having a negative affect on the Light workers who have incarnated into human bodies here on the Earth. Many are turning their backs upon the lower dimensions and are trying to ascend out of here. Many of these techniques are designed to activate codes in the d.n.a to change the vibration of the body to allow it to transform. If you perform these techniques you will indeed ascend to the fifth dimension however you will ascend without taking your lower bodies with you.

Do not think that just because a being is coming from a higher dimension it means that it is better, or more evolved than you are on the third dimension. This simply is not true. In truth one dimension is not higher or any better than those below it. This is a belief system that has been brought to you from these beings from Sirius. This is hierarchical thinking, in truth the dimensions do not go up and down, as many would like to believe. There is no higher or lower, if you stand in the centre of your god self you will see that the dimensions radiate in a circle from this centre. We must rid ourselves of this belief that the dimensions go up and down, and there is no need to travel up to reach the Source. This is not truth for the Creator is everywhere, even here in the third dimension. If you go to the centre of the atoms of your body, you will find that the Source is there. We are often taught to deny the desires of the body and turn our backs on the energy that is the Earth. This is the biggest lie there is. We are locked in a separation consciousness here on the Earth and therefore we think we have to go somewhere to reach the Source.

Many are pushing away their human desires in order to ascend in a “holier than thou” attitude. Thinking that they have to ascend in their light bodies to the fifth dimension. They are judging certain foods and choosing to live lives of abstinence, restricting themselves to strict and rigid laws, feeding their spiritual egos, thinking they are ascending and others are not. Any being that imparts a law such as this is not in truth. Even Angels can get it wrong.

I have seen the worse cases of egomania among these so-called Light workers. Many turned their backs on their lesser evolved friends and family, preaching non– judgement only to fall into the trap of thinking, that they were some how better than the man who likes a few beers down the pub. I remember how I almost fell into this trap myself. I was walking to a bar with my friends, some were walking parallel and some were walking behind. I could tell where in their path of spiritual evolution they were, as to the positions they took as we walked. I remember saying to a friend who was experiencing the same thing. “I bet he is right at the back “, I was referring to my partner, who I considered to be spiritually asleep. As I said this I turned around to see where he was, he almost head butted me, as he was right behind me. Alloya chastised me by saying “You must watch out for this, you can never really tell who is awake and who is asleep. “ She went on to explain to me that there is divine timing for each and everyone to wake up.

She explained it like this. There are a number of you who are going on holiday and the coach is going to pick everyone up at 6am. Some people like myself cannot sleep for excitement and therefore are awake far too early. Others like my partner will wake up a minute before the coach arrives; no matter what time anyone gets up, they all catch the coach. This is how it is for those going to New Planet reality. All who have a ticket for this coach will be on it, no matter how soon or how late they wake up. People who fall into this trap of thinking they are going and others are not, are only showing their ignorance and spiritual immaturity. You are God, the Creator of your own reality. The people in your life are your own creation, so therefore if you are experiencing some of them ascending and some not, then you are creating it. I am choosing to take all my creations with me to New Planet. In my reality everyone is going to be in this new reality. If you are buying into the belief that only 144,000 are going to ascend, then you are limiting your own creation. You are leaving aspects of yourself behind. Once again you will throw your own creation into chaos, leaving aspects of yourself behind is once more throwing you out of balance. Ask Gaia who is going to New Planet and who is not and she will tell you everyone is going in one form or another. What has always puzzled me is how people who hold these beliefs are so blind to their own negative perspectives. For those who like to think of themselves as enlightened, their ignorance is so evident. I am always surprised they do not notice this for themselves.

There are so many races of beings who think they know how it is, and we give our power away to these beings thinking they know more than we do, they are more highly evolved than we are, yes they are more highly evolved but are they also lowly evolved. What I am trying to say, it is not about being evolved and existing on a higher dimension, it is about being evolved on all dimensions. It is about evolving multidimensionally. “Light worker “is a title that I called myself in the very beginning, wanting to be part of the crowd, part of the in crowd of new age thinkers. Now however I have dumped this title, as I no longer want to be associated with this phenomenon, which is “Light workers”. The thing I have noticed about these light workers is they have big judgement against dark beings and beings from lower dimensions. They are so “holier than thou” this leaves them with no compassion or understanding of the lower dimensions and the beings that reside there. One such light worker announced she was only love and light. What about her dark side? The Light workers cannot and will not look and integrate their dark sides, they wish to ascend and leave this part of themselves behind. This is a very dangerous thing for a transforming universe. This splitting of the dark and light has happened before with dire consequences .The Sirian beings that I talked about earlier, did just this. They could not accept and integrate their dark sides and ascended into the fifth dimension without their whole selves. The dark aspects that they left behind created the evil, we now see in the universe. So when you hear beings of light, telling you not to trust the dark beings, such as the Reptilians, please realise that these are the un-integrated, descended dark aspects of the light beings. The Sirian beings for example are preventing the transformation process of this universe by refusing to integrate their dark sides. There have been so many wars in the universe between the dark and light races because of this splitting. You can see it also happening in our worlds today, between the Americans – the light armies (or so they think), and the dark armies of the Arabs. The Americans went into Iraq to free the people from a tyrant. Now we are learning that the Americans soldiers have been torturing the people they wanted to free. It is getting confusing to who is the light and who is the dark.

There are beings that exist on the fifth dimension that got there through artificial means, that is to say they ingested certain substances in order to artificially ascend their bodies. In a way they took an ascension drug in order to become fifth dimensionally evolved. Now do you think it is wise to follow the guidance of a being who knows nothing about the true nature of the transformation? Do you think it is wise to give your power away to a being that is nothing more than a light junky? I am talking about the beings that came from the planet known as Nibaru. They ingested a substance called mono atomic gold; this substance is now being sold on the internet as a short cut to ascension. (If you would like to know more about this story, you can read all about it in my recent book “Her Perspective “a book written from the perspective of the Goddess, available on this website.) A person wrote to me requesting a diagnosis reading from me and when I looked at his chakras I saw that the chakras from the heart up to the crown were over expanded, blown up out of proportion to the lower chakras. I was surprised to see that he had a lot of light in his aura. I thought to myself I have never seen anything like this before. The light looked somehow artificial. I thought how he can have so much light in his aura, when his lower chakras were shutting down and atrophying. I remembered what the Goddess had told me about the ingestion of mono atomic gold, how it closed down the lower chakras and put artificial light into the aura. She explained how the Nibaru had ingested this substance and it had given their aura a gold glow, which was not an indication of their spiritual status, as one might think. Humans on Earth thought they were in the presence of truly enlightened beings, but they were not gods at all, but merely light junkies. When I sent the reading to its owner, he told me he had been taking mono atomic gold. He said to me “but Thoth said it was ok”. Who is this Thoth? Was he one of the beings who instructed the Pharaohs how to mummify their bodies in order to ascend?

I would like to tell you about an experience I had once when I was receiving hands on healing from a friend. I had a trapped nerve in my shoulder and had immense pain. My friend offered me some hands on healing .As she touched my body I began to swirl around inside my body, it was similar to when you are drunk. It was intense and I wanted to open my eyes and tell my friend to stop, but I could not move my body. All of a sudden I was no longer in the room; I was back in time in a past life. I was lying in a sarcophagus inside a pyramid. I was covered with silks, which were all the colours of the rainbow in order. I was wrapped from the head down with bandages, under the bandages my body was covered with hieroglyphics. In my left hand I held the crook often seen in images of Egyptian pharaohs .In my right hand I held the Ankh. I was dead but I did not ascend. I was trapped inside my dead body. I remember thinking “oh my god I will be stuck here for thousands of years, until someone realises what has happened and frees me. I knew the mummification process had gone wrong and I would not ascend. What I am trying to say is how do we know for sure these Egyptian beings that we all think are so much wiser than us really ascended. Can they really be trusted?

There is not one being in the universe that knows how it is to be on this Earth, as we transform. The only being who knows the plan is Goddess, the Earth. She is the only one who knows how to shift herself. If these ascended beings are so highly evolved why are they not here on the Earth at this time, why do they not incarnate here and experience this transformation of the planet first hand. It takes a special kind of being to come here and anchor into the lower dimensions of Earth and allow itself to sleep under the illusion that lies like a blanket across the Earth. It takes a special kind of soul to have the courage to come here and sleep within the controlled matrix and still awaken. You are this special being, not some ascended master. I am not saying you should turn your back on the teachings of other beings, or I would be discrediting my own work, what I am saying it is important to always hold any and all information against your truth monitor. Do not believe all you read and are instructed in, not all the beings that are being channelled are as multi-dimensionally evolved, as they would have you believe.

Even in the highest level of the Angels there is this splitting. You all know the story of Michael and Lucifer, and the Angelic wars that resulted from this splitting of these two beings that originally were One. Even Michael is split and refusing to integrate his dark side Lucifer. For such a high dimensional being he is indeed spiritually arrogant. We like to think that Michael is of the light and is somehow aligned with the Source and Lucifer is fallen and is somehow going against the wishes of the Source, the Creator. This is a lie on the highest level. The Angels of the light who only look at the light of the Creator are not aware of the affect they are having on the rest of the universe. As the Angels bathed their selves in the light of the Source, they were not aware they had cast a shadow across the rest of the universe. This shadow has become an entity in its own right, as everything in the universe, whether it is of the light or the dark is given the ability to be and create as the Creator, this is the true meaning of freewill. The dark forces that Michael and his light armies are fighting are in fact their shadow selves. I think that is a great cosmic joke. I think the Creator has an amazing sense of humour.

When the Source of this universe (not to be confused with the Universal Dreamer who is the dreamer of many universes, this universe being only one of them), first breathed out its expressions, its many aspects, it gave each and everyone freewill. Not all universe moves along the same laws. There is a universe, which is structured, and moves along pre-set patterns of light and movement, it is almost mechanical. It is the Ra Universe, (not to be mistaken for the Egyptian god Ra) .The expression of this universe is one of force and control. This universe was one of the early dreams of the Universal Dreamer. The energy of the Ra Universe was the instigator and cause of the big bang in this universe. Our universe was like an egg, (one of the many cells of the Goddess divinity in form), fertilised by the energy of the Ra Universe which was like a laser beam, permeating the out skin and entering it with force. You can see this story echoed throughout all the dimensions of our universe, even here in the human story. The male Ra energy penetrates the female Ki of this universe, (Ki is the name of this universe in its original form). When it came to the creating of a new universe the Universal Dreamer gave our universe freewill to develop and evolve along its own choosing. Therefore beings evolved along their own pathways, without the interference of the Source. They have changed from their original nature and evolved through their own freewill.

Once the Angels were manifested outside of the body of the Source, they fell into the illusion that they were no longer the Source and therefore began to worship the Source, as if it was outside of themselves, they began to bath in the love and light of the Source. If you put something in front of the sun, it creates a shadow; the Elohim (the highest name and expression of the Angels) stood around the Source and therefore created a shadow, which was cast throughout the universe. They in their illusion of being separate from the Source created the shadow, the evil, and the darkness. Now in order for us to transform not only this planet but the whole universe, all aspects and all beings must come into the frequency of Truth. Truth is an energy, which the Source has sent out from itself into creation; truth calls all beings back to their original natures. When Truth first hits upon creation it has to bring up all energies, which are in the illusion, all energies which hold the lie, to be cleared. In truth nothing is outside of the Source. Therefore karma on all levels has to be brought into the light of the Source, to be seen, to be transformed. Even the highest Elohim Angels have karma to clear in order for them to move into truth and reunite with the Source.

When I do a reading for someone, I hold that person and their story in Truth. I know a man who holds the energy of the Elohim frequency here on the Earth. When I did his reading, I was holding him in Truth and therefore I saw him as a magnificent Elohim being. You cannot imagine in my shock when I met this man in physical third dimensional life. He did not radiate love and light as I expected but he was dark as dark could be. Here on Earth the place of the densest illusion, he was showing me his reverse aspect, his darkness. His name was Elmar; soon as I shook his hand I was aware that within the name was a message for “El” is obviously the part of his name, which indicates he is Elohim. ”Mar “means to be marred. When something is marred, it is tainted it is made black. This fascination with his name leads me to discover the secret, which the Elohim do not tell. So I am telling you now. The Elohim have their dark sides too, they have reversed their energy. They have turned and looked into the shadow and have given it power of creation. I am not placing blame here only truth. Whatever the Elohim give their attention to, they give the power of the Creator. When they turned around and looked into the shadow they had created, they gave it the power of the Creator. Therefore in order for this shadow of illusion to be removed from this universe, the Elohim must move back into the Source and cease to be separate.

I have seen this process beginning. It will be complete by 2012. By this year all the Elohim will be back with the Source and will no longer create a shadow in the universe. I helped with this process by affecting a change here on the third dimension, whilst all my other dimensional aspects of the other levels did their part too. I on the third dimension simply turned the Elohim name around to its Truth. I changed it to reveal Elmar was really Ram – El, a true Angelic name. As I did this the Elohim frequency returned to the Source. All beings must return to their original natures to move as a whole being through the void to reborn in a new universe. When the Elohim channel that you are returning to the Source, they are referring to your Elohim aspect, which is returning to the Source. They will cease to be separate, as this was not the truth in its ultimate expression, for no being is truly outside of the Source.

Light workers preach non – judgement, if only they could expand this to incorporate their own shadow sides. Love your light side by all means but not to the exclusion of your dark side. We are not ascending into the light and leaving the dark behind; we are taking all of ourselves to New Planet. New Planet is the name I give to the Earth when this process of integration of the light and dark is complete. Anyone who would like to read more about my experiences of being in new planet can find it in my book.” The Mission of the One Star “available on this website. There are indeed many planets that have ascended back into the light of the Source. Gaia tells me that we are not going this way this time. So all those beings that tell you we are ascending into our light bodies and leaving the dark aspects behind are in fact going the opposite way. I have ascended many times before and even have a t-shirt. Gaia is choosing to do something brand new, something that has never been done before, that is why she is so unique. Even the Source itself does not know how this will come about. So how can any being tell you how it is to be, accept her. Even I can only guess at what will happen, I know the end result because I was privileged to visit the reality, which is New Planet. But how we get there is still a mystery to me. That is where the fun is; the mystery is Gaia’s gift to us.

We are God, the Creator, expressing itself in the energy of forgetting, forgetting we are God and we create our own reality. If we remembered all and knew all of time, past, present and future, there would be no mystery, no fun. Gaia gives us a great gift in this energy of forgetting. Without this energy there would be no fun to play the game. No other place in the universe can you go as the Creator and forget completely who you really are. Earth is the place of forgetting and also the place of remembering. Lucifer was the brave being who came into this space in the Void to hold the energy of forgetting and thus in time created Gaia, the planet of true illusion and Truth. This is why Gaia is so unique and why she is observed by everyone in the universe. That is why humans are so special. No other being in the universe contains all of the expressions of the Creator within its body. Nowhere in the universe is every energy or expression represented. As we go through our transformation we are also taking the whole universe with us. We have integrated every aspect there is, into the cells of our body, and when Gaia and our bodies shift so will the entire patterning of the universe. Now we do not need to go into foolish pride and think we are better than other beings in the universe. But just as this pride is foolish so is thinking we are somehow lesser.

That is what is so special about the Earth, and our earth bodies. Gaia says yes to all, whether they be of the light or the dark. She is the only being in the whole universe that is truly non judgemental. She is creating a space in which all can play out their dramas, until they come to realise they are two sides of the same one thing. No being in the universe is whole except Gaia. You can see this reflected in nature with the birth and death of all plants, animals and humans. Light workers are taught that if they ascend their bodies they will not die. Again they only want one side of the story; Gaia teaches that in order to be whole you have to experience death and rebirth. This is how divinity in form operates. The reason humans have fear of death is because within their d.n.a there are Annunaki genes. These genes come from the beings of Nibaru (mentioned earlier), these beings are obsessed with being immortal and therefore have an over whelming fear of death. When they came to this planet and genetically modified the Earth people they found here, they added their Annunaki genes which resulted in the off spring of these experiments being able to experience fear of death. No longer did they see the natural progression of the process of the Goddess as fearless, and neither did they have the understanding that if you have death, you have to have rebirth. Now they were in fear and from this fear, fighting for survival became encoded into the human psyche.

No being in the universe has the whole story; all are out of balance in one-way or another. There is a group pf beings who are part of an alliance of races, they call themselves the Galactic Federation, many are following the messages of these beings, thinking because they are of the light, they are better than those who are part of the dark side. However if you talk to those who are the Draco and Reptilian alliance, they will tell you that they are the enemy. To these dark beings, the light forces are also destructive.

Gaia shows us everyday the true meaning of the universe, in her expression of day and night. We do not judge the night, we see it as part of the natural cycle of things, so why are we still judging the dark and only focusing on the light. When you have spent a hot day on the beach under the blazing sun, are you not grateful when the darkness falls and cools your skin? There is freedom in the darkness. When we choose to hold parties we rarely hold them during the day, the darkness gives us the cover to express ourselves without the fear of being seen in the brightness of day. I have been to many out door rave parties held at night, I have seen people who are normally shy dancing without inhibition under the cover of night. I have watched those people leave the dance floor when the sun comes up. Everyone can see them in the light of day and they no longer feel free to express themselves. If you look at this as an example, where is the judgement? Where is the judgement coming from, the dark or the light? The dark beings do not judge the light, they only fight it for their right to exist and express themselves as the dark beings they are. No one is asking the light beings to change. I feel there is something very wrong with this perspective. The dark allows all expression, where as in the light of day those shy dancers are afraid others will judge them for not being good enough dancers. So who is doing the judging, the dark beings, or the light beings?

You can see this in the war between the Americans and the Arabs, the Americans consider themselves to be the light and the Arabs are the dark. The Americans want to systematically destroy the Arabic way of life. Bush talks about freedom, yet is becoming the thing he is saying he is trying to stop. You cannot bring about freedom through aggression and oppression. By fighting the dark, he is becoming that which he hates, a tyrant. His light is becoming dark as he fights the darkness.

The dark beings do not judge the light; they only fight for their right to be dark.

I recently took a client through the transformation healing process, she was working on the fear and sadness, and she had around her brother who was causing lots of trouble in her family. He was being very dark. At first she could only feel fear, and then anger at what he was doing. This soon changed to sadness, as she said her brother had been so light when he was a child and now he was so dark. She was in great judgement of the darkness. I took her deeper into the realms of darkness where her brother sat. All of sudden she could have compassion for her brother, but wanted to save him from the darkness. “Come into the light “she said, “Oh the light hurts him “she said. Then she could see how she was still in judgement of the dark, wanting it to transform into the light, as if the light was somehow better than the dark. So I held her in truth frequency and she finally shifted her perspective. She then sent the dark, her unconditional love, she did not want to change him, only love him. She said she could see a grey veil, which separated the light realms from the dark; only the love could get through and dissolve this veil. Love is not in judgement; love accepts everything exactly as it is. At the end of this process, she burst into laughter; I knew then that she was experiencing what I had seen a lot of people go through, when they looked at their fears of the dark. Under the fear, there is the biggest cosmic joke ever. The Dark is also the Creator .If you work on this issue of fear of darkness, and get to the very core of it; you will see that behind every scary mask, there is the face of the Universal Dreamer. How creative of the Universal Dreamer, how creative of ourselves. To first divide ourselves into light and dark and then have a battle with ourselves. Playing this game so seriously, we have forgotten we are only playing a game with our other half.

If you want peace there is only one way to get it done, by being One. I mean it is obvious if you fight the darkness and judge it to be wrong, you are becoming negative in your consciousness. You are becoming that which you want to destroy. What a foolish game is being played out .I do not know about you but I am getting bored with playing this game, I want a new more exciting game to play. I want to play New Planet, a game where the distance between light and dark is no more, where they have merged together and become grey. When I first heard that people were calling the Zeta the greys, I was offended as it had such negative connotations, however now I have come to understand that this is perfect. The main thing the Zeta have taught me is that they are in the middle, they are neither of the light or the dark, they are both light and dark merged together as one, to become something completely new, the grey.

This splitting is also reflected in the separation between the spirit and the body. Many Light workers are choosing to do things that go against the natural functioning of the body. They are choosing to be vegetarian, only drinking pure water and taking numerous amounts of supplements and pills and potions. They are total judgement of the Earth and the food it creates. This only increases the distance between the spirit and the body. It is not about ascending the body into light, it is about bringing spirit into the body, bringing the Universal Dreamer into physical form, and so it can wake up in its own creation. When I was fourteen my head thought it was cruel to kill animals for food and I chose to be a vegetarian. It was not an impulse from my soul or my body, it was my mind. My mind was in fear, will I get bad karma for eating animals, and will I fall into darkness. I did not once consider the opinion of my body and ask it whether this was correct to do this or not.

I continued to be a vegetarian for many years only to see my health deteriorate, until I became allergic to all food. I was in judgement of Gaia, in judging the eating of meat. Yet everywhere I looked the animals on the planet had no problem with this. So therefore from Gaia’s perspective I was judging her natural order of things. I in my arrogance thought I knew better than the consciousness of the planet. Finally I was rushed to hospital after having an allergic shock reaction to peas. I could not even have a glucose drip, as I was allergic to glucose. I was going to die. The doctors tested me and then told me there was only one thing I could eat, and that was meat. Imagine how I felt, I was distort, what could I do? I had to go back to basics, I had a choice either stay in the fear of my mind and not eat the meat and die, or I could bring myself back into alignment with the natural order of Gaia and eat meat. It was all about survival, the animals of the world have no problem with this, and who was I to think that I did not fit into this scheme of things myself. Was I not also a part of Gaia? I ate the meat, it tasted wonderful as I thanked and honoured Gaia for giving it to me and my body was full of joy. I did not eat it politely with a knife and fork; no I ripped it apart with greasy fingers and devoured it just like an animal. My mind and all its judgements were gone in that moment and my body once more began to sing Gaia’s song of life.

Many Light workers have told me that I will have darkness in my aura and will be unable to ascend if I eat meat. When they communicate this to me, they are full of shock first to discover I eat meat at all, then they try to instruct me to be a vegetarian, as if I am a fool and do not know the dangers of what I do. Then they are angry with me when I say I am going to continue to eat meat. Is this not a judgement of Gaia? They are judging the birther of their bodies, the source of their bodies. This disconnection from the wisdom of Gaia is causing the land to be raped for growing more and more complex grains and cereals to feed modern man, because he has no power coming from the bodies of animals. It is not necessary to eat meat everyday; a lion can go sometime before it needs to kill. We as humans are out of balance and communication with our planet and Mother. For those of you who still eat meat, you will have noticed that meat, which is organic, is not only much tastier than mass farmed meat, but it also has power. The reason for this is not only because of physical factors such as animals being able to eat good grass, and bathe in the sunshine. It is because they are connected to the Earth. The animals that are kept inside pens without the nature all around are out of balance with their true nature and Gaia herself.

Life is all about survival. When an animal is out in the field it has to survive against predators and the elements. It is aware of it survival for life every moment of its existence. This makes it feel alive. For the animals kept in pens there is no threat to their survival, all its needs are met, until the end of its life at our hands, they are unnatural in their living. They do not have their adrenaline fired in their everyday life, as they are protected from the outside. Adrenaline is life, without this the meat of their bodies is not alive. And neither is yours. We are eating meat, which is dead from the beginning that is why it has no taste, no power, and is causing humans to contract diseases from the animals we eat. Gaia explained to me the theory behind this using an example. She said “you have a car and you do not want to drive it through the winter, it stands in the garage. If you left the car for those months and then one summer’s day you wanted to drive the car, it would not start. But if once a week throughout the winter you started the car and let it run for a few minutes, then it would keep it ticking over and when you came to drive it on that summer’s day, it would start with no problem.

It is the same for our bodies. We need to know what it is to survive. We will never learn this while we are so safe and secure in our modern environments. Since my near death experience in India, my body has become stronger and healthy because of its fight for life. You cannot imagine the magnificence of the body’s will to live. It is the most incredible thing ever experienced .I do not say this from the perspective of my human mind or ego, I am talking from the perspective of my soul. The Creator, Alloya was impressed beyond belief through me she chose to explore this power of life for herself and so I am here finally in body. I as the Creator of my own universe am finally here in matter. Through death I was reborn in matter. (I do not expect you to fully understand this with your rational mind, this is too big a concept to understand, but I tell you these words in the hope that some part of you beyond the confines of the rational mind will understand fully and in this understanding, you will awaken.)

Creating your reality
Your reality is created from the beliefs that are held in the body. If we created our reality from our minds, then we all would be millionaires. You cannot create anything new from the rational mind. All the rational mind does, is make you aware of the beliefs that are held in the body. The rational mind is not your friend if you are trying to spiritually evolve or heal yourself. The rational mind will need to be brought back into balance, if we are to move into New Planet frequency.

Many of our societies are governed and created by the ideas that come from the rational mind. We have given all our power to this aspect of our consciousness. There is no room for communication from the other aspects of self within the consciousness prison of the rational mind. Look at the planet and the people, ruled and controlled by this rational tyrant, and ask yourself, is it a good world? It is a world full of love, compassion and inspiration, no I think not. The rational mind is locking us in the third dimension to the exclusion of the other dimensions. We are taught to only believe in the things we can taste, touch, see and hear. We are locked in a mind prison, which does not allow the true creative power of the Creator to manifest. The Creator is everywhere and therefore is also here in the third dimension. However we are not aware of the Creator or our higher selves because within the prison of the rational mind, neither your higher selves nor the Creator exists. The rational mind is the most limited of all the aspects of self, yet it is arrogant enough to think it can run the whole show. We must heal and modify this aspect until in comes back into alignment with the other aspects. Each aspect of self has talents and abilities to share with the over all being, the rational mind does have its place, even though it was not intended in the original dream of man. Gaia did not include this development of the rational mind within her plan for us as a species. However it is here now and we have to find a way to bring it back into balance. The rational mind has become somewhat of a tyrant to the other aspects; it has taken up too much room in our conscious awareness. We must find a way of putting it back into its place.

The rational mind is an unnatural progression of the species. It has been brought into the human story by other beings that wanted to control and use us. The beings from Nibaru, the Annunaki genetically modified the d.n.a of early man and set up the genetic information to allow the development of the rational mind. Once this construct was developed in the brain, the Annunaki developed a matrix consciousness in energy that they layered over the consciousness of Gaia. They plugged everyone into this artificial matrix and man became imprisoned. The film the matrix is not far away from the truth. There is a net of artificial consciousness, which is imprisoning all of you who are still focused on the rational mind. The Annunaki developed the rational mind within the brain through genetic modification and energy manipulation. The Annunaki sent high volts of electrical energy into the grid or net they had created and this inspired the rational mind to be the tyrant it is today. However saying that, the Annunaki had no idea that this matrix of consciousness and reality could be manipulated and influenced by other dimensional beings as well. The Annunaki set up certain rules and laws within this matrix and then left it to its own devices.

Those they left in charge of this matrix of consciousness developed rituals and practices to influence this matrix for their own ends. The New World Governments are the direct descendents of these early matrix manipulators. They are controlling this artificial reality, which has little or nothing to do with reality in its truth. You are all plugged into this matrix, and through this you are told what to do, think, feel and manifest. Your freewill does not exist on this level; you are nothing more than puppets. You are feeding this matrix with every focus you give it, every time you are allowing your rational mind to rule your reality; you are feeding this artificial matrix. The Goddess is coming back into influence on the planet and she will allow some of you to look beyond the confines of the rational mind and matrix. Then you will be free to discover that you are a multidimensional being who is only playing a game here within this controlled matrix. It will be then possible for you to see miracles manifesting in your reality. This will help remove some of the control of the matrix and bring it back into the influence of Gaia.

This will enable other people who are still sleeping within this prison to wake up and free themselves. Many of you are looking for ways of helping other people, yet you are still locked in the rational minds. Some of you are exploring new age concepts but still locking them inside rational files. You cannot file the Creator’s imagination in a rational box. The rational mind is programmed with fear and is hierarchical. It believes in the separation in its most extreme. The Annunaki are beings who believe in the separation of consciousness, this mind theme they have programmed into the matrix and our rational minds. This is a limiting and imprisoning mind construct that does not allow for a rising in consciousness .As you start to raise your frequency, you will encounter the negative affect of the rational mind and its matrix.The rational mind does have a part to play in the creating of your reality, but it should not have complete control. The rational mind is an arrogant aspect of self, it believes it is running the show and the world is under its control. This is a lie. The more science tries to explain the universe and the way it works the more the universe will create anomalies to confuse it and make it come to realise it knows very little. The only way you can free yourself from the confines of the rational mind, is to ignore it. This rational connection to the controlled matrix is given the power to be through your focus. When I talk to people about this, they say “but I cannot shut up my rational mind”. It is not necessary to do this, all is needed is for it to fall back into its rightful place, all you have to do is change your focus. Stop giving it the power to control you. Spend a day only focusing on your feelings, allow the only communication with yourself to come through the feelings, and see what happens. You will take away some of the focus of your rational mind and it will slowly lose its power.

The male perspective is predominant on this planet at this time, and therefore it gives a lot of creditability to the rational mind, and gives little value to the female feelings. Men in particular are often locked in their rational minds more than females, yet with our modern world being the way it is, this rational control freak is also now ruling women’s thinking too. There will continue to be a divided of the sexes both in the world and within yourself if this rational mind continues to act like a wall dividing the male from female. You have the right hemisphere of the brain and the left, the female side and the male side, these should be connected, so one can communicate to another, but the rational construct is acting as a barrier to the communication of the male and the female both within your own brain and also in the communication of the sexes in the outside world. So in order to bring about a true balance in the outside world, you must bring about a balance within yourself and your thinking. If you are naturally a doubtful, sceptical and fearful thinker, then you are locked in your rational mind. Learn to communicate with your feelings and this will take the power from the rational mind and allow a free flow of communication between both hemispheres of the brain.

The rational mind is programmed with fear; it is its basic code. This code says, be fearful, be doubtful, be sceptical, and eventually become so ignorant of the true nature of reality that the matrix controls your whole existence. I have seen the fear of the rational mind manifesting in people when they begin to work with their higher selves. They are trying to understand all the workings of the universe and its many dimensions with the rational mind. They are so convinced that it can all be understood from this aspect that they tie themselves in knots and eventually they either turn their back on their higher selves and move back into the matrix as ignorant as they were before, or they go mad. You cannot understand the Creator or such things with your rational mind; it is not designed to handle such high-energy concepts. It is also controlled by the matrix, which is fully aware when you are trying to push through the walls of your rational mind. The matrix is set with pre set parameters and does not allow for such thought processes to go on. It will reinforce even more strongly that you are living in this prison, if you try to take high-energy concepts into its space. Do not try, take away the power and the focus from the rational mind and then after some time you will come to see how ignorant and controlled it is. Through your rational mind you are nothing more than slaves of your reality. If you succeed in putting your focus somewhere else then you will see you are already living in New Planet.

When you first start along your spiritual path and open yourself to expanding universal concepts and ideas you will come against the programming of the rational mind. Your rational mind has a security-coded program, which is activated when you open yourself up to your spiritual nature in its truth. Have you ever spent a wonderful time in meditation communicating with your soul or higher self in words, pictures and feelings, only to open your eyes and doubt all that you have experienced. This doubt is the first level of the program. Most people stop here, allow the doubt to take over and fall back in consciousness. “Oh it is all in my head, it is only imagination “, you tell yourself. We have been taught that imagination is not real; it is a delusion, a lie. Yet the imagination is the tool of the higher self, it is its way of communicating with you. “But there is no proof for such concepts”, says the rational mind. This usually is enough to stop many in their process of awakening.

Some of you have brave souls and hearts and push through the doubt and decide that no you will not base your whole life on your new information from your higher self, but you will not push it away as fantasy just yet. Let’s see if any proof comes. Then you begin to receive more and more conformation and you open up more and more to the concepts of your higher self. Your higher self downloads massive amounts of expanding information into your mind and you begin to experience the next level of fear coming from the rational programming. The rational mind is not confined to the brain only it has a direct affect on your nervous system. Which means that it has the ability to bring your body into fear, fear of the high spiritual energies, which are coming into its reality. The body has its own survival codes, which are easily manipulated and activated by the rational mind. This fear can totally take over and stop you dead in your spiritual awakening. I have worked with many people who are experiencing great fear, when they come to realise certain spiritual truths, many of them positive and healing. This made me look more closely at the reasons why and I found the rational mind behind this fear. If you allow the fear to take over but not stop the process, then you will battle with yourself, one minute you will be in the truth of your soul and the next you will be in the fear of your rational mind.

Those of you who break through these confines will alert the matrix itself. Have you ever sent a friend an email with important information in it, only for it to never arrive? This is the very basic function of the matrix at work. I personally have had lots of problems with the internet and my computer. When I first wrote my book “The Mission of the One “(available free on this site). I had lots of problems with the uploading of my website. I uploaded my website and when I looked it was not there. I thought that is odd, I will have to upload it again. By this time my computer had crashed and I had to reboot. When I opened my website software to upload again, the website was not there, it had completely vanished. I called a friend and he said “do not worry I can retrieve it from dos”. However when he tried this he was shocked, he said, ” it is not there and it is as if it has never been there”. Suffice to say I had to rebuild it all over again. Whilst all of this rebuilding was going on, I started to become under an attack from the matrix itself.

The lights in my house would flash on and off, my television would turn itself on and often it would be the news full of fear and lies. The whole time this was going on, I would be aware of a strange energy in the room; it was very static and electrical. I would have pains in my neck and head and a strange metal taste in my mouth. My rational mind would be working over time, telling me it was pointless writing this book and trying to share it with others, it would not be read anyway. It was as if my rational mind was not under my control and the thoughts I was hearing were definitely not mine. I was lucky because I could hear and trust my soul and it told me that I was under attack from the Annunaki matrix. The pains in my head and nape of the neck were where the implants which hooked me into the matrix were positioned. When you move into the space of being a threat to the status quo of the matrix, these implants activate and try to prevent you from moving fully into your power. None of this stopped me and I pushed through the fear and finally broke free of the matrix. I was successful in sharing my knowledge.

However this was not the end of the story. People on the outside began to change around me to prevent me from moving forward. It all started in Los Angeles, when I went to do a multidimensional seminar there. The whole time I was there I felt strange, like I was being watched. Paranoid some could say. I stayed in a friend’s apartment; every time I looked out of the window I saw the same thing. There was a cross roads and walking along it would be four people. One was a woman pushing a baby carriage; a black man dressed like a gangster, a white man with a red cap on his head and an old woman with shopping bags. They were never the same people or I don’t think they were, but they were always these archetypal characters. They were always walking the same direction and were in the same position in the road. At first I thought it was only coincidence, but every time I would look they would be there. I started to look every few seconds, to see the people had not moved up the road but were in the same positions.

I went walking with a friend and she said, “there are two men in that car taking photographs of us”. Now you can say this is all nonsense but to me it was very real and I must add a little scary. Later when I was in Munich, Germany much the same happened, with the final straw being a woman trying to drive me off the road in her car. I saw the woman change in energy when I pulled up at the traffic lights, and then after she tried to drive me off the road. I came to realise that the matrix can move into the bodies of those who are totally plugged in and use them as its tools. I went to a restaurant in Munich and there were lots of people seated outside, as I walked into the space, they all stopped what they were doing and looked at me with such an awful look and negative energy. They took no notice of my friend, but continued to stare at me. My friend said, “do not worry, there is a waiter here who is totally in tune with the Goddess, and he will help you “. As she said this he came over, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “it is ok now”. As he said this everyone went back to eating their food, I was shocked to say the least.

I have seen the matrix energy looking out of other people’s eyes many times. One time it was a friend who I stayed with for some time. He told me he would fix it so I could go on the internet with my computer but everyday it would not work. He said he had fixed it and his connection would work and mine not. Every night he would fix it again and every morning it would not work. Now you could say this is just the hassle of the internet but it was the look in his eyes when I told him it did not work. He would smile as if he was pleased and he would have the most cold and hatred look in his eyes. It looked like he was getting great pleasure from my frustration. I tried to figure out why he would do such a thing; I thought he was my friend. Then my soul showed me that he was working under the manipulation of the matrix, he was plugged in being very rational and working as a computer specialist, so therefore he was easily used to prevent me from doing my spiritual work. When I realised this I took the power away from him and fixed it myself and since that time the matrix energy looking out of his eyes stopped. Now if I did not have the comfort of my soul guiding me every step of the way I would have thought I was going mad, after all there are a lot of people in mental hospitals who report experiencing the same sort of thing.

What I noticed was that when I was out in nature far from electrical pylons, the matrix could not manipulate me or others I was with. The reason for this is the matrix uses the geometric shapes of the pylons to anchor its energy here on the earth. The matrix can use the electric in your houses to use a scanning device. It can scan your consciousness level, and if you rise above a certain level you will alert the matrix and thus come under attack. When I recently went to stay with friends and was shocked to find this kind of thing happening all over again, I thought I had moved away from this kind of attack. Then I realised there was a huge pylon directly sending its energy at the house. So I went to the pylon and called its energy down into my body and earthed it to the earth grid, this changed the energy of the pylon and the attacks stopped. You may want to try this with the pylons near your house. Just open the top of your head, your crown chakra and allow the energy from the pylon move into your body, it would be advisable to have bare feet so you have connection with the earth. Then allow the energy to move down your body into the earth, this will earth it into the true grid of the planet and the Goddess. It is not that the pylons are bad; they can be used to radiate any energy, even the Christ frequency. I have had future visions of the earth where all the pylons are being used to radiate truth and love.

As I said the rational mind basic programming is one of fear. So it works hand in hand with the ego. The ego is another unnatural development in man. This also was not part of Gaia’s plan. During the times of Atlantis major experiments were conducted, with humans and many different beings were coming here to Earth and modifying the man they found here. This was when the human ego came into play. Once Atlantis fell, survival became paramount to early man. This programmed survival codes into the ego and it became the monster we see today. The ego is covering the true self, which is the inner child and all its wonder in the world. If we could find a way to remove the ego, we would find a small innocent and unconditionally loving child of the universe underneath. This is our true self, not a self which is constantly trying to prove itself, over others. The ego is a sham; often those with the biggest egos have the most weakness to hide. Ego masks are placed over the hurt child in a way as a form of protection against the cruel and hard world. We armour ourselves from the world and other people by hiding behind our egos.

Body’s perspective
There is an illusion in our body; it has been programmed here from the beginning. Without this illusion, this lie, we would not have been able to play this polarised game, which has been going on, on the Earth. This lie is held in the cells of the body, as we transform and move into New Planet this illusion, this lie becomes the resistance, it begins to manifest itself into our reality as energy in its own right. It is part of the body’s programming that it must suffer, die and reincarnate over and over. This is all meant to be, but now as we move towards New Planet it will come up to be cleared. Kinesiology is the language of the body, if you play with this without being in New Planet energy then you will activate this illusion, this lie can manifest, it is its job to bring all lies into reality until they are cleared and we move into New Planet.

Before I went into New Planet, my friend began to act very strangely only when she was around me. I always thought of her as an angel and I could not imagine that she would have such a dark energy in her; I could not imagine she was possessed. She changed when she began to do kinesiology, doing this can activate this lie. Kinesiology has always been fascinating for me, but I could not understand that if we are god, and we say what is true for us in our reality, as we create it, then why we are asking yes or no questions from the body. Kinesiology should not be used for yes and no questions, there are no yes and no questions in New Planet, you do not need to ask the body, you just deem it as if it is your reality. When you doubt the information from your spirit or soul and ask the body for conformation it will lie to you. No one asked the body if it could lie. The body can also be willed by another, anyone with a strong will can make another’s body give the answers they expect.

Fear has become an entity in it own right; this was the energy possessing my friend. There are tests and trials on the way to New Planet; there are many angels who will bring these tests to you. They are jokers; they spin fearful illusionary tales around you, to see if you still fall into the illusion. You are the Creator of your own universe, and therefore there is nothing to fear but yourself. If you fall into fear, then you are possessed by the ultimate demon. Many of you have past lives around the times of the inquisition; many were tortured so badly they forgot their connection to the earth and embraced the pain. They started to pray to a Christ figure for salvation, this programmed the body with the illusion that they were not god. If you are the Creator who are you wanting protection from but yourself.

These Angels of Lies will come and bring you into a situation where you fear that you are being attacked by evil forces. This will activate the biggest lie in your body, the lie that you are not the creator of your own universe. This will be very unpleasant in your body and you will use all defence mechanisms in the body to try to stop the fear, anger is usually the next step. You must realise you are the creator of this reality, and therefore there is nothing to fear, anger is only you projecting the fear outside of yourself and judging it as wrong. Fear, anger and doubt have become an entity in its own right, you feed it, and it becomes a lie manifest in the body. Someone else can manipulate this lie, through their own connection to their own fears, they can programme the lie into you through their own fears and it goes on and on. Fear is contagious. This fear is encoded into the cells of the body; it is even passed on from generation to generation.

Once we move into New Planet there will be no lie, and also there will be no truth. In a polarised reality such as we have here on the Earth at this time, if you have the truth you have to have the lie also. Christ brought truth to Earth he said and therefore in order to allow us to go to New Planet, we have to remove the truth in order for the illusion to disappear too. That is why Christ had to die on the cross of matter, to take the truth out of the story, so eventually the illusion would die as it would not be fuelled by the power of its opposite.
So give up your doubt of your higher self-information, have the courage to move into realms unknown by the rational mind. Free yourself from the fear and doubt of the rational mind and then I will see you too standing in the energy of New Planet.

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