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Light Body activation and stellar body creation


During this seminar we will work with the removal of misams or pockets of negativity which are preventing the full activation of the Stellar Light Body. We will work predominately with the information contained within our light body codes, which contain memories of when we failed at our ascension.

Many times we have tried to ascend various planets and systems , we were not always successful. Within the universe there are many systems which have fell into false ascension patterns , many of us have the memory of this within our light body . As we activate the light body often these codes are too activated causing many problems and blocks to the raising our consciousness and the overall ascension of the planet.

During this seminar we will address the issues that have arisen from the memory of failed ascension. We will discover that many of the beings who are currently channelling information about ascension upon the earth, are in fact imposters posing as light beings informing us in methods of inorganic light ascension. Many of these methods are not designed to ascend us into organic light but are designed to trap us in an inorganic artifical 4D matrix . If you are drawn to this seminar you are one of a group of souls who have come to the earth to make sure she does not fall into this artifical 4D matrix and frees herself and her human family from failed ascension. You have inserted yourself into many time lines going backwards and forwards inparting knowlledge and information into Gaia’s grid to aid this mission. We are under many influences , as time passes it is getting more and more difficult to know the truth of ascension. Together we can remove the veil and gain a clear perspective of our truth once more.

Contact Alloya if you are interested in attending this seminar or organising the seminar in your local area.


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