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Light Council Meeting

I find myself in a corridor of bright white light. As my eyes get accustomed to the light I see there are many ET beings standing to either side of me. There are so many different races there, Antari, Zeta, Reptilian, and many many more, some I am familiar with others I have never seen before. I briefly look down at myself to see I am not in my human form any longer, but I am in the form which my soul always seems to favour the most. I am a hybrid of many different beings, the image I use on this forum.

I walk through a door way and come into a large room also full of white light. In the centre is a large round crystal table with many symbols carved into it. In the centre there is a column of blue light which moves up and down and makes a low hum. All around the table are chairs which also look like they are made of crystal. At the head of the table there is a larger chair which is obviously for the chairman of this meeting. I suddenly realise that this chair is for me. I take my seat and watch as one after another of the different races of beings enter the room and take their seats around the table.

I look around the table and recognise so many old friends I am moved to tears. There seems to be every race that makes up my hybrid self. They are all very loving and I get the sense of immense gratitude towards me for the work I am doing on the earth.

Once the welcome is complete, we get on with the council meeting. In the blue light in the centre of the table, an image of the earth appears, it is totally three dimensional. Everyone is excited to see the earth. We begin to discuss the events which are happening on the earth on many levels, physically, emotionally and mentally. Huge packets of information pass around the table as we all contribute. At first we are separate in our thoughts as of course we are talking telepathically. However as the discussion goes on we become one mind. The little Zeta get quite excited about this and leave their chairs and come and crowd around me.

We bring the meeting to a close and just as I am about to leave and return to normal consciousness, I notice that someone is standing at the door. It is Dr Steven Greer. He is not part of the meeting but he is smiling at me. I then return to normal consciousness.