The waiting time for your activation appointment is currently 4 weeks. 

Light Body Activation Session

This light body activation session is really for my regular clients who have worked with me in other healing sessions or and soul readings previously.

The auric sheath that surrounds your physical body is made up of many layers, the two most outer layers, the celestial layer, and the Kether layer; this is your light body. It is very rare to find anything wrong with these outer two layers, but it is possible to be able to perform upgrades and realignments, which can advance a client along their spiritual path. I provide a light body activation session whereby I will work with the 11th dimensional beings called the Antari. These are stellar entities taking on the form of a praying Mantis, who I have been working with for over 30 years. Together with the Antari I will perform many procedures within the celestial, and the Kether layer, and thus I will activate the light body, the corresponding DNA patterns, and the star codes that are currently lying dormant.

During this two hour light body activation session the following procedures may be performed as by the requirements of the client.

  • Implant removal and dna distortion work
  • Celestial clearing – a procedure designed to address karmic distortions and other imbalances that come not from this human life but from existences you may have had in other realities.
  • Activation of certain light body devices which come on line as you raise your frequency.
  • Insertion and activation of dormant star codes which will enable further integration of multidimensional self as well as having then access to other dimensional races within your soul family.
  • An acceleration of the general energy in the light body to enable it to perform at a higher expression.

During the two hour session you need to find somewhere you can relax and allow the work on the light body. At the time it can be very subtle and you may not experience the Antari themselves, but you may hear ringing in your ears, have fluttering eyelids, and electrical energy moving throughout your body, many people have these kinds of symptoms when this work is being done. The Antari exist and work on the 11th dimension, and therefore they are very much out of our third dimensional time, and therefore it is possible for you to experience the work being done at the allocated time of the session, however this work can also continue into many days to follow.

This light body activation session can be taken separately on its own, or you can combine it with the Antari upgrades. It can be taken as a one off session, or you can book a series.

I work from UK time of six o’clock in the morning to 10 o’clock at night. The reason I’m available for such a long time frame, is to allow my clients who live in different countries, who live in different time zones, to find a time that suits them. So with that said when you make your booking for this light body activation, please send me an e-mail with the time you would like in this timeframe in UK time.

I would also like a current and clear photograph of yourself so that I can better tune into you.

When you make your booking and you have sent me your time and your photograph, you will receive a receipt to say that I have received this via e-mail.

No other information is needed.

I will simply tune into you on the day and time of your session and I will work at a distance remotely with the Antari to activate your light body. This session will last for two hours. Afterwards I ask that you drink a large glass of water to make sure you are fully grounded, and go outside and get some fresh air. This session can be rather ungrounding so sometimes it is advisable for you to have a crystal at your feet to help ground you whilst you go through the session. This crystal can be anything you resonate with.

And the very next morning after your session I will send you via e-mail a detailed document about the procedures that were performed upon your light body, the results, and any information that you need to know. I will then send that as a PDF file, via your e-mail address.

Pay Via Paypal – On receipt of your payment I will contact you via the email address on the receipt for further information and photograph during this time we can discuss the date and time for your session.

I work from 6am in the morning to 10pm at night UK time Monday to Wednesday and 6am to 6pm on a Thursday. The reason I am available for such a long time so my clients who live in other countries living in different time zones can find a time that suits them. We will discuss your two hour time slot as we make your booking. 

Price £70

Please follow the link to purchase your Antari upgrades.

Please follow the link to purchase the book “The Antari from Antares”.