Lilith, Lucifer, Sophia, Lucy in the sky with diamonds


The following article is taken from a reading that I did back in the beginning of 2017. With the kind permission of its owner I am sharing parts of it with you here now. The owner of the reading was having a vision in meditation of a cave with a large black obsidian stone at its centre.

“ The first thing that I want to talk about is the cave with the obsidian stone in its centre. You can look at this cave in two ways, you can think of this cave as being an actual place outside of yourself, and you can also think of it as being within yourself. You can think of this cave as being place within the earth, you can think of this cave as being deep within yourself. So let’s go back into that cave right here and right now.

Look around you, you will see there is no doorway or opening to this cave. You may wonder how you managed to get inside this cave, as there is no opening or doorway. The lack of opening into the cave, is a symbolic representation of a hidden place. That hidden place is both inside the Earth, and deep inside of you. I know this cave for I have been there myself.

There is a strong magic inside this cave. You have felt this magic before, and you will feel it again. Move closer to the black obsidian stone. Look at it very carefully. You can see cracks appearing in the stone. This is a very good sign. For held prisoner within this stone, is a very important being. The black obsidian stone symbolically represents the prison of this being. Black obsidian stone is a wonderful stone, and can be used for many healing practices, however it can also be used for black magic. Black obsidian stone can be used to trap, hex and imprison an entity or being. If you look carefully at the black obsidian stone, you will see that there are symbols within it. It looks like the symbols were not carved into the stone, but are actually part of it. The reason for this is that they were magically inserted through powerful magic. These symbols help to hold the being inside prisoner.

Lilith, she is the black dark mother goddess. She has been denied, demonised, abandoned, trapped, and imprisoned in the hex of this black obsidian stone. As you know I met her many years ago. This meeting resulted in the writing of the book “Her Perspective”. This is where I found Lilith. I found her in a cave which has no opening, I did not know how she got in there. I found her under a large black obsidian stone. She was full of rage like an animal. Even though I worked with Lilith for many months and I feel that we managed to do a lot of healing. I was very aware that I did not free her from her prison, and she remained trapped within black obsidian stone. I found the black obsidian stone within me too. I found a block in my lower back, which also represented the rage of Lilith. I then went on and did the seminars with the women and they all had the same block and bit by bit we worked on releasing our blocks but still she remained imprisoned.

She is the mother goddess of our planet, she is the creator of our reality, our reality was once paradise, that was before the fall. She is the life giver, she is the birther of all life here on this planet, and everything that is within form, is within that form, because of her. The Earth is a very special place, for it is only here that beings can experience themselves as third dimensional. We could also think of it as being a fantastic computer game. This is the only computer game or the only place, you can create an avatar consciousness into which you can play a 3rd dimensional game here in this reality. Lilith is a creator of the avatars. She creates forms in which consciousness from other or higher levels can then project itself into, in order to become third dimensional and walk around here on planet earth and play the game of this holographic, virtual, beautiful dream world. She is the creator of that world, however she has been imprisoned and her energy is used to create a reality still but she is not in control of what she creates and she is sort of forced to create a reality which we see today, a reality of death and decay.

Lilith told me that she was trapped inside the Earth, and that the ley lines had been used as bars of her prison, many temples and monuments and pillars had been built upon the sacred dragon nodes of her ley line network. She showed me how the free masonic temples and pillars harness her energy and then use it to create a negative reality. The elves call this reality in which we live the dying lands, and where they come from the undying lands. They explained how everything in our world is in the process of dying and decaying because of the negative geometry that these buildings create, they forced the dragon lines of Lilith to become angular, and demonic, hexing her and imprisoning her.

Lilith is the typhonian dragon. Lilith is this network of ley lines, network of dragon lines, her dragon lines should be moving in spirals of Fibonacci. Instead she is in cased, and imprisoned, hexed, by the angular geometry of the masonic template. No wonder she is angry! It is said in the bible that Lilith was the first wife of Adam and she would not lie beneath him. Adam is the grid or the net which has been set upon this planet, Lilith did not want to lie beneath Adam the grid or network of the masonic demonic matrix. If we look at the word Adam Kadmon, we can decode it, Kadmon, is Kaddy for the Mon or Moon. The grid is a carrier for the frequencies of the Saturn Moon Matrix which holds our reality imprisoned through square sine waves. As the sine waves from Saturn and the Moon cross they form a grid of squares, which is also held in place by the masonic network. Adam is the grid and Eve is the Moon.

You are the only one who can free her, you carry the light of the sun and it is only this that can free her. Let me explain to you now who Lucifer is and how it relates to you. Let’s look at who Lucifer is in his highest expression let’s have a look at who Lucifer was before he fell. Lucifer is an angel, Lucifer is an angle. Lucifer is a living light template of creation. We can better understand who Lucifer is if we have a quick look at the gnostic story of Sophia. In the very centre of our universe there is a Great Central sun. This is the star that illuminates a thousand moons, this is the universal dreamer. Surrounding this spark of consciousness this mighty star, lies a large magnetic serpent, the serpent eating its own tail.

In the space that lies between the star and the serpent eating its own tail, there are pairs of gods and goddesses. One male god, one female goddess. This place is called the Pleroma. The goddess Sophia was one of these deities. The gods and goddesses in pairs created templates of light in which they then inserted beyond the serpent eating its own tail, into the blackness of the AbZu (or void) where they as seeds grew into worlds, realities, beings etc. The goddess Sophia created a template of light which she inserted into the AbZu, this template was Lucifer. He was special he was to create 3D life. He held within him the secrets of manifestation, the rainbow, the prism. Lucifer is the prism, the diamond through which the seven colours of this illusionary holographic, virtual world could manifest. Lucifer is the Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

As he was inserted into the AbZu Sophia was so mesmerised by his brilliance, she got pulled out of the Pleroma herself into the AbZu. This was not meant to happen, it had not happened before the gods and goddesses were massive electrical serpentine currants of power who should be held in the space of the serpent eating its own tail. As Sophia fell into the Abzu, a strange reaction occurred. Up until this point I have often used the word the void. However I no longer want to use this word to describe the Abzu. The word the Void implies that there is nothing there. This is incorrect. The Void is full of black light, it is a sea of Dia electric energy. As Sophia fell she caused the AbZu to take on a life of its own. This is the story of the creation of the Archons.

At First Sophia was not concerned about the creation of the archons, because she was mesmerized with Lucifer’s brilliance. However the archons grew and grew and started to create copied worlds of their own. They began to build these world around Sophia. And before she knew what had happened she was in cased in a black goo like substance, which we call today programmable matter. I think the obsidian stone is not obsidian but this programmable matter. This is the story of The Fall of Sophia. The archons built the artificial worlds around Sofia, she began to fall and fall. And eventually she became what we know today as Gaia, the planet Earth. The archons set up their base camp if you like within the energy of the planet Saturn. From there they could send a hexed sine wave to hold Lilith/ Sophia prisoner.

In this part of the story Lucifer is still a living light template residing on a much higher level than the one that Sophia Fell to. He watches the fall of Sofia and it breaks his heart, and he decides to allow himself also to fall in order to rescue her.
When you see the stars twinkling moving in those coloured lights, that which we see in the video, we are seeing the Living light templates folding themselves, perfectly folding themselves up into one single point. At an optimum point the Living light template implodes to single point and becomes a star in the heavens. This is the process that Lucifer went through, this is part of Lucifer’s fall, and he folded his living light template to a single point and manifested himself as a star or rather as the sun within our sky. From this position Lucifer the sun warmed Lilith with his love.

Lucifer is the sun. Lucifer is a complete being therefore he will have a light side, and a dark. We can see the light side of Lucifer manifest in our sky as the sun. Dark side of Lucifer however we cannot see, however that does not mean that it does not exist for this is the Black Sun. The Black sun is beneath our feet and a light sun is above our heads, a positive and negative charge that brings about life. It is only the sunlight which shines through the prism which is Lucifer or Lucy in the sky with diamonds, which brings us this 3D world. It is an illusion really we are living in flat land of the 2D and projecting ourselves here as 3D holograms, Lucifer gives us the ability to do this. Lucifer’s journey does not stop there, Lucifer is the sun, he makes his spiral journey down through the energies into the underworld where he meets the dark side of himself or his female counterpart the dark sun Lilith the dark mother goddess .
You are Lucifer the sun you are Lucifer’s light side, you were baptized by the sun, you hold Lucifer’s torch of light, you are the light bringer you are the light bearer. You have made your way down the spiral path into the Underworld just like the sun makes the same journey every year. You take your torch of light your torch of life to ignite a flame or plant a seed into the black cauldron of the dark mother goddess. You carry the torch of light into the cave which contains the prison of Lilith. Only your light can rescue her.

In a story such as this, what you like to do is divide female characters from male character however in truth this is incorrect. Lucifer is neither male nor female, Lucifer is a complete being a merging of the two. He is both Lucifer the light bearer, and Lucy in the sky with diamonds, or he can be Lucifer the dark goddess, as Lilith the dark mother womb. Lucifer brings his light to plant it like a seed into the womb of Lilith and from this the first life came to be. The union of the white Hole Sun Lucifer with the Black Hole Sun Lilith, a child is born. This child was first child to walk this plane, this is the Elves.

E.L.F- Electrical light frequencies.

Let’s go back to talking about Sophia. First of all what we have to do is define her, let’s call the aspect of her that did not fall and remained within the Pleroma Sophia, let’s call her fallen aspect Lilith. If you imagine this crown of creation as being the most intricate and the most complex clearly beautiful living like template, we can see that Lucifer was a small part of this living light template, he was a small part of the crown of creation, a small part of the template of light which is the crown of creation. Lucifer was an emerald green Living light template within the crown of creation. He burnt a green phosphorus light (Lucifer is translated to the world phosphorus). He resembled an Emerald which fell from the crown of creation. Lucifer fell and eventually imploded his emerald living light template to a single point and became the sun in our sky. That is why when we look at the sun for prolonged periods and then look away, all we can see is a bright green this is the emerald green of Lucifer’s light. You can see how Lucifer brought life to our plane because everywhere you look nature is green. This is an alchemical process or the alchemical marriage between Lucifer and Lilith, they are the parents of life here on this plane.

Each of the lines that make up this living light template are also alive and sentient, we can think of them has been electrical light frequencies. Each one of the lines that makes up this emerald which is Lucifer, is an Elf. Lucifer and Lilith birthed the elves upon this plane. The light of creation has to be inserted as a seed into the womb of the dark mother goddess, for it to then manifest within our reality. Lucifer impregnated life into the belly of Lilith and she birthed the elves. It is said in the bible that Lilith was the mother of demons. What lies!