Living without Pipes

 As many of you will know, we are living in matrix-controlled world. We live on a planet, which manifests realities that are governed by preset programs. These programs run in the matrix that surrounds and permeates our world. We are imprisoned by the programs that form our belief systems and our creation of our reality. Within these programs are codes that hold our energetic body in chains, cutting us off from the rest of the universe and most importantly the love of the Creator itself.

Here on the earth we are quarantined, cut off from the love of the Source, or rather our programmed beliefs dictate to us that we have to live in a reality where this is so. We have been living like this since the Fall. Many fallen beings fell to earth and when the earth was quarantined from the rest of the universe, so were the fallen ones. They were trapped here with no means of returning to their heavenly abode, until they cleared all the karma and darkness that caused their fall in the first place. Thus the earth became a planet of karma.

For thousands of years beings from all over the universe wishing to clear their karmic debt came to earth to incarnate into the forms which Gaia herself provided. Gaia is an amazingly creative being; she created forms, which held the possibility of transformation. Other energies, other kinds of beings came here to the earth incarnated into the forms that were here present and lived within those forms, choosing earth life as a school of karmic release. Many of you are these beings; many of you are what I call super hybrids, you have within your Soul many different multidimensional aspects. By integrating your Soul’s energy into your body, you are not only bringing all the different aspects that you are in the universe here into the third dimension, but you are also acting as a representative of the race that the particular aspect belongs to.

Let me explain further. As you align yourself to your alien self, you are not only bringing that aspect in alignment with the rest of your Soul’s aspects, you are also sending that ability to harmonise to the race, the alien being belongs to. By incarnating here in to physical form you are not only aiding your transformation as a Soul, you are also transforming the whole race of beings. This is why you are here in this reality now, you are here as a representative of all the different races that make up your overall Soul consciousness. You are here to clear the karma and karmic binds that imprison you and your race into the lower dimensions, imprisoning you and cutting you off from the rest of the universe and the Creator’s love.

For we are cut off from the love of the Source here on the earth, not only is it a karmic planet with release as its function, it is also manipulated and controlled by a matrix of energy which imprisons our world. Because we are cut off from the love, we are not accessing the life force and power of the Source. Every being in the universe needs life force in order to live and survive. Here in the third dimension we eat food, drink water and bath in the sun in order to get the life force that we require to sustain our physical forms. However we are not just physical beings, we have many bodies, all needing life force of one manifestation or another in order to function. The emotional body, the fourth dimensional body is no acceptation. The emotional body needs sustenance in order to function properly. There were experiments on newly born babies, during which the babies were given everything that they needed, food, water and comfort, but no human physical touch, no affection or love. These children suffered terribly proving that the ability to survive is not guaranteed by food and water alone. All babies need love, they need it to survive and during their early years, they are usually lucky enough to receive this love.

The bond between a mother and a child is unique and cannot be reproduced by the father. This is because the mother grew the child within her form but also because of the energetic connection that remains between them even after birth. Why is this bond still so strong even though the mother does not carry the child anymore and infact the umbilical cord has been cut. This is because even though the physical umbilical cord has been cut, the energetic cord remains in tact. A mother can feel the emotional wellbeing of her baby through the energy and information that is sent along this energetic cord. This cord usually stays in tact until the child leaves home. That is the reason many mothers have great fear for their children when they first leave home, even if they are in their late twenties. Many mothers are distraught when their babies leave home, because they are feeling the natural cutting of this cord or pipe. This is the only healthy version of a pipe there is. Any other pipe is a parasitic bonding.

Through pipes we are living off each other’s energy; we are nothing more than energetic vampires, drinking the essence of the other.

During my work as a healer I began to work fourth dimensionally. I began to see pipes of energy, which were, connected one to another. These pipes looked very similar to an umbilical cord, which connects a baby to its mother. In this natural process the baby is fed by the mother, food and oxygen move down this pipe from the mother’s body to the baby growing within. The pipes I was seeing on the fourth dimension were also used as a feeding mechanism though it was not food or oxygen that was moving down these pipes but vital life force. I was shocked at first and a little revolted by what I saw, when I began to tune in on this level, I could see that those who were in partnerships and relationships were often tangled up with each other by these pipes. One was feeding of the other and often they were both feeding off each other.

The most obvious pipe is the one that is created when two people have sex. Sexual desire causes the snake or serpent energy at the base of the spine to activate and begin its accent up the spine, activating each and every one of the chakras as it rises. I watched how the serpent energy came up into the place of the second chakra and I watched as the snake energy became a pipe of energy, and attached itself to the other person. Once attached this pipe of energy then acted like a sucker and pumped the life force of one person to another. This is a very unhealthy way to exchange energies. In a totally harmonious relationship, one which is striving to be without this parasitic feeding, the snake energy still entwines the other but never attaches, the pipes are not created and the person is free to move away from the other when the sexual exchange is over. That is the healthy way to exchange energies, it is in alignment with your Soul’s truth, and this is truly unconditional love. Love is free, it is not bound, it is free to move and transform. The energy exchange that is set up when these pipes are created is not love but need, a need for food, a need for life force.

As I looked more and more I could see that most people have pipes attached to them whether they were still in a 3d relationship with their partner or not. Even when the relationship is over in third dimensional terms the feeding continues. I saw how most pipes were attached into the 3rd and 2nd chakras. The second chakra is the centre of sexual power, I saw how many women are controlled sexually and limited in their function by the attachment of an energy pipe directly into their power source by their partner. In no way am I placing blame I am simply observing this pipe attachment. Once this pipe is in place, the women feels bound to her man. You may think this is a healthy way to function and without it our society would be more promiscuous than it already is. This is not true; beings of a high evolution are still maintaining harmonious relationships without having to have the presence of this pipe. The attachment of this pipe into the sexual centre of a woman prevents her from straying yes. But it also limits her natural sexual expression. I am not saying that without this pipe the woman would look for other partners, what I am saying is that this pipe imprisons the woman’s sexual energy and prevents its true flow. Many women once married go off sex with their partner and think they are frigid; this in some way is true. On one level the woman knows that she is being sucked and fed off sexually, some part of her knows that if she closes down her sexual centre that the feeding will not occur. However the pipe still remains.

I observed that men often have a pipe attached to them in their 3rd solar plexus chakra. This is the chakra of the power of the identity, the “I am “. Many women are carried by their men, never knowing their true power because they are too busy feeding off the power of the man. Women very often try to change their man into their ideal; they force their opinions and beliefs upon the man by sending energy along the pipes that they have attached directly into their solar plexus. Men often complain that they lose their identity in a relationship, the reason that this can occur is because their woman has a pipe which she is sending energy down into the man’s energetic body, which directly affects, his energy, his emotions and his thinking. How many times have you watched your male friends turn into a totally different person when they are with their partner, losing their power and becoming hen pecked? All the work of pipes.

There are also pipes attached heart to heart, these are often undetected until one of the partners dies, leaving the other in terrible grief. The grief process is also a death process in itself; the grief is a side affect of the severing of the pipe and the decrease of life force. It is also possible for these pipes to remain a long time after the death of the partner. The most hideous of pipes that I have seen and they do not occur that often, is the attachment from mind to mind. This pipe attachment is aligned with black magic and can only be achieved by a magician. These kinds of pipes can be carried through from past lives. Black magicians of ancient times knew how to control the will and mind of another and knew how to make that person their slave. They did this through the conscious intention of attaching this kind of pipe.

Most pipes are not consciously intended. They are created through a belief that says that it is not possible to access the love of the Source and therefore have to gain it through another source. Most third dimensional relationships are based on this pipe attachment.

The Goddess Lilith directed me to begin my work with these pipes, one client after another came to me to have these pipes cut. Many wanted to move out of their current relationships or sever all ties with past partners; only with the removal of these pipes was this possible. With the cutting of the pipes comes clarity, an understanding of why they were in this partnership and what lessons were learnt. Only with the cutting of these pipes were they assured of the completion of their karmic lesson with that partner and could move away in freedom. Some of my regular clients who had been coming to me for quite some time suddenly appeared on my doorstep, and their pipes were so obvious. I was amazed that I had not noticed the pipes before. Lilith told me that until both partners have learnt the lessons they are supposed to learn from each other and have cleared their karmic debt the pipes do not show up, they are undetected. Both Souls have to be in agreement to have these pipes removed. Once this occurs one or both partners will look for a healer who is capable of removing these pipes. I have seen amazing transformations occur when these pipes have been removed. I have watched as downtrodden people take back their power and move out of devolutionary relationships and move on in their lives.

I made this my dedication to remove these pipes but of course I had to start with myself. I spent days removing pipes from all my past partners, I got such a rush of power and energy, I was finally free. There are several ways to remove pipes I am sure many of you have heard about the cutting the binds that tie.

I enclose a process to remove these pipes for yourself.

1) Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
2) Take some really deep breaths, really allow the out breathe to go, do not control it.
Aim to really breathe down into the belly where the negative emotions are stored.
3) Take your focus into your body and really feel what your body feels like.
Have a good look around your body and find those places that feel uncomfortable.
This discomfort may be butterflies in the stomach, pressure, pain, heat or cold.
4) Think about the person who has the pipe connected to you and the relationship with this person.
Think about all the energy exchange that you have with this person and how you feel around them.
This should make the body feel more uncomfortable in one part of the body, this is where the pipe is attached, and it is often in the solar plexus area or the lower belly.
5) Put out the intention that you want the energy of your Soul to come to you. Ask it to build its energy in the area around your body.
When you feel this energy is enough, breathe it in, breathe in as much as you can and especially breathe into the uncomfortable place.
Your Soul will be in there with you, seeing and feeling everything you are feeling.
Allow it to share your experience with you.
6) Show your Soul how uncomfortable you feel.
Allow any emotions to come up to be released, as the energy of the Soul in the body will facilitate this release.

7) Ask the Soul to cut the pipe. You may want to visualize this too.
Once you feel the pipe is cut ask your Soul to bring you energy, which will heal up and close the hole.

This can take up to as much as an hour to complete.

8) Thank the energy of your Soul and come back into the room.

Try not to go and visit the person who was connected to you through the pipe for a few hours and use protection symbols over the hole to prevent the pipe being reattached. Drink plenty of water after this process, as it releases the toxins from the body and this need to be flushed from the body. This process can be done with as many as you like, but leave a week in between each process so the energy body is given a chance to heal.

Now there is one thing to remove these pipes it is quite another to live pipe free. Once you have removed all your pipes, you have to become hyper aware of when another is piping you and you are piping another. How can you know when this is occurring?

Feel in your body and your emotions, for as I said above, most pipes are attached in the 3rd and 2nd chakras the places of the emotions and sexual power. If you feel a strange feeling in either of these places be conscious of a pipe being attached. Then you have to figure out is it you piping someone or someone piping you?

When you move into a new relationship, watch for signs of pipe making.

The classic is missing someone. I am not talking about looking forward to seeing them again; I am talking about real missing. If it causes you pain especially in the belly, then you are trying to make a pipe to that person. Stop yourself, bring your energies back to yourself and breathe in your truth, you do not need to feed off another; you are bathed in the love of the source.

Needing someone in any way what so ever is the beginnings of a pipe, this needing is what gives a pipe substance and lasting abilities. It is time to find all you need within yourself and not need anyone else. I am not saying that you should not receive help and support but the energy of needing is devolutionary and we are moving into times when we should walk our truth as divine beings, not as needy and suffering humans. Get out of the victim trip, the submissive and manipulated relationships you are currently in, remove your pipes and step forward and live a pipe free life.

I know it is easier said than done, but we must move forward and stop projecting on to each other that we are nothing without them, we are dependent on them for love, when we have found the love in side, then and only then can it manifest on the outside as real unconditional love. Jealousy is the awareness that the other is trying to cut the pipe. This only occurs when a pipe has already been attached. It does not matter who attached who the energy is not in harmony and is trying to detach.

The best of luck with your pipe free lives.

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