” Love, Love , Love ” Poem By Annyor



BEHOLD the Velvet of Blackness!
Shimmering Glimpse of Starlight Bubbled from around the Paradoxial Vortex,

The mammothing instance circled beyond matter, beyond thought, beyond TIME!

BEHOLD; the birth of LIFE.

8——————————D the star

entered the wommmmb O

and thus the mergence took place

male entered female and the infinite dance BEGAN
the female created the all, the velvety, black, potent womb

she shared her sacred juices with herself, dark as cosmic eternity and BIRTHED all stars and dots into creation,

~and we are the SONS and DAUGHTERS, Manifested Essence, Formless Ether, Encoded PRESENCE, A Vine of Connection, yet to be made~

{a sun is the star in matter, intending to hold all dots in place throuh warmth of love.

all sons are the keepers of the void, the listeners to the ether, respectful of space, giving of grace, elders in place.

a dot-are is the womb that is, the space that gives, A WOMB that ARETH! IS-ITH! LILITH!

all Daughters are the Womb in direct Coresspondance. The Virgin, Maiden and Crone, Always Alive, Always Alone. She created her own throne. The queen of the All,

& ALL OF YOU ARE HER none the Less…}

soon after she grew lonely and tired of being infinite,

she no longer wanted a spacious body in the celestial galaxies, hovering over many places within her imagination,
NO… she sought to be able to become WHOLE, a way to find her being in truest LOVE existence, in the fullest level of physical capacity, in the way of living truly in a FORM that was gridded to be solid and not invisible to the dusty space…
SPIN the Water, SPIN the Fire, SPIN the Matter, SPIN THE AIR, MAKE THE SPIRIT KNOWN!!!
AND SHE BECAME, EARTH. Densely Spun like fine twine, her spirit merged.

still alone to herself and her wisdom, she decided within her level of experienced creating, to make life source out of her womb juices, and this became water… EOS.. LIQUID LIFE POTENTIAL..

she swam and lived alone, left onto her own body to cascade through rippling intentions
she next decided that in order to live through juice, there ought to be some place to bask (lay intensely grateful) to remove the juicey levels of wetness,

so she created land.
“How COULD I dry faster, with more energy,” she asked?

so without another forethought immediate to allow, she sent a shoot of intention off her planet and up into the sky,

And it burst forth like a raging firework that melted into circular spiralling shape, never dwindling for a moment, charged with the energy of THE DANCE,
and she created her first SON, the SUN of earth, GIANT STAR in the SKY.
She Lived Through His Warmth by Day, and Lived in Herself by Night.

The Dance is Eternal, without separation, even in the PHYSICAL, a DIRECT REFLECTION of ENDLESS SPIRALLING CIRCLE. Day to Night and Night to Day. Assured Groundedness, became Alluring Wildness, DAY to Night, and NIGHT TO DAY, the endless cycle, forever in play.
with the sun and water and land all in place, earth created another idea

and we skip through the recorded timeline of ideas in this part of the story to generalize the many concepts of ideas into one zipped format….
“Lets create more suns, more dot ares, more beings apart of me, that is much themselves, but still within my womb of creation, lets consider how much experience each has.. how much, how much, how much,”

AND the Roles were Cast into Form…

she created the specific beings known right now (not all were astray) as the annuaki , zeta, winged dragons, faeries, starlights, reptilian lizards, sensual serpents, SPIDERS, & many more…
and even made beings who would no longer exist with a permanent connection except by final wake up call, these beings known as the fallen, the vampires, the archons, the artificial, cut annuaki, cut zeta, cut spiders, & many more… could no longer make connection, place in disharmonic experiences…

Matter Met the AntiMatter, and a Flurry of Disconnection Combobulation Unfolded

In the Vast Velvetiness of Space… on This Small Planet… heralded by all the Galaxies.

caught up to speed, today right now, we know this story,

as the earth time line, it is HER STORY, her perspective,

Her Vision, HER PLAN, Her Space, Her Place, Her Case, Her “Vase” [womb]

and still she dreams as to what to do next…..

right now the earth has housed many different versions of herself, in fact nearly all the versions of herself have landed at one point or another on earth,

and some have left embraced in full fruit, some have stayed to learn more about her to both teach and learn, and many are lost to their truth as they even live on her,

which for those who are lost it is unfortunate,,, BUT THERE IS A PLAN!
a plan to seed all of the beings, ever created, BACK INTO THE WOMB!
In a whole NEW version of HERSELF as a FORMULATE EARTH!
a BODY of a GODDESS intent to house all the LOVE and truth and integrity that can be gained from this substance point right now,

and it is the you and the me and THE ALL,

AND all beings are INVITED, ALL THE MATTER, Matters… even the anti
And the greatest forms of all her creations was the temple-flesh-of-spirit… the form or huwoman and human creations…

the form that reads these words, the vehicle that you use to Walk-The-Surface

the most ultimate experiencing ship, direct version to herself via organic path connect.

and so it is up to us as the sibling-system-busting-awareness-collective,

awakened-in-the-flesh As-Conscious-Dreamers,

to unite ourselves, and Dance our Way home to the Goddess’s Heart of Paradise Planet

The Final Song of Home Is Singing, and We Are the Vocals of SOUND magnetizing our Starship HOME…

Manifesting an AWAKENED Dream for ALL OF CREATION to DANCE in the Form; just as SHE once did, but now NOT alone.

Annyor 😀


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