Marco – Sacred Geometry


Hello everyone, my name is Marco and since the Lionsgate, I am seeing all kinds of geometric shapes and felt a strong urge to draw them! At first, they were crude and it felt like my body and mind still had to learn to translate but after a month of training and drawing, they became more complex and beautiful to watch. I created the first sign for Leonie and with that, I started to make Signs for other people. Leonie has sent a few of my signs to Alloya (they were already having contact) and she recognized them as Antari! So Leonie was weaving patterns with her hands and body and I can see them! How wonderful 

So after this news and the Antari upgrade, so much of my life, interests, and events fell into place. I just did a career switch from working as a designer in IT to lifestylecoach because I wanted to help people listen to their body and now I had a new mission added to that where I can help people on a very deep level by translating their personal sacred signs.!
I post a universal sign (almost) daily based on the energy I feel “around” me, and I create personal signs which are especially attuned to their energy.

Now about the sacred sign in this post. Today I felt the calling to draw this sacred sign to the audio Alloya created for the Antari upgrade. This sign (as do all other signs) contains codes and you can unlock them by focusing on the center of the image (with or without the sound). Notice everything that happens in your different bodies (emotional, physical, mental, energetic, celestial, Kether, etc.).
What I felt when I was drawing while listening was a feeling of finding the correct center of my beings and align every body around that center. In the next phase, I felt something being built in and around me to help me anchor the new frequencies and energies.
I love to hear your experience when you focus on this Sign while listening to the upgrade.