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Meeting myself on board ship

I sat down for my daily meditation, putting out the intention to connect with my soul group. I closed my eyes took several deep breaths and relaxed into my breathing. Not two minutes had gone by and all of a sudden I was gently pulled out of my physical body and ascended up into the atmosphere in my astral body. I was used to travelling this way in my meditations so I relaxed and allowed it to happen. I ascended up into the upper atmosphere and watched as the beautiful planet earth fell beneath me. She was incredible; her beauty is always breath taking. All the planets in the universe are unique and wonderful in their own right, but the earth is simply amazing. She is like a blue and green jewel in a blanket of stars, she truly is a Goddess. I was too fascinated watching the earth to notice the huge light ship above my head. It was only when I noticed the light beam all around me that I realised I was being taken aboard a ship.

I did not get the chance to look at the ship in too much detail as I was ascending fast and obviously entering the ship; however I did get a little look. It did not look physical it looked like it was made of a plasma light. It was solid but not solid in the way we perceive solid and physical. It was illuminated from within and seemed to pulse with a rhythm which I observed was the same pulse that the earth was emitting. I got the intuitive information that in order to stay in orbit in the frequency that the earth is within; the ship had to match this pulse or vibration. There was also a sound being emitted from the ship, it was subtle and not loud but accompanied the pulse. It was soothing to me and also triggered memories and a deep recognition within me. The ship was huge easily as big as a football stadium, and it was oval shaped and sort of ribbed like a clam shell.

Last summer I saw four small UFOs in broad daylight near my home and these small craft were the same shape as this larger craft. Were these smaller craft originating from this larger ship? I think they were. I had gone to eat a picnic with my partner by the sea near my home. I had felt depressed that day and overwhelmed as it was the height of the tourist season and people were everywhere , there was no where to find a quiet place . Finally after walking up and down the cliffs we finally found a place quiet where we could be alone. I was sad, the tourists had dropped litter everywhere and I always find this distressing, as it is so disrespectful of Gaia. I sat down and closed my eyes and sent out a distress call and said in my mind “please show me something of beauty, something positive”. I opened my eyes and I could not believe my eyes. There were four craft in the sky; they were not very far up about 100 feet from ground level and about the same out to sea. They were small (it is hard to tell the dimensions) they seemed to be about four feet wide, two feet in height. They looked like they were spinning top shaped, and similar to a clam shell shape. They looked like they were made of a shiny metal, very much like mercury. They hovered in a diamond formation. My partner and I were excited, and in awe. They stayed in the same place for well over ten minutes and slowly span around. They moved around in formation slowly and then moved across the sky for a short distance and then completely disappeared. They did not fly off they literally disappeared into the dimension from whence they came. This larger ship looked like the little craft but it was not metallic but made of plasma light.

I do not remember entering the ship, I felt my energy change and with that change there was a gap in consciousness. I found myself inside the ship in a room which was not huge about twenty feet square. It was illuminated in a gentle light I could not tell where the light was coming from it had no obvious source. The air sparkled with this
light, not bright but like the light you seen at dawn and dusk. The walls and floors were light grey in colour and slightly soft. It was a strange material sort of like rubber with a slight give to it, as if it was slightly springy. The walls were slightly curved and had no sharp angles. There was an observation window which I could see the earth out of. In the centre of the room, there was a step down into a circular area with benches moulded into the floor in the same material as the walls.

It was then I felt someone touch my hand and I looked down to see several small Zeta beings crowding around me. They were about three and half feet tall, slender with large bald heads with black almond shaped eyes. I knew these beings and they knew me, they were excited to see me. They did not have facial expressions that gave me this impression but telepathically they let me know they were curious and happy that I was aboard ship again. I think I distinctly heard “Welcome” in my head. One took my hand and led me to sit in the circular area. There were also other Zeta beings busying around behind me, there seemed to be a lot of activity.

As I sat there they simply looked at me with big eyes, I felt them looking deep inside me. One touched my face, and then pulled away and pouted its very small mouth in a strange expression and tilted its head to one side, a classic Zeta gesture. I then got the telepathic communication they were concerned about my skin. I have allergies I am allergic to lots of food especially sugar and I had by accident eaten some hidden in the ingredients. My eye lids were slightly swollen and red and a little sore. The Zeta being was concerned about my sore eye lids. As it passed its hand over my eyes it felt soothing and healing. Even though I was not in my physical body and in my astral I still however was manifesting the allergic reaction in my astral body as well as the physical. The Zeta being was healing this for me. I felt loved not in the way we feel loved as a human, as the Zeta do not have emotions in the way we do, however they still can emit a loving and a concerned energy.

They are very much like curious children, pushing each other to sit next to me, looking curious at me. I looked curious back at them. Then all of a sudden all of them got up and left the room. They are a collective and of one mind and immediately collectively they needed to leave so they did. I then saw another being come through an opening in the wall. I nearly exploded with joy when I saw this being, I knew this being. This being was taller than the Zeta about the same height as me, which is just over five feet. She was like the Zeta, with the bald head, with a slender neck and big eyes. However the eyes had pupil like a human but they were not black but a deep blue. The skin of this being was luminescence, almost rain bowed. A light emanated from this being and I got the impression it was of a higher vibration than the little Zeta. I say she but I could not see its gender but its energy seemed female to me. It was dressed in a robe which too was luminescence and rain bowed, it looked silky. She was not so solid looking as the Zeta and I got the feeling she was not only of a higher vibration she was not the same species but related in some way.

I knew this being, and I was so very happy to see her, like she was a long lost friend. I embraced her; she was surprised at this and was hesitant to hold me back but when she did wrap her arms around me I felt a motherly energy coming from her. I got the impression she was not used to be so expressive with love, as humans can be. She seemed a little amused by my expression. She pulled away from the embrace first and looked at me deeply in the eyes and telepathically she said “you are here for a reason”. She then led me to the large window which was over looking the earth, to a console. It was a simple box on the floor about 8 feet square, made of the same grey material as the walls and floor. In the top there was a plasma screen. She touched it and a map of the earth appeared. All over the earth were little lights which were flashing and as I looked more seemed to light up. She told me telepathically that these lights represented others on the planet like me. Humans who had alien souls, who were awakening their identity and making contact with the collective.

I asked her in words spoken and she smiled and told me “why do you use up your energy using words which are dense, restrictive and exhaust the mind to produce, you can speak to me without words.”
She then went on to explain to me that she was part of a collective of beings, from the star system of Zeta Tauri. She explained to me that the collective was made up of beings that existed on dimensions 4 to 7. This information did not come in words or even pictures, but like they were already whole concepts or packets of information which simply dropped into my consciousness. She explained that the collective was made up of several different races or dimensional beings. I wanted to know all of the beings but she told me I would not be able to perceive many of them, as they were so far out of my conceptual ability to perceive I would not be able to see them. She told me that one of these races of beings was the ship itself. This was nothing to new to me I had had many dreams of flying in a ship which I knew was conscious and alive. She told me that the ship orbited the earth constantly and monitored those connected to the collective incarnated into human bodies on the earth.

I think more went on but I cannot really remember, I do get the impression she was also scanning me somehow and I picked up on ideas from her mind of how they could make contact easier for those who were recently waking up. I was one of the first, an experiment of a kind and she wanted to read me to find how I was handling this contact.
The next thing I remember I am in a cloudy milky light moving around slowly and then I am back in my body and feeling hungry which was a good way of grounding me into my body. I stretched and just as I was going to open my eyes thinking I am back in my reality completely, I saw many faces , some were Zeta, some looked like the female being on board the ship and also others that I could not quite make out. When I opened my eyes my partner was in the room and he told me that the whole time I was in meditation, I had tears flowing down my cheeks. He said you did not sob or move at all, but the tears kept flowing. He was concerned I was not ok, but I explained all I had experienced and he was relived to see these were obviously tears of joy and not sadness.

The next day I was thinking about my experience and wondering who the female being was on board the ship. When the answer came through clear as a bell. The female being was me, I was aboard this ship. She was another aspect of my soul watching over and monitoring my earth self incarnate upon the earth. I was amazed.

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