Mind is not consiousness

We seem to think that all the thoughts that we hear are our own, this is not true. The mind is a device like a radio; it picks up signals in the ether and transmits them to our conscious awareness as thoughts. Sometimes we hear an actual voice which often sounds like our own talking away and we automatically think these must be our own thoughts because the voice we hear sounds like our own. We hear the voice and believe these thoughts we hear are our own, and therefore we begin to indentify with them. Whether they are negative ideas or positive ideas about ourselves we think these thoughts are our own, we tend to believe them and indentify with them. We base our feelings around these thoughts; these thoughts trigger us to feel a certain way. The feelings now wrapped around the thoughts make the thoughts seem all the more real, all the more true, which makes them potent, so potent in fact they begin to affect our bodies and even matter itself. Some of us who do not want to think negatively try to change the thoughts; after all if these are our own thoughts, then surely we have the power to change them, so we try. We go on red alert, looking and watching for every negative thought coming our way, so we can pounce on it and force it to change, force it to be positive. For some this works but rarely. The more one tries to change the thoughts and police the mind, the more intense it becomes. A strange counter affect begins to happen, we get stressed being totally on duty all of the time, we start to police and analyse so much about ourselves based on our thoughts, that we stop being natural. We squash our emotions into our emotional body, deny half our feelings, as they are not positive and therefore have no place in our restricted controlled world. Sooner or later we are going to pop.

Everyone gives so much power to the mind, you can see this in the way we communicate and how our world functions. Mind is God. There is fear of the mind, going insane, losing the mind, being haunted by unwanted thoughts, judgements, prejudices, restrictions, and fear. We see mind as some sort of bully, controller, restrictor, advisor and wise, all knowing. If we do not understand something with our mind, then we either deny it or ridicule it, after all if we cannot understand it with our minds, then it is not worth knowing in the first place. Know thy self. Which self? Is that the one of the mind, the one which rarely has a high opinion of us, is that, the self? Or is it all a big fat lie? What if our minds are none of those things, has no power what so ever. What if our mind is only a device to pick up frequencies and translate them into thoughts in words and pictures? What if those thoughts we cherish are not ours at all but are coming from a unified field of consciousness which contains all thoughts. What if the mind has no power of its own, it is only a machine of sorts. What if we attract negative thoughts which we then indentify with and this in itself causes the mind to fall into a pattern of attracting the same kind of thoughts, the same kind of frequency. Because we are hearing the same thoughts over and over, we believe they must be our own; we indentify with them, create our reality around them, and live our life by them. What if they are not solely ours?

The unified field of thoughts is like a sea of thoughts, our minds are devices to be able to translate the frequencies of the unified field and convert or translate them into thoughts. We magnetise certain frequencies with certain thoughts to us, through like attracts like. If we are feeling good about ourselves we attract high light frequencies from the unified field and hear good thoughts about ourselves, which boost us and make us happier and thus the positive cycle of thinking nice thoughts and attracting more nice thoughts begins. However this can also be the same for negative thoughts, they too can trap us in a vicious circle. How will we ever get out of this cycle, this maze of mind? We try all the positive thinking techniques there are but all this does it push us into an opposition positioning. The more we try to think and attract happy thoughts , because of the polarisation of the mind we are then storing unseen or unrealised negative thoughts , the more we deny the negative over the positive , the stronger the negative becomes , until eventually it has to burst out from its hidden place and explode usually destructively into the conscious awareness. We are back to square one trying to find the cause of the negative thoughts which caused the explosion, we try to control and change the thoughts and the mind and so the whole cycle starts over again. What if none of those thoughts are truly ours, what if we are simply picking up the thoughts from the unified field and they are universal thoughts and there are others around you, at this time also picking up the same frequencies and translating them into similar thoughts. Imagine that you are in an office of people and a wave of frequencies comes into the room, containing negative energies. Some in the room will hear the negative thoughts and indentify with them, this identification brings the thought to the fore, to the place of the conscious awareness in the middle of the forehead. This begins an inner dialogue. A thought needs to be spoken twice to begin this identification process. The first time we hear the thought it is simply us picking up on the thoughts within the unified field, the second time it is our own inner voice which picks up the thought and repeats it. Several thousand thoughts are flowing through our consciousness every minute but we do not indentify with them all and therefore do not pull them to the fore of our minds and become aware of them consciously. It is only the thoughts which we can indentify with, which are spoken twice and thus we hear the thought, indentify with the thought and claim it as our own. We then live our lives from the information about ourselves and our reality from this thought.

Whether the thought is true or not makes no matter, once we have brought the thought into the fore of our conscious awareness we have begun a process. The more we go down this route of indentifying with certain thoughts, the more we become a fractal attracter. Imagine that the unified field is a sea of fractals. Each of these thoughts is a pattern within the fractal, each time we habitually think certain thoughts the more ingrained our pattern becomes and thus, we can only attract the same pattern from the unified field. What if our mind does not have the power we think it has, what if it is simply a device which picks up frequencies and thoughts from the unified field. What if those thoughts are not ours until we indentify and own them as our own? Would it not free us up to begin to dis empower the mind. Why would you give so much honour to a radio? A radio which is picking up frequencies in the airwaves. Those frequencies are like radio shows, we can pick and choose which shows we listen to and which we discard. We begin to know where on the dial are the shows we like to listen to and where on the dial are the shows, we do not. After some time we go straight to the place on the dial which has the show we like to listen to, we do not bother with the other places on the dial and the other shows. After some time we forget there are other shows, we are so used to sticking to the same old show on over and over, we do not even think to look on the dial for another show or a new show which may have been broadcast and we have no idea it is being aired. We indentify so much with the show we begin to think it is the only one and we are the host of this show. No matter what happens in the show we think we are the host and therefore we take credit or punishment for it being a good show or bad. What if the show it not ours, and mind is simply a device to be able to pick up different shows within the unified field. What if we began to ignore the shows that do not support us, the shows that paint us in a bad light?

What if we only indentified with the shows which do support us. We cannot stop the flow of thoughts moving through our minds but we can choose to only identify with those which empower us, and support our desired version of ourselves. Let the negative thoughts be there, let them flow by but do not identify with them. Sooner or later we will change what thoughts we attract and after some time those haunting negative thoughts will pass us by, drowned under the noise of the positive thoughts. Then we can take this a step further and choose to let all identification go and begin to live free of mind. Our minds take all our awareness, energy and focus, would it not be freeing to be able to choose to be free of mind. I am not saying that we should not use our minds , they are after all a valuable tool , but we need to put the mind in its place , it is only a tool after all , not the craftsman itself. Our whole world is working on the lie that mind is all, mind is god. Imagine how different our world would look if we could put mind back into its rightful place. We would not be so open to mind control and manipulation. My Soul showed me a challenging exercise for me to do whilst I walked from my home to the local shops. I walked this way nearly everyday, it took about 20 minutes. I had to look around myself and notice all, the sea, the shore, the bird, the people, a dog walking by. I was to notice but not to identify any of these things. I was to look at the sea but not use my mind to identify it. At first it was really hard to do, I had no idea how much I identified all the time without really noticing that I was doing it. Once I could walk the whole distance without identifying anything that I saw along the way, I was amazed at how empowered and free I felt. I also noticed that the body was not so tired; it is amazing how much thinking can take the body’s energy. Give it a try you will be amazed.

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