Mind Programming

Here in this article it may appear that I am judging the Annunaki, this is incorrect I do not have any judgement of these beings or the Illuminati bloodline which implement the Annunaki plans here on the earth. I am writing this article from a point of observation. It is as it is! Many light workers across the planet are putting their heads in the sand, as regards this and other supposedly negative stories going on, on the earth. They prefer to put their heads in the sand and focus solely on the positive. I find this curious as many of these light workers imply they are evolved and operating upon a fifth dimensional level and have an elevated perspective. However when they are confronted with negativity which is going on ,on the planet , they are triggered into fear and instead of addressing their fear and finding ways of transforming the negative into the positive , they prefer to chastise , criticise and judge the person who is bringing their attention to the negative in the first place .

I have had some very strange reactions from light workers, when I have addressed these themes in my seminars. The light workers are fine when they choose only to look at the positive, love and light, however when the negative is brought to their attention they have reacted angry and are often very judgemental. This I have often pointed out is a defence mechanism and by focusing solely on the love and light, with no regard for the negative is a dangerous path to take. I have noticed that the light workers, who do this, often find that the negative comes more strongly into their reality; reality is trying to get them to process their fear, and acknowledge the duality of our world. Without processing the fear we cannot stand in our power and be spiritual warriors, without acknowledging the negative, they are denying a huge part of themselves, which is darkness. We are yin and yang, both light and dark, only when all on the earth acknowledge this and heal this, will the karmic duality of our reality change. Many light workers are being fooled by various beings, one group especially the Galactic Federation of Light. (Please see my article on “Not everything of the light is the light”). Many light workers are being manipulated by fake channels; many are simply listening to the mad ramblings of their own Annunaki implants (more about this later). This is concerning because now is the time to step up and perform, do the missions they signed up for. The mission was not to put your head in the sand and ignore out of fear what is going on around you. I am not saying they should focus only on the negative , and spread fear, but simply be aware and observe this game of light and dark , good and bad which is becoming more and more intense on the planet everyday. Maybe they are also being manipulated or mind controlled? I have noticed classic signs of mind control within many light workers, so I thought it is time to address this issue. Here on the earth we are bombarded with mind programming technologies. There are many different factions using various different methods of programming our minds and emotional body. Some of them are really obvious; some are done in secret and are not so easy to spot.

The most obvious form of programming is the media, television, radio, internet and newspapers. When you watch the television not only are you opening yourself to persuasion, and conditioning but you are being directly programmed, it is not even necessary for the television to be on, all it needs is power. It is advisable to turn the television off at the wall. The Global Elite use this form of media to control the masses and most importantly their thoughts. When I refer to the Global Elite I include not only the human Illuminati/ blood lines but also the Reptilian/ Annunaki consciousness which is pulling their strings from behind the scenes.  he Annunaki consciousness is very electrical. It is easy to see this Annunaki electrical consciousness in our world, in the landscape. All across the planet there are metal pylons carrying electrical cables. These pylons are not only there to carry the electric cables but they are designed to be an artificial matrix. If it was possible to remove all the pylons across the planet, you would be amazed. This world reality would look very different indeed. Humanity would instantly wake from a very strange dream. These pylons and the patterns that they make ,across the planet are a grid, which is designed to create an artificial matrix which is in fact a prison, to imprison humanity’s consciousness. Before the invention of electricity the Annunaki used the ley lines and the sacred sites, stone circles, quoits and sacred hills as meridian points along their grid. Here in England especially here in Cornwall there are often pillars, crosses and monuments placed upon the sacred hills acting as antenna, anchoring in the electrical frequencies of the Annunaki matrix.

This matrix is not only made up of power cables and pylons , but now in our more modern times we are seeing mobile phones masts , TV and radio transmitters , all emitting low vibrational frequencies. These masts have dual purpose, one is to simply emanate radio signals and mobile phone communications, but also they transmit subliminal messages, which are quietly yet constantly programming us. Not only do these transmissions affect the cognitive functioning of our brains and the dumping down of our thoughts, they are also inhibiting the production of serotonin which is what keeps us hopeful and happy. Without serotonin production we fall into depression, anger, hostile feelings and lethargy. The low frequencies also damage our electromagnetic bodies, and also which is probably most important, these frequencies cut off our connection with the planet. Is it any wonder that mankind is destroying the environment with no or little regard for the welfare of Gaia.

The Annunaki consciousness probably has the most influence on humanity at this time. Everyone is looking to the stars for the arrival of various ET races; they do not seem to notice that there is already an alien race here upon the planet, which has been here since the beginning of modern man’s existence. The Annunaki on the lower levels exist in reptilian form within caverns inside the earth. They are not third dimensional but 4th dimensional. They are shape shifters; they can change their appearance of form into a human. This way they can walk among us and influence us without us knowing who they are. They cannot hold this form in our reality for a long time and also our environment is harsh for them, they prefer to live in cool and shade, that is partly why they choose to live in underground bases. The Annunaki have a direct influence upon the secret governments which truly rule this planet. They also have the ability to possess human hosts, these human hosts have within their DNA reptilian codes, and this is where the Illuminati bloodline comes into the story. They can possess these human hosts for a short time to influence us directly. Many people on the internet have posted that they have seen George Bush Senior changing into a reptilian being. Even though this may sound a bit over the top, it is not impossible. Many times in my life I have seen people change and become possessed by this reptilian consciousness. They cause the person to perform certain acts, or are simply spying upon others by possessing the humans which have reptilian genes within their DNA. This Annunaki consciousness has infiltrated our governments and our religious organisations; in fact they set them up in the first place.

Every human has what scientists call the reptilian brain. “The brain stem is the oldest and smallest region in the evolving human brain. It evolved hundreds of millions of years ago and is more like the entire brain of present-day reptiles. For this reason, it is often called the ‘reptilian brain’. Its impulses are instinctual and ritualistic. It’s concerned with fundamental needs such as survival, physical maintenance, and hoarding, dominance, preening and mating. It is also found in lower life forms such as lizards, crocodiles and birds. It is at the base of your skull emerging from your spinal column. The basic ruling emotions of love, hate, fear, lust, and contentment emanate from this first stage of the brain. Over millions of years of evolution, layers of more sophisticated reasoning have been added upon this foundation”, taken from the internet author unknown.

This is the part of the brain which the Annunaki frequencies can directly influence with the radiations coming from the mobile phone and TV masts. This is what I refer to as the Annunaki implant. You can recognise yourself coming under this influence because often you will have head pains in the very base of your skull in the nape of the neck. Also some people experience popping or ringing in the ears, as a result of pressure build up in this area. In our original state the brain did not look like this. If mankind had been left alone to develop on its own it would not have developed this part of the brain. It was artificially created so the Annunaki overlords could have direct influence over their human slaves. I have memories of experiments which were made upon early man by Annunaki scientists. Neathanadal man had a deep connection and communication with the Earth Gaia, and also they were telepathic to each other. They were not the dumb creatures which modern science would have you believe. The Annunaki experimented on them to create a modification of the brain, so they could then breed man to be disconnected from the planet and each other, that way they were easily controlled and used as slaves. Later the Annunaki developed ways of influencing us to create a brain which was rational. This cut us off from all communication with each other, the planet and other beings in the universe. Language came about only because of this disability. Language divides us as a whole race of beings, and thus wars and conflict occur because of these misunderstandings in language. Man is easily controlled if he is too busy warring against each other, he does not notice that he is being herded along a path by its invisible Annunaki overlords.

The Annunaki implant is what locks humanity into the insanity of the rational mind. People think they would go mad if they did not have this function in the brain, this is incorrect. There are high cognitive functions and intuitive wisdom contained within the brain, but it is locked away and we are unable to access this because of the Annunaki implant. Some in history have managed to deactivate this implant , ( I did this myself and I am not mad ) and therefore they are able to have high inspired thought and also and most importantly , they have the ability to talk to their soul, higher self , other beings and the planet itself. I have written much about this in my book “The Mission of the one star” so I do not want to go too far into this today. However I would like to give you some idea of how the rational mind functions, controls and limits your awareness of your reality.

The rational mind divides, it splits all thoughts apart. If you are lucky enough to be given some wisdom by your Higher Self your rational mind implant will instantly activate and try to put doubt into your mind. Often it is so successful at this, that you consciously do not notice that you even had an inspiring thought from your Higher Self. It wipes it out before it manages to fix itself upon your conscious screen. The rational mind is uncreative, it has no imagination, it does not believe in a creator and is a direct mirror image of the arrogance of the Annunaki consciousness. The Annunaki cannot accept the planet as having a consciousness, or rather they consider her so low in importance they have contempt for her. You can see this mirrored in our thought processes and especially in the treatment of the female. This enables mankind to disrespect and harm the earth and abuse the female with no conscience.

The rational mind divides, polarises our thinking and creates conflicts, operating with this implant intact makes it impossible to awaken fully and have clear communication with your Higher Self or the Universe. I urge all light workers to find ways of deactivating this implant to bring themselves truly to oneness consciousness. You can see how this implant is activated even within and probably the most within conversations about spiritual matters upon internet forums. I often look on these forums. There will be a great topic posted by someone who is wise and obviously connected to their Higher Self. The thread degrades because others question, analyse and divide the information; this is a classic symptom of activated Annunaki implants. People waste so much time arguing backwards and forwards, trying to decide whether they believe something or not, by which time, the original energy and information of the post is lost to the confusion. We do not need anyone to come along and limit out thinking as the Annunaki implant is doing it for us. How on earth will we ever get to oneness consciousness, if people are still arguing who is right and who is wrong. It is time to deactivate these implants. With a deactivated implant it is not only possible to access your own wisdom but you can instantly know whether the information coming from an outside source is true for you or not as your intuition activates fully. Your intuition always knows the truth. The rational mind has no way of knowing the truth as it is designed not to. We all have this implant which is always policing our thoughts. As well as this, it is programmed by certain trigger words to close down the consciousness and disable all the information coming in. I have noticed this with the chemtrail phenomenon. When you mention this word, it triggers programs within the rational mind. This program says do not listen, ignore this information and if by any chance the word manages to get through these firewalls, then it will directly activate the flight and fight response of the reptilian brain. This will make the person either scared and want to run or angry because of fear and make the person want to fight. I have seen many people react like this. There are other words such as the Illuminati, Global Elite, Annunaki etc, etc. I am sure you will notice that there are many.

The various masts have the ability to influence directly this reptilian brain causing people to think certain ways or to not really think at all. It forces the brain into certain waves which are hypnotic in nature, leaving people totally open for direct mind control. Have you not wondered why the general public do not seem to be aware of anything that is going on, on our planet, they believe the lies of the mainstream media. They are being herded by the Global Elite and their Annunaki overlords. How do we deactivate the Annunaki implant? I was privileged because my Higher Self over a 48 hour period deactivated my implant. I spent these hours repeating the same word over and over, as I watched what looked like a series of locks breaking apart. The word was –“de- condition”. We are conditioned or rather programmed from a very early age through energy manipulation and schooling, especially maths. The times table is not designed to teach us maths but is designed to condition our minds to operate solely from a rational construct only. The maths time table is an encoded program. When I was at school my Soul urged me to sing in my head and not learn these times tables. I was awful at maths and failed all my maths exams. My parents were not very happy but because of this I am able to communicate with my Soul and channel high information. We only use a small percentage of our brains. We are locked in this mind set and therefore we do not have access to creating our reality in alignment with our Higher Self. I have no idea if this would work for someone else, as it was process which my Higher Self instigated. I have since read on the internet about neodymium magnets, rare earth magnets. You can put them on to the nape of the neck where the implant is situated, use elastic plasters to hold it in place. Put the north side of it on to the skin, you can test which side is which with a compass. Leave the implant on for between 12 and 24 hours, you can dowse to see how long the magnet needs to stay in place. The magnets are powerful earth tools; these may be successful in deactivating the implant. I have read that they are successful in deactivating other implants which may have come from vaccines, injections, blood tests, operations, and military abductions. You can also dowse to see where your implants are situated in the body and how long you need to place the magnets on them to deactivate them. You can also use muscle testing; you can test the fingers discreetly, so no one will notice.

There are plenty of EMF devices on the market which you can use, Orgonite being one of the most successful. Put a search in for Orgonite, you will be amazed; this is a growing protection against the mind control game of the Global Elite. If you are unprotected and you detect you are being influenced either indirectly or directly, you can do something for yourself to scrabble the signal. I spin my energetic body around anti clockwise. I imagine my body spinning around and around, this way the signal can not connect. Give it a try and any feedback you would like to give me as regards this would be interesting to me.

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