You are the Creator of Your Universe

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Moon Matrix

If we can wake up from mental imprisonment of false identity we will be free.

Is the world real? Or do we live in a constructed reality? A reality which can be modified and manipulated and controlled? Do we live in a concrete world or an artificial matrix imprisoning our consciousness?
What if the world in which we live is not real, what if the world in which we live is an illusionary reality created from our own minds, what if the world in which we live is a matrix of control.

We decode our reality by decoding the information that is coming to us through the senses. We think that which we see is concretely there, we think that which we hear is a part of a concrete reality, we think that which we touch is real and all that we imagine, only fantasy in the mind. What if the reality which we think is out there and we are reading with our senses, is an illusion, what if our reality is going on inside our minds and the senses are only ways of decoding this illusion into a physical concrete reality. What if we are dreaming our reality into being through our senses? What if we are creating our outside reality through the beliefs and programming we have within our subconscious minds. What if those beliefs can be manipulated and mind controlled, then could the world in which we live be controlled and limited by another level of consciousness?

The human mind is a fragmented mind, compartmentalised into segments which have great difficulty in exchanging information from one compartment to another. The subconscious mind uses a symbolic language as its communication, it uses colours and symbols. What if it is possible to program our subconscious minds? Is it possible for our subconscious minds to be programmed by an outside force, to create a reality which is false, artificial and ultimately controllable?

Many of the world’s governments have had mind control programs running whereby they can create a mind controlled slave by compartmentalising the mind into segmented split personality, and then program those various splits or alters. They can control the various programmed alters through trigger words, colours and symbols. They innate this initial split through trauma. The mind cannot survive such horrific traumas and therefore splits off the abusive experience, so that the rest of the mind can function unhindered by the stress of the trauma. The shadow governments used this function of survival of the mind to intentionally split the personality and then program the various splits to use for their slave control programs. This is the Manchurian candidate.

“One who has been brainwashed into preforming actions (such as assassination) upon recieving a special code word or phrase. The candidate acts and behaves normally before recieving the trigger, with no knowledge of what he will do, or what he has done while under the influence of mind control.”

What if our minds have been split through trauma which has resonated through the ages directly through our dna and ancestral genetics? Trauma and memory create patterns in the dna in crystalline forms. These can be passed down through the family line, genetically imprinting a pattern of behaviour. It is possible that trauma and its affects can be passed down through the generations via these crystalline memories in the dna. Before the fall mankind was not split minded, he had a complete and unified mind, one which was intelligent and ultimately connected to the world in which we live. Maybe it was the fall that created a trauma so traumatic within the collective mind of man it split our minds into two. Was this the rise of the human ego, a mind full of fear, hatred and a disconnection from the divine? With this split mind were we easily mind controlled, have we been programmed by an outside force. This split has caused us to create a reality which is not divinely guided, as we are not in control of our subconscious minds, a mind which has been programmed to then create a reality in which we are imprisoned within a controlled, illusionary programmed matrix.

We live in an illusionary world created from the concepts and beliefs that are programmed into our subconscious minds, a mind whose language is symbology. There are symbols everywhere, our religions use symbols to brainwash and mind control, as do schools which are based on indoctrination. Are we in control of our own minds and the creating of our reality?

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