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More information on parasitic entities ( formally known as archons ) , by Alloya






This is an article about Archonic parasites. The very first thing I want to say is I am not sure if the archons that other people talk about on the internet, are the same as the entities I am experiencing. I used the name archon because it felt like it fitted at the time, however when I did some research of other people’s work, I decided that to continue to use the word archons could be misleading. Many other people talk about there being an archonic agenda on the planet, as if these entities have a designed agenda through which they wish to take over the world and our consciousness. Many people think the archons mentioned in the Gnostic texts are the Draco Reptilians and the Greys. This does not resonate with me what so ever, so therefore I will not call them archons any longer but simply parasitic entities.

The parasitic entities first made themselves known to me several years ago whilst giving a client healing. I could see in her energy body and auric field many small black worm looking creatures. It took many different kinds of healing techniques to finally come up with one, which worked (please listen to my obsidian light meditation video on you tube). I continued to see these black worms in people’s energy bodies for many more years but it was not so common, however today it is another story entirely. I am having one client after another coming to me with these parasites in their energy bodies. They appear as black, sometimes grey plasma parasitic worm like creatures, they seem to have a growth process they can go from being a worm to a snake to an octopus type creature. They enter the solar plexus through a split in the chakra and then take up residence in that chakra, feeding off the light and life-force of the person, growing in size. They then send tendrils into the other chakras and infect them too. From the main parasite other smaller parasites are sent into the other chakras, but the nest or the most concentrated parasitic energies are contained in the solar plexus.

Why the solar plexus you may ask? When we have a moment of self-doubt we can sometimes feel a shock feeling in the solar plexus, this feeling is actually the chakra going off balance and splitting for a moment that is why it makes us feel sick. Through this split, this compromise of the protection of the auric field, these parasites infest the energy body. They have direct access to the mental body and can take up residence creating miasms. A miasm is a congested compacted mental energy which can cause someone to get caught up in looped negative thought patterns. The parasites have the ability to use your words, your voice to send your inner dialogue in a negative direction, this negative direction can either be directed at yourself in self-loathing programmes or it can be directed outside of yourself, in blaming and judging others. The parasite can sort of read you mind , or rather it has noticed that if it can get you to think in negative loops, then you will create the yummy energetic food that it feeds off.

Those who are not aware they are infected with these parasites can act out very negatively and can sometimes be hostile towards others, or they can direct that on to themselves. Many of my clients are becoming aware of these parasites, they often feel attacked mentally by them. They report hearing very negative thoughts, often it is not in a different voice to their own but they somehow know that it is not really their true self speaking. They begin to recognise these phases of negative thinking and after a while they begin to realise they are being interfered with mostly on the mental plane. It is not that these parasites put these negative thoughts in our heads, they are  already there , the parasite is simply reading your subconscious mind , finding all those places where you hide your shadow self and they are inflating this shadow self , causing its voice to become louder. The purpose of this is simple, they only want to feed. They feed directly off the energies you give off when you are in these negative headspaces. So if you think you are infected and you are hearing these negative loops do not be fooled into thinking that those thoughts are not your own. It easy to blame the parasites for these thoughts but their source are within you. If you did not have these negative miasms in the first place the parasite could not trigger them. We are not perfect every single one of us have issues, imbalances in the mental body and these issues the parasite loves to trigger to get you to produce more energy food of its liking.

So only think positive thoughts I hear you cry, well I tired that and it did not work, why? Because they are not really interested in the energy you give off in your rational everyday consciousness, they are interested in the substance of your subconscious. You can state until you are blue in the face to try and change a negative to a positive but it will not work because the problem does not lie with the conscious mind but the subconscious. They can hide in the mental body layer of your auric field and can hide in the subconscious. It is tricky to detect them as they mask themselves. It can appear as if one minute you are without an infection and the next you are being attacked , this is not really correct , they are always there hiding out in the mental body waiting for an opportunity to sneak in a few negative loops when they can.

I have been working with clients for over a year now to remove these entities and I have had success however re-infection is a serious problem. If a person goes on to self-doubt then they open themselves up to be re-infected. Simply wondering whether the work has worked or not is enough doubt to open up the solar plexus to more infection. It is easy to be re-infected because we live in a highly parasitic populated world. They are literally living in the dark plasma that our senses cannot pick up on. For a long time I thought they were coming from another dimension, the astral maybe however I am not sure that is correct. I am pondering the idea that these entities are living with us in the third dimension however we cannot perceive them. Just like we cannot see in Infrared, we cannot see in the light band width in which these entities exist. I have felt them physically I have felt them move in my hands and I have seen and felt them moving around a person. They also seem to be more populated in areas of high electricity I have seen massive octopus like creatures around mobile phone masts, electricity stations , hospitals and prisons.

People have reported seeing them on the walls of their bedrooms, one person reported seeing them taking energy from other people, growing in size and then he tracked them and followed them to see them being absorbed by a larger more octopus like entity. This octopus gathered all the energy the other smaller worm like creatures had gathered and then it left for somewhere else. He reports that they are taking the stolen energy somewhere else but so far he has not been able to track where they are going. People have also reported that they see them around places where there have been black rituals performed. This has made people think that they are being conjured similar to demons. I am not sure about this I would need further research , what I can say is that places of dark magic obviously have been performed by people who are already parasitically infected , so it stands to reason that these places would be highly populated with these parasites.

It is true that you can be infected by someone else who is infected themselves, however it would be impossible for the parasite to enter the solar plexus, if the person did not have any self-doubt, it would not be able to take up residence if the split did not occur. I have noticed some clients are blaming others for their infection or attack. This must surely be seen as yet another trick of the parasites. The parasite is simply looking in the subconscious mind, and is seeing and inflating the negative ideas the mind contains about other people. Knowing you have been infected by these parasites can back fire. I have seen this make people very paranoid and suspicious of other people. They blame and judge the other person for being parasitically infected. This mind set is a classic example of being infected yourself. Be wary of judging whether someone else has parasites or not, be aware that if you are judging that person or fearing they are sending you their parasites to attack you, then they are not the problem, you are. This is the parasite trying to create fear, hatred and other negative states on which it can feed.

So what can you do to rid yourself of these entities, you could try my obsidian light mediation, however reinfection is possible. So our only protection is to rid ourselves of the self-doubt which allows its entry into our energy bodies, and also clear up our miasm so they simply cannot be triggered by these entities. I think once they realise they cannot trigger any longer they will look for a better food source. Orgonite around the home can help too as they do not seem to like that energy however it is not an ultimate protection as many earth workers can testify.

I have had people say to me oh you just need to give them love, nice as this sentiment is, it does not rid you of these parasites. If you had a tape worm would you simply allow it to remain in your stomach without doing anything other than love it? Stop focusing on the negative, others have said, I am not here to put my head in the sand and ignore what could be contributing to our negative world. So if anyone has any other ideas of how we can deal with these entities (excluding the new age airy fairy), or would like to report an experience I am very happy to hear from you. Please contact me at