Birthed from the womb of the Great Mother Goddess

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Naga of the divine mystery – Navigators of the AbZu – Episode Four


I as Ananda Hari I was here in the beginning, I am an ancient consciousness, an originator and later Creator of this Universe. We are the original Serpents; we are the blazing Serpents, the creators of worlds within worlds. For billions of years if time can be counted we created movement in the void, which caused the Dreamer to feel the soft touch of bliss upon its star form. Bathing in the light and love of the Dreamer we were brought to bliss. Ecstasy moved us into being, conscious and alive, divinely empowered with the same imagination of the Creator itself, we began to form bubbles or spheres in the movement of our swarms. Try as we might to move in straight lines, we only found ourselves back within the centre, constantly moved, attracted to the love of the star. Toroidal were our journeys to centre constantly moving in spiralled, coupled vortexes creating the basic pattern or design for future Universes.