Native American Indian sweat lodge

I have always wanted to attend a Native American Indian sweat lodge. And I had my chance , in the deep countryside of Straubing, Bavaria, Germany. We spent the first day constructing the tent like structure. We chopped down flexible branches that were later made to bend and construct the sweat lodge. We dug a hole in the centre for the rocks to go in, as well as a fire pit outside the sweat lodge. The day came and we prepared ourselves after doing an Inca tradition blessing to the earth, we had picked the rocks we wanted to go into the fire and had blessed them using ancient words and smudging them to cleanse them with a bundle of sage. It is a traditional ritual from the Native Americans; it is used to clear negativity and bring in positivity. The shaman had also used this smudge to cleanse the site and create a circle that meant all inside were protected and we were told we could not leave and re-entered without being smudged.

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