I have put an automated booking system onto my website to enable my clients to book both soul readings and healing sessions. If you have any difficulty with this, please contact me at . I have tried to explain the booking system at the bottom of each page. When you make your booking you book the entire day with me. If it is a Reading you require I do not need a time, however it is a healing session you require please send the time you would like UK time via email . Thanks again for supporting my work.

I have also had to change the way I work because I have become so busy lately it is now necessary.

PLEASE USE THE NEW BOOKING SYSTEM (scroll down to the bottom of the page) ON MY WEBSITE



When you make a booking with me (via my website booking system) you will receive an automatic reply and confirmation from the booking system itself. I then ask you to fill in an application form and send that with up to date photographs to my email address within a week of making the booking. I have had to put a time frame upon it because I have noticed many clients do not send the information in time. I will send you a receipt for this information.

If you wish you can send me more information that is fine however I will not reply to this but simply put this information on file and on the day of your appointment, I will then read it. I am doing this because I want to try to keep myself clear for each client on each day and not have so many clients’ information in my head at one time. I will cover all within your session.

Unfortunately I have had to put up my prices because of inflation, please see my soul readings page and healing page for details. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact me and we can talk.

Thanks for supporting my work all my love alloya 🙂