Other People’s reports of Hat Man, shadow beings, and other strange entities


Within this post I am going to place other people’s experiences of strange entities which are being experienced by many all around the world. People are writing to me every day with their experiences so therefore I am compiling them together. Anyone who would like me to include their experience within this post please email me at alloya@alloya.com , with the completed edited text for the post , you can put your name on it or leave it off which ever you prefer. Many thanks Alloya 🙂

  • It was end of November in 2015. I had done synthetic LSD the night before. I was half asleep around 10 am, when I started to feel strong pain and pressure in my heart region. Automatically I sat up in lotus position and raised my right palm to start to fight the force that was doing this. It is strange how I just sat up in that position, because I never had done any yoga or meditation and wasn’t used to sitting like that at all. My heart started to race really fast as I noticed a black hole in the corner of my room which was sucking the energy and the whole room into itself. It turned out that there was my landlord on the other side, in the bathroom. As I tried to fight this entity, my room got darker and looked like the ceiling and walls were being pulled to that black hole. Dogs outside my window, in the back yard, were growling and barking the whole time. I felt weaker and weaker as the high pitched sound in my head got lower. I tried to fight back, but I was too weak and at some point it really felt like I was going to die. I am not a religious person and it didn´t come to my mind to ask for any help at that moment. Right at the most crucial moment when I was about to give up I noticed a large golden white object hovering above the house. It wasn´t perfectly spherical but little bit shaped like a pear. I did not get any sensation or a feeling out of that being. There was only a thin golden ray that came from that being straight into my chest. Right after that moment I was filled with love, joy and energy. It sounded like a choir of angels started to sing. My room was immediately filled with golden light as the walls and the ceiling started to expand outwards. It felt like bliss and ecstasy, like there was a sensation of godly presence. In my head I kept saying to that negative entity not to mess with me and I´m stronger than it. The 2 dogs outside, German Shepherds, were whimpering and crying as my landlord went to calm them down. I heard him saying to the dogs:´Don´t mind him, he is stupid and doesn’t know what he is doing.` After that it sounded like he walked off to the distance, had this evil laughter which was slowly fading and banged a gate close. Although the back gate was blocked with a large fridge in front of it. After that I felt exhausted, fell asleep and slept until the next morning. Around one week later the same golden being was back, when I was just about to fall asleep. It was hovering in the same place and from it came small glowing orbs that were different in colour. The orbs slowly ascended to each of my chakras, freed them from blockages and opened them one at the time, starting from the base. That is when I had a Kundalini awakening but still no feeling or sensation who or what that being was. Haven´t met it since.