Past life themes

There are very few people on the planet who are new to earth life; seldom are there people that are incarnating for the first time. Some of the Crystal children are new to earth but their numbers are very few. Most of us have been here many times before, incarnating over and over, riding the wheel of reincarnation. When we incarnate here on to the earth, we enter the earth’s dimension through a time portal. This portal is called the “Ring that passes not “. We also pass through this portal upon our death; this ring wipes all memories of our previous lives from our conscious awareness, thus enabling us to have a clean slate. With the memories hidden in our unconscious, we are free to make discussions from a neutral standing and of course we are also free to make the same mistakes over and over again. We use this time portal, the “ring that passes not” to enter the earth and thus arrive on the third dimension. Through this portal we can enter any time frame, it is not necessary that we enter the present time. In our human minds we think laterally, following the line of past, present and future. We see lives lived in the middle ages as being in the past and modern day lives, as being in the present, and we imagine our lives in the future. This is lateral way of thinking; it is the only way that we can understand the progression of our lives; however this is not really how it is. We may choose to incarnate into any time frame, it is not always the case that we incarnate in a lateral procession. We may incarnate into (what we would consider to be our) past, and then the present and then go back into the past again. If you could look at the procession of the Soul, you would see that the Soul as it incarnates jumps from one time to another. It is only our way at looking at time that confuses us into thinking, that the present should follow the past and the future is not yet realised. This is not really how it is. The Soul does not follow this lateral procession of time. It is possible that you may have been more evolved in a life from your past, than you are in the life you are living in your present. The development of the Soul through its incarnated lifetimes does not necessarily follow and progress through past, present and future. It is important that when you are thinking about the progression of your lives, that you see it as a circle or spiral, rather than a straight line going in one direction.

Time is a focal point in the universe; it is a point in which our consciousness focuses. Our Soul is sitting in the centre of this focal point; it can turn its attention 360 degrees and see all time frames. It then projects aspects of its consciousness into specific time frames and these aspects then become incarnated into human bodies and they then live earthy lives. When you discover past life memories you presume that they are memories of a lifetime that you have lived, that they are your memories alone. This is not always the case, the aspect of the Soul in which you are, may not have lived this lifetime, it may have been another aspect entirely. Once you access the part of your consciousness that is capable of accessing past life memories, you have the access to all lives lived by all aspects both on this planet and other planets and dimensions in the universe. These memories come together to create a giant storehouse of information, in which stored are all recordings of all the information of all the lives that your Soul has projected its consciousness into.

The record of a single life is not recorded how you would think; you would think that information about where you lived, where you worked, marital status etc would be recorded. This information is of no real consequence to your Soul. The information that is most important to your Soul is the emotional and spiritual progression of your consciousness. You may have been a success in certain areas of your life such as a career or in the areas of wealth, however from the perspective of your Soul, these achievements may not be considered to be successes at all. Your Soul incarnates to learn skills and develop talents that are particular to its personality, what one Soul would consider progression another would not. Each Soul chooses lessons that are individual to itself. When the Soul incarnates for the first time into a human body on the earth, it is only concerned with the orientation of the physical body with the energetic body. It may take several lifetimes before it has achieved full body / Soul alignment. Soul will often incarnate inside the mother’s body only to later miscarry. Miscarriages are not a mistake; it is the choice of the Soul to not move on into the birth process, all the Soul wants to do, is to be able to dip its toe into the physical realm. Many women miscarry several times in their lifetime and are totally unaware of it happening. Soul comes down through the incarnation portal into the cells that are forming in the mother’s body, this is often enough of an experience for a Soul, who is new to the earth. The Soul then removes its focus from the physical and the mother’s body then discards the cells in the form of a miscarriage. This is not a disaster to the Soul; it is only our misunderstanding of the Soul’s choice that causes emotional pain around the loss of the baby.

At a later date the same Soul aspect may choose to incarnate into the same family and choose to go through the birth process and be fully incarnate on the earth. In the early stages of a Soul aspect incarnating on the earth, the connection to the Mother and Father is the most important. Soul moves through the dimensions of the universe in groups known as the Soul family. It is often the case that the earth mother and father are members of this Soul family. They provide not only the right genetic makeup to provide the right body for the Soul aspect to incarnate into, they also provide the right kind of energetic makeup which supports the Soul aspect ,as it manifests its consciousness on to the earth. In earth lifetimes to follow the connection to the mother and father may not be so strong, as the Soul aspect has established for itself a connection to the earth through its previous lifetimes. The earth then provides the support the Soul aspect needs.

As the Soul aspect progresses through lifetimes on the earth, it develops relationships to others which bind it to them karmically. The karmic bind then dictates the kind of life that is needed to readdress any imbalance within the karmic relationship. These karmic binds can then create a life where there is no other development for the Soul, other than addressing karmic issues. The Soul aspect can get tied up in knots with the energy of other Soul aspects incarnating and it may spend many lives trying to untie these knots, before it is free to move along its original path of evolvement. These karmic relationships can follow certain issues; an issue that is developed within one lifetime, can then set the tone for the lives to follow. Soul then sets its theme for the rest of the lives to follow, this theme will come up over and over, and this can easily be seen in the memories that surface during past life regression and during spiritual awakenings.

It is important to find out the theme of your past lives, for this is your lesson. If you can clear the negative programming that comes from these past lives then you are then free to work on the development and evolvement that is the intention of your Soul. It is not your Soul’s choice to become bound karmically that is not its reason for coming to the earth. Your Soul incarnates to develop and learn the lessons that the earth offers, it is unfortunate that it then becomes bound to others and moves around and around the wheel of karma. If you are a light worker then it is the intention of your Soul to free yourself from these karmic binds and remove all karma, so that you can do the job you came to the earth to do. You are here to enlighten and teach the masses so that the transformation in consciousness can occur on the planet.

You may wonder how you discover your theme, especially if you are not aware of your past lives. It is not as difficult to do as you think. Your Soul is waiting and willing to show you the theme that is your karmic binding. Think of an issue that you have in your present life, think of it in its entirety. Find the core of this issue, maybe it is something to do with not being loved, or respected. Then look at the emotional over tone that surrounds this issue, is it anger, is it sadness. Write a story about this issue; explore it as much as you can both mentally and emotionally. Then think back further into your past and see if you can see when this issue has surfaced before. You can guarantee that an issue that is present now, is also present in your past too. The past does not stop at your birth, you can also guarantee that an issue that has been with you all your life, is not sourced from this lifetime . If you could trace back this issue, you would discover that it goes back into past lives too. If it was possible to look at all your lives you would see that it has been with you since the first karmic relationship that you set up in your previous lives. Once you are aware of your issue, you can begin to work on it. Your Soul is here to help you with this.

It is not necessary that you know your past lives in detail, it is only necessary that you know what your theme, what your issue patterning is. Once you know this and can feel the emotions connected to the issue, and then you have enough information to begin the healing and the freeing of your Soul from its karmic bounds. There are many techniques out there, which you could use to remove this patterning, but often they are long winded and ineffectual. I prefer to use the energy of my Soul in my body, to do this healing work. I also prefer to do this for myself, rather than letting another do it for me. I find it more empowering to work on myself, however you may be different, you may need the help of another. Follow your intuition in the decision of the path you must follow. If you choose to work on yourself, the Transformation process which is available on my website is most helpful in removing and transforming past life patterning. Give it a go and if you need any help or have any questions just drop me an email. The best of luck .