Peacock Angel by Alloya

The Yezidis are a Kurdish speaking people who live in northern Iraq. They are ancient people with a rich cosmology. They refer to themselves as the People of the Peacock Angel, a deity who came to Earth in ancient times to help create the Mother planet and all the life forms upon her.

Tawsi Melek, the “Peacock Angel” or “Peacock King,” is the most important deity of the Yezidis. In the Garden of Eden, Tawsi Melek influenced all the races and their descendants who were to populate the Earth. He taught Adam and Eve, the parents of the pre-destined 72 tribes of Earth people, the secrets of worship and human evolution.

72, in esoteric numerology, is one of the master numbers. A master number is one that encompasses patterns that replicate the frequencies, and vibrations, of certain energies, of the manifested Universe. In the Bible, the Old Testament, it speaks of seventy -two races resulting from Noah. In the vision of Jacob’s ladder there were 72 steps to the Earth and Heaven with angels traveling up and down.

The name of God is composed of seventy -two letters according to the cabalistic tradition. According to the Judaic, Midrash, it is said that the Hebrew language was intentionally designed by “Seventy-two Scholars” so that words and phrases in the sacred texts having spiritual significance, would have their allotted number. Plato, in his work talks about the number 72 being a nuptial number or a number that expresses the marriage between Heaven and Earth.

Man is made of 72 angles of fallen light. The light body or spiritual body of man is created as he descends Jacob’s ladder, taking on the coat of many colours to incarnate consciousness into matter. These fallen angels or angles of light form the rainbow on which all matter is formed. The story of the fall of man is how we descended the ladder of matter, falling upon the arc of the rainbow, inspired and ignited by the phosphorus ignition of Lucifer’s Emerald spark.

Phosphorus is self-igniting, it is the major building block of the forming of the DNA. Lucifer is the self-igniting spark of consciousness which began the process of the forming of the DNA, Jacob’s ladder. As the consciousness of man stepped down the ladder, he took on denser and denser forms, until he stood in his 666 body of matter. The 72 steps of the ladder represent the 72 angles or angels of light which are the rungs of the DNA serpent ladder. These 72 angels are also the serpents of light, which make up the tree of life.

The Christian tradition calls these angles of fallen light, Angels, however in more ancient pagan times people referred to these fallen angels of light, as Elves, or the ELs. In Norse tradition the Elves descended from a realm higher up in the branches of the Tree of Life, they descended the ladder of light, or were seen sailing boats of light in the outer sea, similar to the depictions of the Egyptians with their serpent “Ka “soul boats.

The heart has a rhythm of 72 beats per minute, it beats literally with the hologram of the planet and the universe .As your heart beats at 72 bpm it activates the Elven Heart of compassion. At the centre of every Elf there is a green emerald heart, this is the heart of Lucifer, it burns with a green glow, and it is made from the imperishable flame. Elves are the children of the black sun, if you stare at the sun for too long your vision will become green. This green is the Peacock angel of the Yezidis, Lucifer the Emerald King and the Green Dragon of the aurora borealis.

The Serpent Dragon Mother first created a pearl (or dragon egg) containing the substance or substratum of the soon-to-be physical universe. Within this dragon egg or pearl there was contained the template of light which had been inserted into our local space. Contained within this template was all the information in code, which was needed to create the rainbow body of man.

The Yezidi text says that for forty thousand years this dragon egg sat upon a primal bird, Tawsi Melek, before he divided into the Seven Great Angels. This dragon egg hatched, releasing the template which began the creation of the rainbow body of cosmic man.

In the Gnostic tradition Tawsi Melek, Lucifer is the first son of the Goddess Sophia, who in the process of creating and governing the universe divided herself into seven rays or “sons.” Lucifer is said to be the Emerald stone which fell from Sophia’s crown of heaven. Sophia sent Lucifer into the Garden of Eden to enlighten the first humans by revealing their divinity to them. The Serpent on the Tree is a metaphor for the inner serpent Kundalini that coils around the Tree of Life, the human spine, and brings knowledge of divine nature, as it climbs up the tree and awakens the inner centers, the chakras.

Osiris was known as the “Many-eyed,” and his eyes multiplied throughout the universe. The symbol of both Tawsi Melek and Osiris is the many-eyed Flower of Life, this is the light template held in the dragon’s egg. Osiris was also known in Egypt as the “green man, birthing all the flowers from the songs of the Elves.

In the Persian tradition, Tawsi Melek manifests as the Simurgh, a dragon with a huge peacock tail. The Simurgh lives on the summit of Mount Albourz, the primal sacred mountain at the center of the Earth, that unites Heaven and Earth. This mountain is Mount Meru at the centre of our earth plane, where once stood the tree of life, with the dragon curled around its roots.

The Simurgh is inherently benevolent and female. The Simurgh was considered to purify the land and waters and hence bestow fertility. The creature represented the union between the Earth and the sky, serving as mediator and messenger between the two. The Simurgh roosted in the Gaokerena, the Tree of Life. Gaokerena was a mythic Haoma plant that had healing properties when eaten and gave immortality to the resurrected bodies of the dead. The juice from its fruit gave the elixir of immortality. The plant is potent medicine and is called all-healing, and the seeds of all plants are deposited on it. When the Simurgh took flight, the leaves of the tree of life shook, making all the seeds of every plant fall out. These seeds floated around the world on the winds of Vayu-Vata and the rains of Tishtrya, taking root to become every type of plant that ever lived and curing all the illnesses of mankind.