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Plasma is the medium through which the Creator expresses itself. It is the carrier of frequency, energy and electrical charge. Plasma is the fundamental state of matter, the moulding clay of all creation. The plasma field is a cloud of electrical charge, whether that be in regard to the plasma in the Universe or the plasma around you as your auric field. It is the primal soup, a sea of possibilities waiting to be brought into being through charge. It is the ocean of the Void, an inky black velvety sea of unconsciousness, waiting to be brought into consciousness through charge. It is the fabric from whence everything comes. It is the foundation of the Universe; it is the vacuum of space, in which the Universe manifests itself. It is the medium through which the Universal Dreamer expresses itself electrically and electromagnetically.

atomPlasma is a gaseous substance consisting of charged particles such as electrons, and protons. The plasma contains a percentage of charged particles, as electrical currents pass through the plasma these electrons and protons form structures as magnetic fields. These charged particles make the plasma highly electrically conductive, so that it may carry electric currents, and generate magnetic fields that may cause the plasma to constrict (or pinch) into filaments, which twist and braid just like in the braiding of the DNA. These braidings form photonic waves of light streams which move through the Universe in a similar fashion to a spiralling twisted rope or serpent. These giant filaments, these Serpents of Light move throughout the plasma field creating magnetic waves in their wake.

fieldThrough the plasmic field we are ultimately affected by the emanations of electrically charged energies affecting and creating magnetic fields within the plasma field, which in turn affect all within their environment. We on Earth are part of the Sun’s electrical environment and also the Galactic; we are being affected by the magnetic fields produced in the plasma field by the electrical emissions of the various stars within the galaxy. The plasma field is a medium of the transfer of information throughout the Universe. Everything is talking to everything else through the vacuum, using the language of magnetic fields, which are created by the electrical discharge of the all objects manifest within the field. The plasma field is full of energy; Nassim Haramein has put forward a theory that within one centimetre cube of the space, there is more energy compacted within, than we can see in the whole Universe. From this energy source all of creation is brought into being.

Check out Nassim in this four hour video explaining his unified field theory.

It is thought that the space between stars is empty, a vacuum, and a void. We now know , this is incorrect , it is full of energy, electrically charged particles, that can come together as twisted ropes of electrical currents which form filaments, which can span millions of light years throughout the Universe. We see stellar and galactic formations shaped by the magnetic fields that these electrical currents produce. Filaments are formed by the magnetic fields confining the flow of the electrical current into narrow paths; these are called the Birkeland currents, after the Norwegian explorer and physicist Kristian Birkeland. The filaments are braided, similar to our fibre optic cables upon Earth; their role in space is to conduct large amounts of light information in electrical currents across vast distances, creating amazing structures in magnetic fields within the plasma field, such as the Cygnus loop Nebula. Nature found it to be efficient to carry energy throughout the Universe by twisting two filaments together to create a high way of electricity lines, which are the neural pathways of the Universal Dreamer’s mind. This is the Universal Highway of Light, a massive organic network of photonic light filaments or streams, a nested pattern of the Serpents of the Light.

These Serpents of Light are well recorded in ancient scripts, myths and legends. These Serpents of Light created magnetic waves that wove together to create matter to form in the Universe, including the Earth itself. In my book “Like attracts Like” I tell a story about the Dragons and how they came to the space allocated for Gaia within the plasma field and together they wove many magnetic waves from their electrical presence. The magnetic waves formed the elemental components needed to create a physical third dimensional planet, which the Goddess Gaia could then incarnate into and became the Earth. In the story the Dragons then sleep inside the planet and await a certain time when they will be awoken and fly the planet up through the dimensions to ascension. These Dragons or Serpents of Light are the same Dragons who came to create the Earth and are sleeping as curled serpents eating their own tails within the centre of our planet; in fact every planet houses one of these beings. This energy formation is the source of all matter and it sleeps inside the planet Earth in a curled form, it is the source of the spin or dance of Gaia.


Ohio Serpent Mound showing Egg . I remember the Serpents moving into the space allocated for Gaia, the plasma field morphed and responded to their presence, waves of magnetic fields rippled from the movements of their photonic bodies. Spiralling around and around calling all the plasma around them to form a magnetic Dragon in the centre of this void, from within its belly the physical planet of Earth began to form. Like someone had dropped a stone into a still pool, the ignition of light that these Serpents brought with them fired the plasma into being and the electrical emanations of the Serpents of Light’s bodies caused movement with the field which formed a donut, a torus shape. Within this Torus the Earth was born. I remember this time as I came with the serpents, I was their companion. I was a ball of light or rather a ball of plasma, an Orb. I felt connected to the Serpents of Light as if I had come from their consciousness in some way, as if they had created me out of the joy they felt as they moved and affected the plasmic field, causing ecstatic magnetic waves throughout the Universe.

In the beginning there was only darkness, an expansion of nothing, the Nagual. Nestled in the centre of this ocean of Void lay the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons. Light radiated from its form, brilliant and powerful. It was the only star in the yet to be formed Universe, its light, it electrical radiation warmed the fabric of the plasmic field. From the brilliance of this star, electrical discharges of light could be seen to burst from its body. Just like massive solar flares, this stellar discharge created magnetic waves in the plasma. The light filaments moved away from the Star as lightning bolts, the Serpents of Light moved out into the Void. They gathered in groups and moved through the velvety folds of the Void in spiral formations. Their dance was ecstatic the velvety folds of the Void caressed their electrical bodies, moving them into ecstatic and tantric union with the Cosmos.

The Void responded with the love of the Universal Dreamer and the Serpents of Light began to swoon. For thousands of years the Serpents moved throughout the Universe in a dream like state, unconscious of their existence. Time passed and the Universal Dreamer gently guided the creation of many star systems and planetary bodies and dimensions began to form. The Serpents of Light moved through the Universe creating portals and star gates passing from one dimension to another through the portals of their own making. The plasma field began to fold around them, creating magnetic dimensions from their dance. Many beings began to be formed within the various folds or dimensions, galaxies formed, star systems were birthed into being, planets began to spin. The magnetic waves that were created by the passage of the Serpents of Light span into vortexes creating portals into other realms.

Ananda Hari “It is said that in the beginning of Creation, the Ancient Ones travelled the Nagual. They were our ancestors, the Silver Serpents of Light. They travelled through the sea of Bliss creating gateways into the AbZu. Their magnetic dance created a giant Dragon-ship around them, within its belly; the Serpents of Light navigated the Universe. “ I was shown an image of a dark void space, travelling through it were these Serpents of Light which looked like electrical currents. They travelled inside a Dragon a huge being with wings; it was transparent so I could easily see inside its body, to see many Silver Serpent Beings moving around inside, as if the Dragon body was a huge Plasma Ship. The Silver Serpents were beautiful beings, they appeared as tall beings of light, they had a vague misty form which was hard to focus upon. They looked like serpents that were standing up right, they were beautiful. From their forms geometric shapes were forming in the plasma which surrounded them. It was as if their energy present within the plasma field was causing the plasma to become fractal. The Dragon body in which they were travelling had been created by the magnetic waves they had created in the plasma field through their travelling throughout the Void. They travelled in swarms; there was a whole fleet of Serpent beings travelling inside magnetic Dragon bodies. They moved throughout the Void in spiral formations causing the plasma field to react and form dimensions, worlds, and portals. I am shown how they caused the plasma field to spin and creating a vortex or portal, which then they passed through into another dimension. I got the feeling they did not have to travel from one dimension to another but could slip behind creation if you like, directly into the plasma field which lay as a canvas for the multidimensional Universe.


The Universe is multidimensional and is made of one substance; this substance is a vibrating fluid like field. Matter as we know it is created moment by moment as a standing wave within the plasma field. Matter is the focal point of a standing wave, the result of two interfering waves. One is an inward wave moving towards the centre and the other is the outward bound wave moving away from the centre. The waves are spherical waves in the fabric of the plasma field or vacuum of space. Each moment is a focal point of the Universe, a standing wave pattern created at the intersection of all the matter.

This symbol of the 8 on its side is seen as the sacred infinity symbol. It is the symbol of the standing wave of the creation of matter within our Universe. It is self perpetuating, generating, and creating a wave of energy which appears in its centre to stand still. Within this stillness in the centre matter is created. This is the Vector Equilibrium. Standing waves are stable serpents creating matter .This symbol is seen as the sacred serpent of creation, the serpent eating its own tail, the Ouroboros.

The Ouroboros often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end. It can also represent the idea of primordial unity related to something existing in or persisting from the beginning with such force or qualities it cannot be extinguished.We see this energy form in many ancient teachings and also we can see it in the heavens, it is thought that the Ouroboros was inspired by the Milky Way.It seems that this self generating magnetic wave form can be seen in the centre of all planets but also is seen in the creation of galaxies too. Is all of creation based on this energy form?

Plato described a self-eating, circular being as the first living thing in the Universe – an immortal, mythologically constructed beast. The living being had no need of eyes when there was nothing remaining outside him to be seen; nor of ears when there was nothing to be heard; and there was no surrounding atmosphere to be breathed; nor would there have been any use of organs by the help of which he might receive his food or get rid of what he had already digested, since there was nothing which went from him or came into him: for there was nothing beside him.

This movement of energy , this rotation of charge creates a self –generating, self perpetuating movement within the plasma field which then acts as a boundary, a womb in which galaxies, star systems, planets and even Universes are held in form. Within the Galactic Womb of the Milky Way, our solar system incubates awaiting its birth.
So what allows this plasmic field to hold planets and stars in form, what holds them together what force is behind the anchoring of matter? It is all about spin. Spin stores inertia among waves, stored inertia creates mass and patterns within the plasma field.
Dan Winter talks about spin

Nassim Haramein’s unified field theory – the power of spin.The force that holds all things together also drives them into motion. This fundamental spin to things allows energy to move freely through all bodies in the universe or in any system. Spin is the fundamental force of angular momentum in the space /time vacuum itself ,which forces everything to spin and that force is a torque turn. The plasma twists and curls at the same time, this torque is embedded in the structure of the space /time itself.
I love this image as it clearly shows the Serpent of Light as a rod in the centre and the affects of spin on the plasma field.

The plasma field is the sea of the void; in my other writings especially in the book “The Mission of the One Star” I refer to the plasma field as the ocean of the void. The story goes that in the very beginning the void lay sleeping, there was no movement, no charge. No one knows how it happened but one day the void had an idea; it was awoken, conscious in one focus within the plasma or void field. This idea or rather this spark of charge created magnetic fields which rippled outwards from its centre. The void began to ripple and create waves, upon one of the crests of these waves, this inspired thought, this consciousness awareness, this Star that illuminates a thousand Moons, this Alloya, saw her reflection. This was a mirror of her energy, equal force, opposite charge. This caused the void to braid into light filaments, of which there were two standing waves, which became a flaming figure of eight, looking like a serpent eating its own tail it caused the plasma field or void to begin to spin. The spin or dance of the fiery serpents is what physics understands to be the twin flames. The Twin flame theories we have within the new age circles are rather romantic, it is not a romantic love affair; it is the dance of electrical waves which triggered the Universe to begin to spin in perfect fractality.

spinThe spin of the two standing waves of charge, spin to create a field of energy called a Torus. Whereas the Vector Equilibrium represents the ultimate stillness of energy, the Torus shows how energy moves in its most balanced dynamic flow process. The important thing to remember is this is a process and not a fixed form. A torus consists of a central axis with a vortex at both ends and a surrounding coherent field. Energy flows in one vortex, through the central axis, out the other vortex and then wraps around itself to return to the first incoming vortex. The simplest description of its overall form is that of a donut, though it takes on many different shapes depending upon the medium in which it exists. Plants and trees display the same energy flow as do hurricanes, tornados, magnetic field around planets and stars and even the galaxies are in toroidal energy patterns. Atomic structures and systems are also in this dynamic form.

Here is a video by NASA showing toroidal field dynamics around spinning pulsar stars in our galaxy.

Taken from Dan Winter’s site
When there is a way for charge to create centripetal force, to be attracted towards centre, it is called gravity. The reason gravity exists is because the waves of charge are fractal or centripetal. When this unified plasmic field compresses it becomes fractal. If charge is compressed perfectly it causes the plasmic field to become fractal. Perfect fractal phase congregation of waves of charge is the electric origin, cause and mechanism of all centripetal and a self organising forces, especially gravity, life-force, perception, bliss, enlightenment, and is the origin of colour, and even alphabet.

“Phase conjugate is the ability of nature to self organise these waves of charge. The golden Ratio optimized fractal phase conjugation becomes a more precise language to replace implosion, fusion, zero point, omega point, still point, binddu point, black hole theory. The fractal field is the cause of and solution to and solves the riddles of consciousness, perception, gravity, life force, DNA coherence, healing and colour. Phase conjugation – golden ratio perfected caduceus is the path of energy and charge or life force which takes chaos into life. The golden mean ratio is the keystone to the practice of sacred geometry, ancient world technologies, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and alchemy. All the platonic solids are golden mean proportioned. A fractal is what spans the gap between symmetries of the very small and the very big. Self –similarity means the inner structure has the same patterns as the outer structure e.g., pine cone , a fern tree or pineal gland , have a shape that if you could begin zooming down into the centre, you would see it is always the same. Fractality is geometric waves of charge which allow perfect construction of fields. The fractal field using golden mean ratio allows the adding and multiplying of waves of charge into perfect symmetry.

“Thanks to Dan Winter.
Check out Dan Winter his work is amazing. Here are good videos to get you going.


When the plasma field moves into spin it causes the plasma field to fold in on itself, pulling all into the centre of the spin, this causes gravity and manifestation within the fabric of space /time, or the plasma field. As the plasma field is pulled to centre it folds in perfect geometry, perfect nested fractality. It is only through this perfect fractality that all energies are embedded into the plasma field without distortion. Two waves of spin, the top down view, forming into fractal perfectly nested symmetry into fractal implosion at the centre.


Taken from

mathsIn mathematics and the arts, two quantities are in the golden ratio ( ) if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. The figure on the right illustrates the geometric relationship. Expressed algebraically: where the Greek letter phi ( ) represents the golden ratio. Its value is: [1]Organising waves of charge into fractality using golden mean ratio causes implosion at the centre of the stillness of the two standing waves or pine cone kissing wave forms. This is Dan Winter’s theory not mine, however I have experienced this in many fractal journeys I have gone on , finally I have a science to explain the images and experiences I had whilst journeying this Universe. I have often flown across a fractal sea or field, focused my attention upon one place in the field, only to watch it dimple, begin to spin in two standing waves creating a vortex, which I then would dive into to enter other dimensions. The whole sea or plasma field was a sea of fractals which now I know were in perfect golden mean ratio proportions, which are the only proportions which allow the perfect compression of waves of charge. Golden mean ratio multiplies of the speed of light create fractality and implosion. This creates a self organising, self aware electric field. This self aware field gathers together patterns that only serve the survival of the all. Those waves that can organise themselves perfectly, into golden mean ratio fractality, perfectly nest their patterns into those of other waves, this makes them sharable. Only those waves which are sharable survive the implosion at the centre of the stillness of zero point. Self aware plasmic bubbles of charge are the orbs that are often seen in photographs within the auric field which are often when you are happy and feeling bliss. These orbs are forming into self aware balls of plasma which are forming into geometric fractal self aware patterns of charge. The geometric shape that they form into is the pattern of a self aware pattern of charge, the dodecahedral. Dan Winter was one of the first scientists to provide evidence that the shape of the Universe is a stellated dodecahedron. As a shape capable of producing the perfect fractal, the stellated dodecahedron can cause charges to scale and materialize and implode. It is the stellated dodecahedron’s perfect charge collapse geometry based on golden mean that causes gravity. Only the golden ratio allows constructive interference of wave addition and multiplication.

For those who have read my work you will know that once I had integrated all my various soul aspects into one, I was to take that one-self through the dimensions to the very centre of the planet where the black hole, the zero point, the portal into the void lay. I was to take all the star codes which I had been given by each soul self with me, as a whole perfected pattern into and through the portal into the void, where I was told I would unfold myself like the flower of life and create a brand new Universe that was more than the sum of its parts. Each star code came with each soul aspect or self and was inserted into my developing light body, DNA, and matrix.

Each star code represented a dimensional level, the being I expressed myself as on that level and a level of consciousness. By integrating all the different star code patterns I was to find a way of perfectly nesting them into a fractal pattern which would represent all the various races of beings, I represented moving into peace and harmony. It was hoped that if I could share all the waves of my overall consciousness into a fractal pattern, I would find ways of helping those who had fallen in consciousness and were no longer capable of creating the fuel to ascend or shift in dimension. It was hoped that I would find a way of shifting dimension and I would then live as an example to my various races and also the magnetic waves I would create as I completed this process, would ripple out into the plasma field and affect all those races I had come here to represent. This message in waves would ripple through both space and time, affecting all those who had fallen and aiding them in their transformation. It is possible that humans in our future are affecting us in similar ways, the consequences of their sharable waves are rippling back through time to us in our time frame, the future is then affected by our response and the process continues on and on. Time of course is not linear and is in fact part of this plasma field, which is also the fabric of time. This the Mayan ancestors knew along with many other cultures, time moves not in straight lines in a linear fashion but in waves of charge. There are light filaments which move through the Universe not only as bands of light (some call this the photon belt) they are also bands of time. As I integrated each of my soul aspects my other dimensional selves, or rather their energetic signature (in the form of a geometric pattern of light) I inserted it into my plasma field or rather my plasma field began to become fractal due to this integration. As I integrated each one along with its star codes their pattern only added perfectly or rather nested perfectly into the overall soul pattern which was forming in magnetic wave patterns within my auric field. As I integrated each self as a pattern it harmonised or rather became fractal with the other patterns which were already integrated. As the whole pattern became fractalised it began to move into golden mean ratio and implode at the centre of spin. This spin had been increased due to kundalini activation; this increase in spin had allowed me to draw to myself, my centre the magnetic energy patterns of the various stars I represented.

Each self brought with it the star code or rather the magnetic blueprints of the stars themselves. It contained information about the Stars themselves, all planets in orbit and all races and levels of beings residing within the various systems. Not all star systems had fallen, they fit perfectly, nested perfectly into the holographic, fractal magnetic patterning of my being. This was due to the fact they had maintained perfect fractality within their plasma field and could naturally and organically interact and merge and become fractal with other systems within the universe. There were others however who had lost their ability to become fractal with other patterns and therefore all within the particular star system had fallen, they had bled charge from their spin and had caused life to move back into chaos in their sector. It was hoped that by sending the damaged star codes with the various soul aspects to be integrated into the whole, the repair of this pattern would be the result. It was told to me that the human body and especially being here on the earth was a special place. That Gaia was the most fractal being in the universe and even those who had fallen in consciousness and had damaged their fractal star code patterns could find a way to embed and nest within Gaia’s fractal world. She was such a complex shape all could find a place to fit within her pattern. I had been told many years previous that Gaia was the densest, place of gravity in the universe, no wonder she was special. Gravity is the ultimate compression of fractality. It was hoped that by integrating each fallen soul aspect and taking on board the damaged star code, I would find a way of addressing this problem, find a way of repairing the pattern as a whole so that I could become fractal in my whole multidimensional self. As I represented everything in the universe, every level or expression of being, (as is expressed in the name Alloya, meaning All of you), it was hoped that if I integrated each self, all aspects of the universe, I could bring that pattern into harmony, i.e. become fractal. Then I would find a way of moving through the implosion at the centre of the fractal and pass through the zero point to recreate a brand new universe, one with no wars, caused by fallen races and systems.

The Zero point was the place of implosion the gateway into the Void. In my first book “The Mission of the One Star “I talk about my experiences meeting the keeper of this gateway in my story about Lucifer. As all soul aspects are integrated they find a way to become fractal with the rest of the star codes within my plasma body, once this begins to move into golden mean ratio, it causes fractal spin which in the very centre is the place of implosion, the coming together, the making the many into one, into one seed, which I have always called the Silver Seed.

This is the place of ultimate compression, ultimate compaction of all the patterns into one single point, the point of singularity. As this seed I was to pass with all my compressed information through the zero point, where I would open up from that seed in a flower of life pattern and recreate my universe into a brand new form, a form which contained all the information of the previous universe, more than the sum information of all its parts. This is called Universal Evolution; it is how beings such as myself choose to evolve. There is an impulse which has been sent through the universe, telling all within that it is getting near the time to have universal implosion. That is the plasma field of the whole universe is going to begin fractalised, nest and eventually implode at the very centre of its being. As that being I am pulling in my entire plasma field, packing it perfectly into neat patterns without damaging a single wave, as I pack along golden mean ratio proportions. I keep packing my plasma field which is in fact the whole universe until I am one single point which I seem to remember was who I was in the beginning of this universal story. Once I am one single point I will pass through the black hole through implosion at my very centre and take all into a new universal reality created from the void itself. All those races that have fallen if they do not find a way of becoming fractal with the rest of the universe once implosion comes they will cease to be, their star codes no longer are able to hold charge, they will literally burn up with heat which is caused by friction within the implosion point. If the star codes of those fallen races do not find a way to perfectly embed with the other patterns, then come implosion they will be wiped out of existence. So as you can see I am on one hell of a mission.

There were many symptoms to the integration of the fallen systems within my plasma field, during the night I would awaken with my body burning up, this was the heat produced by the fractal process that was going on within my plasma body and DNA. As each damaged pattern leaked charge into my field it produced heat as friction. Each star code, each pattern of charge oscillated until it found perfect equilibrium with the other star codes and moved into golden mean ratio fractality. What was the energy which allowed this healing, this repair to occur; it was the love of Gaia, the bliss that being grounded to her brought. It would seem that bliss was the key.. During this time I was integrating fallen races I developed allergies to sugar and often woke with what looked like burn marks on my face and around the eyes especially. It looked like radiation burn which now I know it actually was. It was the friction caused within my plasma field through the healing of the star codes of the integrated fallen soul aspects. There were other times when I was freezing cold; maybe this was also something to with this fractal process.

This process of integration and compression of fractal charge waves, was the process whereby I embedded infinite amounts of information into a finite space, this was God waking up in matter. By finding a way of perfect embedding, perfect nesting of my star codes into one, I had created an infinite dimensions within a finite space. It is said that the atom is a mirror image of the Universe; it is just big, little theory in play. The prime atom comes about when all soul aspects as one fractal pattern are able to compress into one single point. Our cells have infinite amounts of information within them due to fractality. They have compressed the whole universal pattern into the finite skin of a cell. As this integration process continued I became aware that it was also going on within the DNA, I was magnetising my junk DNA into repairing itself and becoming part of the DNA ladder. As this fractal compression, the coming together of all my selves and their codes within my plasma field continued until I became aware I was repairing my DNA. If I did not achieve ultimate compression and implosion then my DNA would not complete its restructuring. I was to compress my fractal magnetic field to one single point, what I call in my book “The Mission of the One Star”, the Prime Atom. This one singularity then passed through the Zero Point.

Space folds itself into geometric shapes, the Star of David into infinity within a finite space. This eventually compresses and folds in on itself until it is in singularity. This is the geometry which allows for perfected charge distribution, which is life. This is the geometry which allows the compression of charge to increase in velocity. Within this geometry some of the energy released in compression causes acceleration, this called gravity. The more I integrated the various selves and their star codes, I was not only bringing my plasma body and DNA into fractality; I was increasing the velocity of my journey to the zero point. I was heading for a black hole. I was creating gravity the closer I got to this zero point , the ring that pass not , the portal or black hole into the void.

Is the birth chart a magnetic map of my ability to become fractal, was I born at just the right time to aid my mission by bringing with me the star map of my birth which had perfect fractality? The reason I ask is my birth chart has two grand trines one on top of another creating a six pointed star. Was this star within my chart the magnetic map or blueprint of all the star nations within my soul matrix coming together in perfect fractality? Was this six pointed star in my birth chart a magnetic trigger to activate the integration process in the first place. When I was born the stars and their magnetic waves were in the perfect formation to be able to magnetically imprint upon my plasma body, the ability to become fractal. I had often been told that I did not really need to do anything on the earth I was achieving what I came here for by my presence alone. Now I was starting to understand why.

holeInterestingly enough I was born at the time of a big electrical storm, was this me as a Serpent of Light impregnating the plasma field of Gaia’s body, as I arrived as this pattern on light within her plasma field. I as a Serpent of Light had created magnetic waves within the plasma field of Gaia’s body, these waves formed into the six pointed star which then began it process of fractality.
Dan Winter – Fractality is the key to the universe.

Now it was all starting to make sense what I have been experiencing. During a ten day experience of being in a new planet reality ( you can read all about this in my book “ The Mission of the One star” ), I experienced walking consciously through all the dimensions , from the highest to the lowest , integrating all my selves as I went , to finally compact the pattern of them or rather the fractal plasmic electrical pattern of charge into what I called the Prime Atom which was the ultimate compression through the zero point or black hole and I then entered a new planet reality. I was told during this wonderful experience that I had found my way to this new reality and others would read my pattern my fractal and also know how to pass through the black holes that they had in the centre of their being. It was said that after some time all the fractals upon the earth would be called into compression and as Gaia’s prime atom they would implode pass through the black hole at her centre and pass into this new reality. I was to return back in time to aid those who wished to also walk this path. Compression was coming and it was hoped that as many as possible would be able to perfectly fractally compress and pass with the whole of Gaia’s family through the black hole to a new planet reality.



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