Protecting from the Manmade Negative Energies

There are lots of energies fields around us all the time; some of them or rather many of them, can be detrimental to our overall health and wellbeing. Here in this article I want to give you some ideas on how to transmute negative manmade and earth energies and also protect yourself too. I do not write this to bring anyone into fear or paranoia, only to aid those who have found over the last few years, it is harder and harder to stay awake, alert, well and positive. Let’s look at the different energies we may find ourselves being influenced by.

Negative influences from Manmade technologies.


EMF stands for Electromagnetic fields, which are often called EMFs, invisible electrical and magnetic forces. EMFs are a type of radiation that takes the form of waves.

Natural EMFs – The earth produces an electromagnetic field (EMF), and so does the human body. In fact, scientific research has demonstrated that every cell in your body may have its own EMF, helping to regulate important functions and keep you healthy. Natural EMFs or ELF’s (extremely low frequencies) are low in intensity; for example, a healthy human body resonates with the earth’s magnetic field at around 10 hertz. This connects us to the collective field of consciousness of the planet itself , so that we are one with our planet, in fact there is no separation within the consciousness field that the planet and humans share, when it is not disrupted.

Artificial EMFs – Human technologies – TV, cell phones, microwaves, high voltage wires, and phone and communication masts, all create powerful EMFs. These strong EMFs have been shown to disturb the human body’s natural energetic field. We are exposed to 100 million times greater artificial EMF radiation than our grandparents were, and that exposure grows each year. This is creating an artificial matrix or field of energy which humans are aligning with rather than the natural field of the planet, and thus are not only damaging their overall health , they are disconnecting themselves from the natural occurring reality on the earth. Is this why humans are feeling disconnected, and then are able to destroy and harm the planet, as they do not feel a part of the consciousness field.

There are two parts to an electromagnetic field (EMF): an electric field and a magnetic field.
The electric field:
• Created by electric charges, or voltage (the force of the electricity)
• Always there when an appliance is plugged in (even if the appliance is turned off)
• Can be shielded or blocked by metal housing and other barriers.
• Measured in units of hertz
The magnetic field
• Created by moving electric charges (electric current)
• Only there when the appliance is operating (when current is flowing)
• Hard to shield: can penetrate steel, concrete and human bodies .The more powerful the current is, the more powerful the magnetic field it creates
• Measured in units of gauss (G).
Both fields are invisible and perfectly silent: if you live in an area with electric power and cell phone service, some level of artificial EMF is surrounding you.

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF)
• On the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum
• Longer wavelengths
• Come from the 50 – 60 hertz power lines that feed household appliances
• Dangerous to health, especially when near the body for long periods of time.
Radio Frequency Radiation (RF)
• On the high end of the electromagnetic spectrum
• Come from cell phones, cordless phones, mobile antennas, broadcast towers, electrical security systems, sonar and more
• The higher the frequency or wavelength, the more danger to health
Microwave Radiation
• Microwaves, with their very short wavelengths are an example of very high radio frequency radiation (RF)
• Microwave radiation has especially been shown to be dangerous to living organisms
• Many cell phone towers operate in the microwave range

What Ways Are Electromagnetic Waves Dangerous?

Science shows that many processes of the human body are regulated with bioelectrical signals. Strong, artificial EMFs can enter your body interfere with all that, (magnetic fields can even pass into your body and induce current) harming everything from your sleep cycles and stress levels to your immunities and DNA. Concern about EMFs has been around a long time. Electrical currents exist naturally in the human body and are an essential part of normal bodily functioning. Nerves relay signals by transmitting electric impulses, and most bio-chemical reactions, from those associated with digestion to those involved in brain activity; proceed by means of rearranging charged particles.

ELF & EMFs influence the human body just as they would any other substance consisting of conducting materials and charged particles. ELF & EMFs may induce circulating currents within the human body. The strength of these induced currents depends on the intensity of the outside magnetic field and the size of the loop through which the current flows. When sufficiently large, these currents can cause neural and muscular stimulation (among other biological effects). However, at the EMF exposure levels normally found in the environment, the currents induced in the body by ELF & EMFs are much weaker than those occurring in the body naturally.There are concerns that daily exposure to electric and magnetic fields cause health problems. These concerns are reflected in a number of reports that have attempted to link EMF exposure to a variety of health issues, including cancer.

These ELF and EMF waves can cause a number of illnesses and diseases as they directly affect DNA. (There is a lot about this subject on the internet, if you wish to get deeper into it). Suffice to say these waves are having a detrimental affect on our electromagnetic wellbeing. This is turn is causing imbalance to the electromagnetic body, the meridian system, the chakric system, the physical matrix (the etherical blueprint of the physical body), the emotional body, mental and spiritual bodies.

You may think that this electromagnetic pollution we find ourselves in is just a side affect of the developing technology. This is not entirely true there is agenda behind the creating of these waves. These waves create an artificial matrix. We are being plugged into this matrix, so we can be controlled, influenced. The Global Elite are behind the creating of this artificial matrix; however that is not the source of this agenda. There is an alien consciousness behind all this. The Annunaki Reptilians are behind this agenda. You can read a lot about these beings on the internet so I will not go into who they are too much here in this article. What I can tell you is, my experience of these beings is, they are an electrical consciousness, they prefer an environment which is electrical. Through this electrical matrix which they are creating on the earth, they can manifest, and live upon our planet, and use those humans who are still left upon the planet, as slaves.

I have been upon the Annunaki planet or at least that is where I think it was. I went to Munich in Germany for the first time. I got off the plane and did not feel well, my whole body felt very static. I thought it was the energy of the airport however as I left the airport and began my journey on foot to the home of a friend who I was staying with, I began to feel very unwell. My head hurt I had what felt like a band around my head, my eyes were blurry and my ears were popping, I felt pressure building up in my head. I began to feel very dizzy and unbalanced. I felt nauseous too. I told the two friends I was with (who were facilitators like me, so they were fully aware of energies and how they can affect you.) They told me that they would get me indoors very soon and I would feel better.

I did not feel better, I felt worse and worse, I could feel my skin burning and my inner organs felt like they were being mircowaved, I was being fried. My body went into flight and fight response and I felt absolutely terrified. I do not think I have ever felt so scared in all my life. As we turned the corner of a street I saw the main TV and communication tower in Munich. It was a huge column with a sphere doughnut shaped structure on the top. It looked just like the futuristic buildings you see in children’s cartoons like the Jetsons. Seeing this catapulted me into a deep and terrifying experience. I was no longer in Munich I was on another planet. I do not know if I went there in my consciousness or I was triggering memories, either way I was no longer aware of being in Munich or being with my friends. I was on another planet.

It was a planet of rock however I could not see the planet as it was completely covered in metal structures. Everywhere there were metal towers, many looked very much like the electric pylons we have on the earth, but much bigger and more complicated in design. There were cables and energy power lines everywhere. The whole place hummed with electricity. There was not anything organic or natural left on the planet. I had memories of how the planet had looked before it was not as diverse as the earth, but it did have vegetation, which had all gone. It was the most awful thing I have ever experienced. I was terrified I have had many strange and frightening experiences but nothing compared to this. Unknown to me, my friends had literally carried me to the place where I was staying. They had taken me on to the balcony and lay me down. I started to come back to the Munich reality; I was shaking and crying, trying to tell my friends what I was experiencing. I told them “I am on an Annunaki planet, they have destroyed all life, and it is only metal and electric here which is left. They fried the nature spirits”. I had memories of fairy consciousness being fried by the electricity, it was unbearable. As I started to come back into this reality I was shifting from one minute being in that reality and the next minute I was back in Munich. As I tried to anchor back to Munich something inside my body activated, I felt a pull on my solar plexus. It was like there was something in my body which wanted to control my body, it pulled me to the balcony wall and I started to climb up to throw myself off. I screamed to my friends, “they want me to jump I cannot stop it, help me “. I had no control over my body , it was like I had a rope around my middle pulling me and making me want to throw myself off. It was the weirdest and most terrifying thing I have ever experienced.

My friends held me back but it was hard for them I was very strong, I managed to get up on to the wall. My friend took my face in her hands and screamed at me, “Hold your energy of truth “. I managed to breathe in the energy of truth, and with both my friends holding me in my truth too, it suddenly stopped and I was thrown totally back into this reality, the feeling in my body gone. I fell to the floor of the balcony and laughed my head off. I was hysterical I did not know what else to do with the feelings; I have never experienced anything quite as bizarre since. From my experience I came to understand how the Annunaki prefer metal and electric consciousness and that was why they hated the fairy consciousness and wished to destroy it. They had no respect what so ever for nature of any kind and you can see how they are creating a reality on the earth which is in line with how they live upon their own world. I came to understand that they are creating an electrical artificial reality upon the earth, which they can plug us all into and control us, very like the film the Matrix. I watched this film for the first time and went white; I had seen all this before. I got the information that the Annunaki had been connected to the nature of their planet but had destroyed every last natural being upon their world. So as you can see the Annunaki who are behind the Global Elite’s agenda want to create an artificial matrix in which we can all live. You may think this is awful and how will this be. We are already living in this matrix, it is only in its infancy of design and implementation but it has been here for thousands of years already. The pylons that carry our electricity across the planet are not in the places they are by accident, if it was possible to see an aerial view of the pylons, you would be amazed to see an intricate pattern which resembles the natural electromagnetic gird of the earth itself. It is overlaid on top of this gird. The earth is made up of leylines of natural energy which runs through it like the meridian system in our bodies. Where these ley lines cross they create power points, the Annunaki artificial grid anchors in and locks into these places where the ley lines cross. They inspired early man to build certain structures upon these power nodes to harness the energy and use it as a carrier wave to carry their mind control frequencies.

Behind where I work there is a sacred and powerful hill. It has a strong pair of leylines running through it. Where the lines cross there is a Masonic monument, it looks like a huge column but if you could see it from above it looks like a pyramid. I can see an energy coming from this monument; it is not just the energy of the leylines which is moving up the column being then radiated out across the valley. There are also Annunaki codes in the energy radiation; it is sending messages across the valley, creating an artificial reality, affecting those who live inside the valley. Since realising this I have seen many monuments, buildings and crosses erected upon these leylines power points. There are many here in England, which seems to be one of the strong holds of this Annunaki consciousness. Now in our modern times they are erecting electrical pylons, mobile phone masts, TV communication masts etc, etc, these are also doing the same job, however they are much more advanced and powerful than the old stone monuments. This leads me on to talk about mind control. We have seen how these EMF & ELF waves are affecting our physical bodies and also manipulating our reality, now we can look at how they are mind controlling us through the mobile phone masts especially.

“The day is now approaching in which government mind control technologies will be directed at you, your neighbours, and your loved ones. Every single day, equipment is being erected and installed in this country with the hidden purpose of exerting mind control over the entire population. Everywhere ELF/microwave transmission towers are being erected. The antennae usually look like four slightly curved vertical plates about 2 feet in length and located in either 3 or 4 quadrants around the tower, two thirds up from the ground. Just look around, you’ll see them. And you’ll also notice more of them going up once you begin to pay attention. No one is saying anything, but you’re expected to presume that they’re for cell phones. (Do you really think that we need that much ‘cell phone’ transmission capability, every few blocks? Do you realize how very little energy is used by genuine cell phone usage? Yet these towers are capable of putting out levels of power that exceed cell phone requirements by a wide margin) these mind control technologies have been in place for a long time. It’s not an accident that the frequency band chosen for cell phone use just happens to match the second order waves that Wilhelm Reich discovered in the late1940’s to effect thought transmission and allow the mind to be manipulated without the victim realizing it. Reich worked on this project secretly for the CIA for over 5 years, from 1947-1952, until he realized who the CIA was planning to use the mind control on -the American people. He was outraged that he was deceived and used for such a treasonous motive and swore never to cooperate with the CIA, FDA, etc. again. Reich was covertly murdered in Federal prison in 1957, just a few weeks before he was due to be released, having been in prison for 2 years on a trumped up charge leading to a contempt of court citation. He was reported to have had a ‘heart attack’. He was strong as an ox. He was murdered two weeks before his parole board hearing. His last book, written in prison, was found to be ‘missing’ after his death and never returned to his family.

These microwave towers are used in conjunction with HAARP based technology to not only affect subliminal mind control influences, but also to control the weather (currently {2007}, the creation of artificially induced drought conditions are also greatly influenced by the population-reduction .” By Patrick Flannagan. Again there are huge amounts of information on the internet about mind control, if you wish to know more about it, I do not want to go too far into it here in this article. I just want to give you the general idea. Patrick mentions the Haarp Project so let look at this next.

Could the HAARP Project be For Mind Control? By Nicholas Jones “Earth is wrapped in a donut shaped magnetic field. Circular lines of flux continuously descend into the North Pole and emerge from the South Pole. The ionosphere, an electromagnetic-wave conductor, 100 kms above the earth, consists of a layer of electrically charged particles acting as a shield from solar winds. Natural waves are related to the electrical activity in the atmosphere and are thought to be caused by multiple lightning storms. Collectively, these waves are called ‘The Schumann Resonance´, the current strongest at 7.8 Hz. These are quasi-standing extremely low frequency (ELF) waves that naturally exist in the earth’s ‘electromagnetic´ cavity, the space between the ground and the ionosphere. These ‘earth brainwaves´ are identical to the spectrum of our brainwaves. (1 hertz = 1 cycle per second, 1 Khz = 1000, 1 Mhz =1 million. A 1 Hertz wave is 186,000 miles long, 10 Hz is 18,600 miles. Radio-waves move at the speed of light.)

The Creator designed living beings to resonate to this natural frequency pulsation in order to evolve harmoniously. The ionosphere is being manipulated by US govt. scientists using an Alaskan transmitter called HAARP, (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) which sends focused radiated power to heat up sections of the ionosphere, which bounces power down again. ELF waves from HAARP when targeted on areas can weather-engineer and create mood changes affecting millions. The intended wattage is 1,700 billion watts of power. A former govt. insider deduced they want to flip the world upside down. 64 elements in the ground modulate, with variation, the geomagnetic waves naturally coming from the ground.

The ‘earth’s natural brain rhythm´ above is balanced with these. These are the same minerals as the red blood corpuscles. There is a relation between the blood and geomagnetic waves. An imbalance between Schumann and geomagnetic waves disrupts biorhythms. These natural geomagnetic waves are being replaced by artificially created very low frequency (VLF) ground waves coming from GWEN Towers. In 1963 Dr Robert Becker explored effects of external magnetic-fields on brainwaves showing a relationship between psychiatric admissions and solar magnetic storms. He exposed volunteers to pulsed magnetic-fields similar to magnetic-storms, and found a similar response. US 60 Hz electric power ELF waves vibrate at the same frequency as the human brain. UK 50 Hz electricity emissions depress the thyroid. Our brains are extremely vulnerable to any technology which sends out ELF waves, because they immediately start resonating to the outside signal by a kind of tuning-fork effect. Puharich experimented discovering 7.83 Hz (earth’s pulse rate) made a person ‘feel good´ producing an altered-state. 10.80 Hz causes riotous behaviour and 6.6 Hz causes depression. Puharich made ELF waves change RNA and DNA, breaking hydrogen bonds to make a person have a higher vibratory rate. He wanted to go beyond the psychic 8 Hz brainwave and attract psi phenomena. James Hurtak, who once worked for Puharich, also wrote in his book The Keys of Enoch that ultra-violet caused hydrogen bonds to break and this raised the vibratory rate. Puharich presented the mental effects of ELF waves to military leaders but they would not believe him. He gave this information to certain dignitaries of other Western nations. The US govt burned down his home in New York to shut him up and he fled to Mexico. However Russians discovered which ELF frequencies did what to the human brain and began zapping the US Embassy in Moscow on 4 July 1976 with electromagnetic-waves, varying the signal, including focusing on 10 Hz. (10 Hz puts people into a hypnotic state, Russians and North Koreans use this in portable mind-control machines to extract confessions. “

I have seen the affect of Haarp on weather here in Cornwall, England not 3 months ago. I was watching from the window of my office nine chemplanes spraying chemicals into our skies. My partner called me to tell me he has seen the classic Haarp cloud formations in the sky above his work. The clouds form checker board patterns. He also saw a military plane flying so low it was bunny hoping over the top of the tree tops. I thought to myself oh my something bad is going to happen tonight. Later that night we had the worst rainstorms and down pour we have had in 30 years. It flooded many people’s houses, making over 100 people homeless, one house even got demolished. The Met office had no idea it was coming, because it was a Haarp manmade storm. There are theories that many of the recent world disasters are artificially triggered by Haarp.

“HAARP is utilized for many clandestine missions, of which weather modification is a fundamental objective. Microwave, Extreme Low Frequency (ELF), Very Low Frequency (VLF) and other EMR/EMF-based systems are transmitted into the atmosphere and reflected by the ionosphere back through the Earth’s Stratosphere/Atmosphere where various airborne chemical particulates, polymer filaments and other electromagnetic frequency absorbers and reflectors are used to push or pull the prevailing jet-streams to alter weather patterns. In many instances, drought inducement technologies have been found in patented systems. Drought inducement occurs, according to reviewed technologies, by heating the stratosphere with microwaves, placing airborne chemical particulates in the airspace and thereby changing the base-line moisture gradients via microwaves from HAARP and desiccating regions chemically with barium titanates, methyl aluminum and potassium mixtures.

In a nutshell: Jets spray chemtrails consisting of barium titanates, methyl aluminium and potassium mixtures in the stratosphere. These chemtrails are used to reflect and absorb radio and electromagnetic frequencies that are induced by HAARP, and reflected back from the ionosphere. This activity is used to push or pull jet streams, which alter weather patterns. This manipulation can result in all sorts of different weather patterns, including storms, drought, extreme cold, heat, etc. In the late 1950′s, it was discovered that naturally occurring belts exist at high altitudes above the earth’s surface, and it is now established that these belts result from charged electrons and ions becoming trapped along the magnetic lines of force (field lines) of the earth’s essentially dipole magnetic field. The trapped electrons and ions are confined along the field lines between two magnetic mirrors, which exist at spaced apart points along those field lines. The trapped electrons and ions move in helical paths around their particular field lines and “bounce” back and forth between the magnetic mirrors. These trapped electrons and ions can oscillate along the field lines for long periods of time. (HAARP patent)HAARP technology for weather modification, in conjunction with chemtrails, use the ionosphere and particulate matter in the stratosphere (chemtrails) to reflect energy back and forth in order to control jet streams, which in turn cause the desired weather patterns.” So as you can see we are indeed bombarded by many different energy waves. I am not a scientist so I am sorry if I cannot go into more detail here. Also there is so much information on the internet about the above subjects, a little research will take you deeper into these subjects if you so wish.

Geo-pathic stress

Geo-pathic Stress, or harmful earth rays, can result from natural radiation which rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean (underground) running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The natural radiation, disturbed in this way becomes harmful to living organisms (including animals and plants!) Geo-pathic Stress can also result from electro-magnetic fields caused by electrical wiring, lighting, appliances (including computers, TVs, microwaves, clocks, radios), telephones (especially cellular phones), and from outside sources such as electric generators, transformers and electricity pylons.

Geo-pathic Stress lowers your immune system and your ability to fight off viruses and bacteria. While we sleep, the body should be at rest so that it can do its repair work on body cells, fight infection and absorb nutrients from the food eaten that day. However, if we sleep in a Geo-pathic Stress Zone, the body has to focus all its energy just to keep vital organs working and, consequently, the immune system is lowered, we cannot fully absorb nutrients or effectively fight off infections.

The most common indications of Geo-pathic Stress are resistance to treatment (conventional or alternative), feeling run-down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, allergies, insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, sleep walking, headaches on waking, tingling in arms and legs, grinding teeth.The entire earth is threaded with an invisible grid of Hartmann lines. They appear every 6-8 feet. They are named after the German medical doctor Ernst Hartmann. If your bedroom or work area lies over these lines, there is a good chance you have serious health problems. Heart attack victims often sleep on a Hartmann line. The Hartmann line itself is just over 8 inches in width. It penetrates everything in its path. If you live on the top floor of an apartment building, the rays will cut through the entire building and still affect you. The lines are more intense during the morning hours of one and four. It is also during these hours that people most often wake from their sleep. The worst place you could possibly sleep or work is over a ‘Hartmann Knot’. This is where two Hartmann lines cross. This is called a Geo-pathic stress zone.You can dowse using either a pendulum or dowsing rods to find out if you are sleeping over a Hartmann line .

So now let’s look at what we can do to protect ourselves from these negative energies.


Orgonite comes from “Orgone”, the name given by Wilheim Reich to vital energy found everywhere in nature. This energy can be can neutral (OR), positive (POR) or negative (DOR = deadly Orgone energy).
This energy needs to flow just like water .When water flows freely; it is full of vitality and life. When water becomes stagnant, it becomes like a stinking pool, and life in it dies. DOR is negative, it creates disease. DOR energy is primarily human made, by technology, like microwave transmitters, chemical pollution, physical destruction of the landscape, and human emotions. Orgonite devices change DOR into POR.

Orgonite is a mixture of fiber-glass resin with metal shavings, and crystals poured into small moulds. It attracts DOR to transmute it into POR. Small quartz crystals are added to the mixture to enhance the power of Orgonite. Orgonite functions highly efficient energy transmutation device, drawing in negative life energy and transmuting it into positive energy. The resin in Orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the quartz crystal inside which creates a well-known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal, meaning its end-points become polarized electrically, this causes it to function more effectively as a positive energy generator.

I bought an Orgonite pendent from It is beautifully made. I put it on and within ten minutes I felt so much better, my aura opened up and became much fuller of light. I did not realise how suffocated by negative energies I was until I put this on and saw the difference. I felt like it was hard to open up my aura and pull in positive energy, I work in a very EMF environment and this was obviously having a serious affect on my wellbeing. I also noticed that I had something on my back, which again I did not notice until it was gone. I was at home when I first put it on and I live in a lovely place, so it was not evident how powerful the Orgonite was. However when I went to work it became clear how powerful this device was. I work in a very EMF environment, computers, overhead cables and mobile phone masts everywhere. The people who I work with are very aggressive and negative; I think this is partly to do with the EMF. I was amazed at how different I felt. I always felt suffocated, like there were lots of negative and heavy energies around me. I felt tired, stressed, miserable and depressed when at work. With my pendent on all that was gone I did become aware of an implant that I had in my neck which I had not noticed so much before. I think the reason for this was I was so bombarded by negative energies it was hard to see what was what. More about the implant later.

You can use Orgonite in many ways, you can wear a pendent or you can have what are affectionately called a Holy Hand Grenade, placed in your home to protect you home from negative EMF energies. There are smaller pieces which you can place next to overhead cables, mobile phone masts, TV masts, etc. You can bury them in the ground and they will change the negative DOR coming from these masts into positive POR energy. Those who go around and place Orgonite next to phone masts etc, call it gifting. There are also chembusters which you can use to clear your skies of chemtrails and pollution. Some are placing them in their vegetable gardens and watching how amazingly more healthy and larger their vegetables are.

There is a lot of information on the internet about this wonderful gift, try the forum , this is a great website, great information and a nice bunch of people.

Scalar wave technology

“Scalar Resonance Technology restores your ground in the earth. Proprietary geometric circuits mirror the structure of the earth’s electromagnetic field and thereby amplify your resonance with the earth. This greatly enhances the positive transfer of vital information from the earth and creates a safety valve for the release of biologically-meaningless induced current. People experience this grounding as a sense of peace and well being. A Scalar-Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces scalar energy that helps to enhance the body’s bio-field. A Scalar-Pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body, it helps one to maintain health and well-being.

You can wear it on a chain or carry it in your pocket. The scalar energy from the pendant works outwardly and within the body. Outwardly scalar energy enhances the body’s bio-field. Inwardly it works to facilitate cell permeability and thereby enhances the many physiological functions of the cells in the body.

Health Benefits
Reduces inflammation
Promotes un-clumping of cells
Enhances circulation
Enhances immune and endocrine systems
Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification
Enhances cellular permeability
Increases energy
Helps to protect DNA from damage
Helps to retard the aging process
Helps to fight cancer cells
Strengthens the body’s bio-field
Preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health
Increases focus and concentration

A universally shared fact about energy is that it can’t be destroyed, it will only change forms. Scalar energy is special, as it can repair and renew itself indefinitely. Scalar energy can be harnessed for the use of helping cells regenerate and help protect against EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation by creating a barrier. ” – taken from Earth

I wear both an Orgonite pendent and a Scalar wave pendent. The Scalar wave pendent gave me a feeling of space around me, it grounded me to the earth, and I felt like I dropped down below the band of negative EMF energies which are all around us in our modern electrical environments. It helped relieve the headache which was being caused by an implant in neck which was reacting to a hand held radio I have to use at work. We have a communication mast next to my work which every time I spoke on the radio was interacting with this tower and making my implant activate and give me a headache and popping in my ears. Since wearing the scalar wave pendent I feel like my head is clear, my thoughts are more positive and I do not feel so mentally tired. From both the Orgonite pendent and the scalar wave pendent I felt a little detox symptoms for the first few days, slight aches and pains, hot and cold, an upset stomach. I washed out the toxins from my body with a detox tea called Essaic tea (tastes awful but does the job). Once the toxins were from my body the symptoms subsided and I felt so much better.

There are other Scalar Wave technology devices that you can use for your home. I have not bought one for my home as they are a little too expensive for me and also I do not feel I need it as the Orgonite around my home is enough. There are lots of companies providing these devices shop around. It is best to get a certificated device if you want quality.

There are lots and lots of other technologies which you may come across, I have only included here the ones I have experimented with so far. Of course there are lots of other things that can aid you. A clear quartz crystal programmed with protection is good too. Eating a healthy diet, drinking clean water and having a positive state of mind are always a good base to start (which is easily achieved whilst wearing some of the technologies above). I would like to talk to you about my implant. Over my years of channelling and working with higher energies I have become ware of energetic only implants. Not all of these implants have been negative, some have had positive applications. I can remember one time when an implant was inserted into my energetic body or rather it was upgraded. Please excuse me if repeat myself to those who have read this in my book “The Mission of One Star”.

I went to see a friend who was training to do kinesiology I was going to be a practice run for her. She lay me down on the couch and began the session. At some point my body asked for two crystals to be placed at my head and feet. She told me to close my eyes and allow the crystals to work on my energetic body. I did just that and after some seconds I became aware of myself moving, like the couch was being pulled down a corridor. There were over head lights flying by, it was then I realised I was no longer in the therapy room, as there were no over head lights. I became more aware of where I was, all of a sudden I could see clearer. There were Zeta beings everywhere; they were pulling the couch along a bright white corridor. I was not scared I was used to these beings, and consider them my soul family. The next thing I knew I was inside what I think was a ship. I was lying on a couch under which were lots of coloured lights, all the colours of the rainbow, one colour for each chakra. I looked briefly around the ship which had an internal light which did not seem to come from an obvious source. Then suddenly I became aware of a being stood next to me. This being was one of the Antari. I was over-joyed , my little heart nearly leapt out of my chest, I wanted to jump up and hold the being , I was so happy to see the being, we were long last friends. The Antari being talked to me telepathically and told me that I could not get up, as I was being operated on. I looked down and saw that my body was open from throat to navel. I do not think it was a physical operation as there was no blood but I could see my heart beating. A very strange experience.

I asked what were they doing and telepathically the Antari being told me that they were replacing a outdated implant , they showed me how they had taken what looked like a fuse it was black and all burnt out from my body. The Antari being then showed me a new fuse with light running up and down inside it. It was inserted in to the area just below the ribs in the sternum. The Antari being then closed me up with a light laser and I was then allowed to have a look around the ship. After this day the bone which protrudes from the sternum which is almost none existent on other people began to grow. Over the next months it grew to 3 inches. I do not know for sure why the bone would grow but I get the feeling it was to cover over the implant and protect it. This bone also vibrates when I am around negative energies. This area is a place where other people or other beings try to attach energetic pipes, which they then use to siphon off energy. I think this implant allows me to have an extra level of protection and to act as a buffer to other people’s energies especially negative energies. I had always felt other peoples energies too much and felt sick from it often in this area, since having the implant I do not feel so badly affected by other people’s energies.

I would consider this implant to be etherical only but maybe it is more than that, as the growth of the bone indicates. This is not the only implant that I have had inserted. I had an implant inserted by the Zeta. They inserted it into my vein in my left arm. This was during an out of body experience during which I was with the Zeta, they showed me a small bright green bubble of energy, it was like some sort of substance. It felt much more organic than the one the Antari put in. The Zeta told me that it was an organic device which would allow me to integrate all the different other dimensional energies without causing my immune system, to think that it was being invaded by an alien microprobe. Up to this point my body had had quite a hard time integrating all the different energies. Since the Zeta put the small green bubble into my arm, my body felt much more comfortable. I cannot feel the Antari implant very often, however I can the Zeta implant which I fondly called Bob, short for Biological Orientation Being. It felt like it had a consciousness of its own and I could see it moving under the skin. It was strange that is why I called it Bob so it was not so freaky to me.

Not all my implants have been of a positive nature. When I was a small child I was abducted by a group of beings who were dark and very negative. I thought I had dreamt the experience but as I grew up and discover the idea of implants I realised it had not been a dream. I was taken from my bed in the middle of the night; my Mother had stood at the door unable to stop what looked like two men with dark suits taking me. My Mother was frozen and so was I. I could not move or talk. The men took me from my bed aboard what I remember as being a dark grey vehicle. I do not remember much else other than being on a bed of some sorts, with one of the men putting something in my ear. It hurt and made a high pitched tone which gave me a head ache. After this time I always thought I had some sort of device in me tracking me. As I grew up I had problems with my ears, I often had ear ache and my head would ache with the tones. When I first came into contact with the Zeta, they told me about this implant, they did not want to trigger my memory to remember this again, but let me remember what I had held in my memory from the experience. They then told me that it had been inserted by negative Reptilian races which were living inside the earth. They told me that the Reptilians knew who I was and wanted to track me. With the help of the Zeta I was able to remove this implant, which came out of the ear and the ringing stopped. I work with my soul group to remove my etherical implants; you however might want to call upon another being to assist you. I also offer a service to remove implants of an etherical nature which are ready to be removed.

I did not think I had a physical implants as I had not had any dental fillings or operations , however when I asked my soul if I did, it told me I had some in my left arm, in the places of vaccines when I was a child. With the advancement of technology especially nano technology it is possible to put an implant or chip into someone during vaccines. I deactivated these simply (more about this later). I asked if I had any other implants, and was told I had one in my neck at the nape of my neck. I asked if it was a physical implant, expecting the answer to be no, as I had not had any injections or operations in this area. I was shocked to be told that the implant was physical. I asked when this had been put in and my soul told me about one evening I had conveniently forgotten.

I was in Arizona running a weekend workshop. After the workshop ended my friends and I went up on to a hill outside of Sedona. One of my friends was having intense ET experiences and detainments and was convinced that if we climbed to the top of the hill we would see UFOs. Shortly after we began walking another friend of hers turned up to join us. I was introduced to her and I was curious about her, she had strange eyes. The eyes themselves were normal but she had a strange light in them. Just above her pupils there was an oblong light, at first I thought it was simply a light reflection, however it did not move when she moved her eyes, it appeared as if it was coming from the eye itself. It disturbed me, I could not understand why I felt this way, but I kept looking at her over and over, I would imagine she thought I was strange. I could not help myself I kept thinking to myself that is not right, there is something not right with her eyes. We all climbed to the top of the hill and saw what could have been or not a UFO. We were all a bit disappointed and began our journey back down the hill. When we got back home I was surprised to find that the journey up the hill and back again had taken us hours, two more hours than it should have done. Did we lose some time?

We went to bed and thought nothing more about it. The next morning we woke and I looked at my friend and I was shocked to see she had the same oblong light in her eyes. I said “Oh my god you have the light in your eyes”. She said with a smile “yes you too “. I ran to mirror and was shocked to see the oblong light. I felt different like something huge had gone on the night before but I could not remember any of it. I felt positive and excited intuitively I would say we had had some sort of encounter with other beings, and it had had a good and positive affect on us. However this did not last. The following evening we stayed at another friends and I woke in the middle of the night, in sheer terror. Brilliant white light filled my room coming from the outside through the windows. I looked over to the other bed where my friend slept soundly. I could hear what I thought were helicopter blades slowly moving around outside. I was terrified and just about to start shouting, the next thing I remember is waking up in the morning, the light in my eyes and the light in my friends eyes had gone. I pushed it away thinking it was only a dream, but something about it haunted me , yet I did not want to look at it either.

Now several years later I am aware of the implant and how it is connected with the frequency that the police use for their radios. I asked my soul what was the function of the implant and it told me that it was for stopping me getting information from higher sources which would expose the Shadow Governments plans for a new world order. I of course wanted to deactivate it, so I asked what could I do, this was not an etherical implant, it is physical and therefore will need something physical. This is when my soul told me about neodymium magnets.

Neodymium magnets are rare earth magnets which can wipe hard drives of computers so therefore it is obvious that they can deactivate implants too. So I taped the magnets to the places on my body where I had had vaccinations, blood tests or injections , I left them on for 24 hours and muscle tested my body to make sure they had been deactivated. I could instantly feel them working for instance, on my shoulder I had a vaccine when I was a teenager, at the time it had throbbed for hours after the injection. When I put the magnet on this place it throbbed again just like it did when I had the vaccine. I knew when the chip or implant had been deactivated as the throbbing stopped. I noticed immediately the difference I felt less tired, less confused and mentally fatigued. Some implants may need longer than 24 hours it is always best to either dowse or muscle test to find out exactly how long you should leave the magnet on. I am sure there are lots of other technologies out there which are beneficial to protecting and transmuting negative energies, here in this article I am only writing about those I have used myself, I am open to hearing from anyone who has any information about any other technologies or techniques to protect or transmute the negative. Please email me at or post on my forum. Thanks Alloya.