Quantum mechanics and unified fields by Trevor Poppe


I am a new age nomad with a passion for quantum and unified sciences. I have previously hosted hundreds of astronomy dinners in the desert of Uluru – teaching people about our beautiful Universe above, which has served to further instill a deeper passion to be of service to others and mother nature herself.  I am an energy worker, off-grid community artisan, philosopher, sovereignty researcher and passionate lightworker for the consciousness shift here on Earth now and into the exciting future ahead of us.

Once we open up to the world of quantum mechanics and unified fields, our tiny human minds begin to reel back in disbelief, confusion and sheer shock. Sometimes we can experience things internally, anger, refusal, the urge to fight new information (or otherwise known as cognitive dissonance) as our preconceived ideas and belief structures are called into question. This is especially then they are challenged with seemingly opposite or contradicting information.

Our Ideas and beliefs are like lenses or filters that we use to organise the chaos in front of us every moment of every day. Our conscious mind and our subconscious minds have a very dynamic relationship as they play with the information that is present (95% of reality = the subconscious) and our senses or what we perceive (5% of reality = the conscious).

Our five senses are designed to pick up, manage and interpret:
– 5 different signals;
– or 5 different aspects;
– or 5 different perceptions;
– or 5 different parts;
– of the one thing… Everything!

Imagine for a second, that you can see or sense every field of energy instead of just the 5 we are apparently ‘designed’ to pick up.

The Sun… Or is it?

The subconscious gives our conscious mind those 5 summaries or 5 interpretations of what we think we are experiencing. That tiny part, those 5 tiny things are what we call the reality of the standard model of physics, or the World of Matter. The World of Matter is important because it ‘Matters’ to us! Outside of this tiny spectrum of sensory perception most do not even think anything exists beyond, they are blinded by a strong belief that nothing could even possibly exist outside of their World of Matter! Instead, thinking that they are, and that hence we all must be, limited to the World of Matter, or the Conscious mind, or that 5 percent of perceivable reality.

If we spend most of our life in this band of senses and then we finally get a glimpse outside of that, it can be terrifying for some. We all get moments outside of that band, but after growing up and being indoctrinated or brainwashed into becoming a respectable adult, we are taught to stay in that narrow band, we are told that anything outside of that is Day Dreaming, Night Dreams, Hallucinating, caught in our imagination, flying off with the fairies… ie… NOT being a reasonable responsible adult… These are child’s games after all. NOT of the world of Matter, and so not to be Mattered with!

At this point we realize that we have become our own worst enemy for finding the truth. As we abandon the new and cling to the old or familiar we come to realize that we are now the warden and the guards of our own illusory prison… The prison of our mind!

Ok, so, more Reality than we can sense? A Prison in our own minds? Of our own construction?? That is only 5 tiny parts of Reality???

Slow down Trev mate!

I can hear some of you screaming at me. But hey, I can understand that. I have been there myself! You might say that I have whipped the proverbial rug out from underneath you!

So, context and scenario. Or individual and environment, or even, objective and subjective. Using both of these things to see, we can begin to construct a real perspective of what is actually going on with a holistic approach.

Ironically, this is what it’s all about. Conventional biology (Newtonian biology) shows us that the nucleus of the cell is “basically the equivalent of the cells grey matter – its genetic material, or DNA” (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2005). Although, through some simple experiments we can quickly see that after removing the centre of the cell, the nucleus, the cell can still continue to live and lead a seemingly ‘complete’ life.

Ok, yes, if you know your stuff you know that it is a lot shorter of a life, but here is the kicker, not because the cell has just had its brain removed… but because after wear and tear of time, movement and use, the cell, with no central DNA in the centre, can no longer repair parts of itself and it dies, due to physical stress, again, NOT due to a lack of ‘brain’. These enucleated cells are nothing new and have been known about for a hundred years, give or take a few years.

When we take the proteins away from the DNA we are not able to see what we need to see. The proteins as well as the centre piece, the DNA strand, are two parts that work in symbiotic relations with each other to provide the optimum performance for the environment that the cell lives in.

Ie. The cells best potential, by interactions with the environment controlling the proteins showing the cell how it will need to grow to live in that environment, we see them fit with locks and keys that when perfected, fall away and make pieces of DNA, or Genes come to life and activate, or become readable or unreadable. Amino Acids are the back bones of proteins and electrical charges are what causes ‘conformation’ or the shape that the proteins take.

These electrical signals or charges are what we wish to focus the rest of this discussion about. You should have picked up here and there through school or TV or even Facebook, that you produce electricity in your body in order to be able to ‘live’ and be ‘alive’. A ‘dead’ organism is one characterized with no movement because movement is created by the electrical currents surrounding the conformations of proteins. With no electricity, no protein moves, thus, an entity, does not move.

And here comes the environment.

The proteins themselves have 2 signals they respond to in their movement configurations, positive and negative. Some other ways of viewing the same thing more commonly in more layman’s terms are constructive and destructive, good and bad, right or wrong, love or fear, or even, happiness or sadness. This means that all of your movements are a result of a change between attracting and repulsive polarities within the proteins of your body, shifting from one state to another.

Image 1.3

Looking at research done by Masaru Emoto, we can quickly see that emotions, feelings and thoughts all have very different effects on water. When it comes to a body such as ours, made up of predominantly water, we can clearly see how this is obviously going to combine with the protein conformations to have an even greater effect on how our movements (which are defined by the electrical signals surrounding the particles in ourselves, which are the environment around the particles themselves) play a huge controlling factor in what, how, why, when and who we are! A quick measurement of some environments can be found above in image 1.3.

At the basic level, all of our particles (or atoms) are ionically charged. Positive, negative and neutrally charged (15). This gets a little confusing because we tend to respond better biologically to negatively charged ionic particles rather than positively charged ionic particles. That is to say that Negatively charged ionic particles have a constructive interference pattern with our own (or have a desired effect), and Positively charged ionic particles have a destructive interference patter with our own (or have an un-desired effect).

Talking more in common terms, we can see that the effects of too much positively charged ions can see a decrease in those specific scenarios, for example… a weakening of the bones. (see image 1.5)

Say for instance that you are having high blood pressure, almost everyone would be able to agree that spending some time in the closest nature reserve (image 1.3), at the nearest lake, in some gorgeous bushland or strolling on the beach will be sure to bring down your heart rate to a degree that is less than what you entered the exercise with.

Image 1.5

Having a ‘destructive interference run life’, i.e. A life with a lot of positively charged atoms, or positively charged ionic particles, leads to gene expression which is at the lowest or bottom end of our capacity as human beings. This prevents us, obviously, from becoming all that we can be!

      This has many effects, however, some effects might be considered to be a very limited healing ability through the restricting of DNA replication through lower quality, as well as minimized qualitative amounts of the genes, or ‘potentials’ contained within, to end-up making each successive replication less and less. This leads to an accumulation of, or a collection of degenerative conditions and issues that we usually encapsulate in the common saying “a hereditary problem/disease”.

“However, quantum laws must hold at every level of reality. We can no longer afford to ignore that fact. We must learn that our beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes about the world create the world. Recently, Johns Hopkins physicist professor R. C. Henry suggested that we “get over it” and accept the inarguable conclusion: “The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual”.” ( Bruce Lipton PHD, “Embracing The Immaterial Universe” 20).

If we wish to max

imise on our ability to heal, the quality of our day to day life, our mental conditions, what we are subject to or not to in our hereditary coding, then we will want to follow Dr Emoto’s research, amongst many other leaders in the ground-breaking fields of Epigenetics and Quantum Biology, and facilitate an environment that enables the best conformations of our proteins, enabling us the greatest expression of DNA which subsequently leads us to the greatest quality of healing, experience, abilities and qualities associated with what we colloquially call life, existence and being!

A closing quote for further ponderance – “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a nonmechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter . . . we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter” (R. C. Henry, “The Mental Universe”; Nature 436:29, 2005).


20 – https://www.brucelipton.com/resource/article/embracing-the-immaterial-universe

15 – http://www.qrg.northwestern.edu/projects/vss/docs/propulsion/1-what-is-an-ion.html