Restructuring the way I work.

Hi Everyone, thank you very much for your recent e-mail. Unfortunately, I cannot reply in detail at this time.

I have to restructure the way that I work, and I have had to make an unfortunate decision. It is no longer possible for me to chat casually via e-mail. The Administration, and the chatting within e-mails, is starting to encroach on the time and space I have to work with my clients. This is an unfortunate side-effect of becoming more popular. I am only a one man band and I cannot cope with all the emails. I am of course open to talk to you via email if you require a booking with me.

For those of you who have experienced the Antari upgrades and would like to join a group. Here is a link to a Mewe page, which has been created especially for this group. Mewe is similar to Facebook. In this group you will find many others who have experienced the Antari and have much to share. I am hoping that within this group you can find the support that I have been giving via e-mail. I will drop into the group from time to time and give you updates about coming Antari upgrades and channelled information. However I will not be replying to individual messages.

If it is required and requested by my friends and clients (who do not partake in the Antari upgrades), that they too would like a group page on Mewe so they can find like-minded people then I will arrange this.

I would like to heartfully thank everyone who is chatting with me. And once again apologise for having to cut you off in this way but I have no choice or time. I do hope you are not too disappointed and you find what you need in the groups.

I give you all lots of love and big thanks