Recently a close friend took a healing session for pipe removal with Alloya. I am so amazed and impressed with the results that I want to encourage other people also to take the healing. My friend, who is gentle, compassionate, and non confrontational, has been mentally and emotionally abused since childhood by her mother and taken advantage of by all members of her family and extended family (except her Father, who unfortunately passed away too soon). She had two pipes in her solar plexus (the third Chakra) that needed removal, one to her mother, and the other to the rest of her family. Her energy was being drained through these pipes. Before the healing, my friend frequently complained of low energy…her mood would sink for no apparent reason and she couldn’t understand why she didn’t feel continuously inspired even though she’d been working on her self esteem, leading a spiritually disciplined life, and experiencing past life recalls due to her rising Kundalini.

To prepare for the healing, she read Alloya’s article on Living Without Pipes twice. The following day she took the 2 hour remote healing session (across continents), during which she pretty much slept straight through. A couple of things happened the next day, indicating that prior blocks in her 3d life were being removed without any effort on her part…one was work related and was pretty important. I told her that I felt this was happening because Alloya had balanced her aura, and now she was in harmony with all that is good in the cosmos. Most importantly for her, two days after the healing, again without any effort from her, she came across an online research based article that contained a vital piece of information. Using this information she was able to piece together answers she’d been searching almost all her life…answers to why she’d been singled out for abuse and neglect by her mother and whole family. So powerful was her relief at finally learning the truth that she said, “No value can be placed on what Alloya has done for me”. We both agreed that the healing had removed all unnecessary “clutter” from her aura so that the Universe was able to communicate freely with her by responding to her desire to know the truth.

I’ve also noticed greater assertiveness in her after the healing. The words Alloya used in her report have struck a deep cord in my friend. When I asked her how she felt after reading the report she said “good”. But from the way she said it I know that she felt validated, along with a sense of freedom at knowing that what happened to her was not her fault (she has been manipulated through guilt all her life by the family). And just from the way she’s been since the healing, I sense that she is walking a lot taller than before. She has also told me, more than once, that her mental focus has become sharper since her healing. She is following Alloya’s post healing visualization suggestions daily for continued protection, and to make sure the pipes don’t regrow. I’m incredibly happy for my friend, and encourage everyone who was, or is, in abusive and toxic relationships, to get this pipe removal with Alloya. Let the Goddess use Alloya to heal you, just like She has used Alloya to heal my friend. And let the Universal energies start responding to your healed auras, so you too can experience mental and emotional freedom in your lives. Thank you, Alloya! ☺- Linda

I got to know Alloya`s work through a fiend and at first i was rather reluctant to order a soul reading as i didn`t fully believe it could mean anything for me. Then upon receiving my first soul reading by email my rational mind immediately kicked in and my first reaction was: `this is an amazingly well written sci-fi story, this woman must have a very vivid imagination.`

But then minutes later my whole body started shaking, i started weeping and a deep feeling of recognition surfaced through my tears. This was followed by more shaking of my body, more tears and laughter all at the same time. The tears and laughter gave me a feeling of liberation, of a deep understanding of all the things i had been thinking and feeling in the past. I`ve never felt i belonged here on this planet and always felt dislocated. Suddenly there was this explanation of why this had been so. Also in the weeks after receiving the reading a lot of things fell into place and i could sense my very own body cells where downloading information to continue on my chosen path of healing and transformation. Even now, some years after the first reading i sometimes go back reading it again and new information still comes to the surface.

Some time later i ordered a second reading, and allthough my body didn`t react in such a drastic way as with the first, the information included helped me to continue on my path and more and more things fell into place.
I very strongly feel the readings of Alloya proppeled me into what shamans call `mythical time`, that, opposed to real time, is infinite and shows our soul`s true potential and strength.

Love Peter

I started with a reading which was not at all what I expected it to be. It took a little bit of time to really feel the depth of this reading, my mind first had to open up to this new reality.
I had several readings and each one has been very precious to me and opened me up, I could feel the recognition in my body.

The healing sessions are amazing! Sometimes during or after a session I can feel the healing taking place. Also the advice and the after care which is always given is very good. I not only know but I feel that Alloya is always there for me, helping whenever she can because she is dedicated with her heart to my well-being. Her support and love has helped me enormously the last 2 years in my process to become my true self.

The seminars are always well organised and facilitated. Even in groups everybody gets full attention and Alloya’s skills, energy and enthousiasm make these workshops well worth the drive to another country.
Alloya had a great contribution in expanding my consiousness since I met her 2 years ago. I feel very grateful and blessed to connect with her at this time of life and wish for everybody to have to same profound experience.

Love Anita

The fasted way to heaven, but be prepared going first through hell…
(Don’t be afraid. Alloya is one of the most modest and true-hearted persons I know. She really takes care of you.)

love Hans