Sacred Geometry – Path to understand Reality…By Bartek Buczkowski

Every flower, crystal, feather or water whirlpool are only a few examples of phenomenon called Sacred Geometry. The ancient proverb tells us, “As above so below”, “What is within so without” and this may be the key to understand real construct of our 3d reality and the whole Universe. Walking through life many people are not aware how wonderful and complex is our existence. We have super computers, Nano technology and some people may think how advanced it is but this is still based on Simple and the Miraculous Creation of beloved Mother Nature, the Mother of the Universe. Without it we would not be able to create anything due to of lack of inspiration (power) for all bright developments. Look dear reader at the super light and ergonomic material like Graphen which atomic model is hexagonal like a bee hive or the best construction materials based on bamboo tree structure. Let’s look at sunflower representing perfect Sacred Geometry shape with perfect proportions the same as shells or pinecones… Yes this is the unspeakable language of Creator’s harmony… You can feel it, sense it, see it and touch it with your heart and then you will know the mystery of life and true nature of your being. It is that simple and complex at the same time and our understanding of it depends on our sensitivity and openness to all possibilities. As we know knowledge can be used for good or bad purpose depends of who possesses it.  For example various secret societies secretly guard this information from many centuries. They got it from Ancient Cultures residing on Earth long time ago and that knowledge seems to be timeless. For example Pyramids in Giza and many other constructions on Earth perfectly mirroring Orion Belt in the sky and these buildings are created with golden ratio precision.

Let’s think for how long Pyramids have stood, surviving ten of thousands of years (if not longer), of earthquakes and different cataclysms.  As we found earlier Sacred Geometry may be the key to the knowledge about how things works in our dimension, and beyond. If you follow original proportions, shapes and vibrations you will create something what will align to all Creation, but if you change it or revert it will disturbed harmony and will become annoying. There are a lot of examples of this across the Planet Earth. One of it is a Prague, City in Czech Republic called the Capital of Ancient Alchemists which was created on idea of structure of rose flower keeping its unique energy pattern, but there is also a lot of disturbing places on Earth which affects the Planet and all Her Inhabitants. From millions of years ancient cultures and visitors on Planet Earth knew that the Earth has its own energy channels called meridians and energy centres called meridian points. The artificial matrix designers could harness and manipulate the energy of the Planet for their own purpose like an acupuncturist in Chinese Acupuncture.  All major Earthly energy centres including chakras and ley lines are occupied mostly by temples or other religious constructs. Also military structures are placed near by or on energy channels connecting them all together.

Whatever is placed on this Web becomes enhanced by power supply of Mother Nature.. Our Planet is full this kind of things and various cults using it for their own purpose keeping people asleep.  Luckily we are living in times when consciousness and vibration is rising up on the Planet and all none harmonious creations become covered by light losing their meaning and power. This is aligning of dimensions. We are part of this awakening and we are a “painters” of new reality. Choosing harmony on every aspect of our life we are helping Gaia with Her shift to the new dimension where there is no space for harmful artificial constructs and GM stuff. Doing little simple things like choosing beautiful pictures on our clothes with vibration of Love and Harmony we are affecting our Dimension helping with the shift. Also reducing watching TV will help a lot because what we focus on become reality. Let’s choose our own pictures and let’s align with the Harmony of the Planet. By art and frequency which is part of it we can make it. At the end I’d like to thank Alloya for Her wonderful being and unconditional Love to all Creation…

Bartlomiej (Bart) Buczkowski

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