Sacred Language of vibration

Since I was a small child I have been able to sing and speak a strange fairy language. Every time I went to the woods alone I could tune into a tree, or a flower, and suddenly I would find myself singing. Not in English or any language that I had heard before but a divine fairy language. The songs would come on the breeze and sing themselves into my body, my mind would go into an altered state and I would sit in the back of myself and hear myself singing in a voice I cannot sing in my normal everyday reality. When the singing was over I would be left with a deep sense of sadness and longing for what I did not know. Later in my teenage years I lost this ability and it did not return until I began a more consciously directed spiritual path and came to integrate all the different aspects which make up my multidimensional identity. One of these aspects or selves was my fairy self. Once I had completed the integration of this aspect I was able to remain in the singing state for much longer and could spend hours in the woods singing softly to the trees. Through the singing I was able to enter the realm of fairy in my local woods. I would go to the woods and sit in a bush after taking my shoes off and walking through the mud of the tracks to finally find my place to sit. People had walked straight past me only inches away from me unable to see or sense me there, even a dog or two have walked past surely they should be able to smell me. Sitting in the bush I would go into an altered state and start to sing. I would enter a different world. Even though the woods were not very large in 3d in fairy dimension it was a huge forest. The forest lay for miles around and I saw how it must have looked before man chopped it down. In the fairy kingdom there were many beautiful huts and structures built in sacred natural designs, looking more like trees and bushes than homes. But if you looked carefully you could see the homes of the fairies.

Now I must say our ideas of fairies are so wrong, in all my visitations I never saw a being with wings, I saw the emanations of their energy bodies and I must admit at first sight they did in fact look like wings but at closer inspection they were toroidal movements in their plasma bodies which simply took on the appearance of wings. They could fly or even bio locate at tremendous speeds, however they explained to me that they were part of the plasma field and were everywhere at once and they simply had to focus on another place to be there. The fairies that I met on the outer edge were common fairies they lived in small clans or tribes and took on costume and sometimes the appearance of the particular tree, flower, animal etc. they were aligned with. They explained to me that they were in total communication and merging with all the creatures and species of the forest and could take on any energy they wished and could in fact shape shift into a tree, flower or animal and often took on animal form in order to access a human in 3d. They told me many times when a shaman sees an animal guide in his outside reality it is a combination of the animal spirit and the fairy companion.

They varied in appearance , the art of Brian Froud is very close to what I saw but maybe not so comical more serious. Many of them were not beautiful and they certainly did not look like silly little girls with wings. They lived a life like we do, they had homes which we cannot see whilst operating in the third dimension but are there never the less on the fourth dimension. If you were able to shift your vision to a 4th dimensional perspective you would instantly see them. They showed me how hollows in some trees are 3rd dimensional representatives of a doorway into fairy reality. They showed me visions of their homes and their way of life. They do not feed off actual physical third dimensional food but do partake of a 4th dimensional version of the food, an apple for instance. Just like is truthfully portrayed in the Lord of the Rings the inhabitants of middle earth like to have many feasts. How do they tend to nature which we are told is their role? Well they do not go around sweeping flowers like is often portrayed in Disney films; they sing their songs for Gaia. They talk in constant riddle and rhythm and are so eloquent in both their speaking voices and their singing. Their songs go on for ever there is no beginning or end; they float over each other caressing the trees, the stones, the flowers and each other. They are in a heightened state of ecstasy and do not experience torture of the mind or feelings. However they are not without passion, in fact passion is their middle name. There are many laws within their culture or maybe more like dos and don’ts, however there is no police force or any real governing body within their culture but they do have a royal hierarchy. They can raise themselves up through this ladder of hierarchy through certain trials and teachings which are passed down the family line through what they call the Elders. They appeared only once to me, they look more like trees than fairies or Elves. They reminded me of the Ents in Lord of the Rings. They were not often consulted for matters of court only in decisions which were important to the whole kingdom. I was shown how each stronghold of fairy consciousness upon the planet has an Elder at the core of its culture. Directly below the Elder was the Queen Fairy or Elf though I have only have shown visions of an Elven Queen I did not meet any in that particular woods. Many of the Elves have already left our planet.

The Queen is not only wise counsel to the rest of the kingdom she is also some sort of generator. She keeps the reality of their kingdom in a bubble if you like, when I met her I had to tell her that the woods were no longer as large on the 3rd dimension as she experienced on the 4th, she was deeply sad about this. I saw how her auric field reached out far wider than the actual woods and within it lived those people who had once lived lives upon earth as a fairy themselves. She kept the sacred song alive, she spent her day sitting inside a huge tree singing the lament of the whole woods, and her voice brought me to tears every time she sang. Her consort but not exactly her equal was the Rutting King, strange name I know. He appeared much more wild, more like a mighty tree with horns, he could shape shift into many animals and it was often difficult to see what he really looked like, he did not sit upon a throne but rode far and wide through the woods upon a stag (which of course on the third dimension no longer existed in the woods).

Below this royal couple there were family lines going over thousands of years. Fairies cannot die from natural causes; the only thing which can kill them is if they are murdered. They are not murdered by physical weapons but weapons of magic. A black magician can kill a fairy, too farfetched just look around our planet and ask if the cutting down of trees and the erecting of mobile phone masts are conducive to a fairy’s health. Are not the corporations behind the logging of the rainforest using some sort of black magic. Fairies can live for thousands of years if they so wish or they can reincarnate if you like , this is only possible when the fairy has reached a level in its development along the path of magic or spirituality to be able to successfully go through what they call the Sham Ba . We call it the Bardo. They can dissolve their current fairy form when the Sham Ba comes for them and reawaken at a new and higher level of expression within the fairy hierarchy. They tend to reincarnate in groups so the fairies I encountered in the woods had been there for generations which is an incredibly long time. They have libraries of books of stories of their family and ancestral line, it is incredibly important to them. When they introduce themselves they often have very long family names and titles. It is important that you know each one or you are not allowed to enter more into the central royal court. I had to learn not only the songs of the woods themselves but the songs of the various gatekeeper fairies which I encountered on my way to the very centre to finally meet the Queen. As I walked through the woods there were portals, secret doorways which I could only enter once I had learnt the songs so far. Until I knew them all if I got to a portal I would suddenly find myself back in 3d often cold and wet and disorientated. It took me months to learn the songs and be able to sing the passwords if you like to enter through the portal remain in an altered state, operating in the 4th dimension. Finally after years I was able to finally get to the centre and meet the Queen and she sang me her song .

Once out of the woods and back in my everyday reality I had no clue of a single song, there was no way I could reproduce it or remember them in any way. There is a law in fairy that you do not show yourself as a fairy, speak or sing in fairy to someone who is not of a fairy lineage. This is the biggest sin in fairy and many have been banished from fairy and had to incarnate into the human story on a lower level because of this karmic mistake. I know this to be true because here I am now. I never sang the songs in front of anyone until I met someone else who was a fairy like me and one day I just found myself singing out loud as if it was not me singing at all. I was deeply embarrassed for some reason and it never happened again, but had a profound affect upon the other person. Many years later I bought myself a drum, I had a drum before but with constantly travelling and moving house so I had sold it. As I sat down to play my new drum all of a sudden a being jumped into my awareness. She was a shaman who was alive 8000 years ago in the area of Guatemala. She called herself Matilda who I thought was funny until I looked at the meaning of the name and it means battle maiden. She told me she was me I was her in a past life, and she was a trance drummer, she was responsible for putting her people in her tribe into trance, and would play her drum to take them to battle when they had rare disputes with their neighbouring villages. She showed me how they had these battles with no blood shed. One side would stand one side of a grassy plane and the other villagers would stand the other side. They would take it in turn to have a go; one side would stand still and stare and not blink an eye or twitch a muscle. The other side would charge at them with feathered headdresses on, and large staffs which they banged together, screaming they would run at the other village. Then the other side would have a go, it was an energy battle Matilda said. If only we could go to war in the same way.

She showed me her land and her village. Their huts were woven with some sort of grass into what looked like honeycomb shaped homes. They were no rustic but highly technical and geometrically designed. They sat the huts in a circle with a larger communal hut in the centre. They were a basic agricultural culture but they worked in a very permaculture way, there gardens were diverse and very natural looking. Suddenly I heard a song, different to the fairy songs, more intense, more physical somehow. I began to sing and for the next two weeks Matilda sang through me whenever I was alone with my drum. The language was not like anything I had heard before, however I could hear what sounded like Spanish or Mexican words but I could not be sure. Recently I went on an Ayahuasca Ceremony, during which the serpents came, huge multi-coloured, illuminated snakes with gold crowns on their heads. They moved into my body and began to heal me, it was painful, and however after a while I began to hear a singing in my head, and it was the singing of the serpents. I sang their songs all night in my head or so I thought. I could tame the serpents somehow with my singing and cause them to move into a formation which looked like two figure of eights entwined around each other. When this happened the healing happened a lot quicker more thorough. The next day when we were sharing our experiences it turned out at times I had sang this out loud and people thought I was speaking in Portuguese, some Spanish and others thought it was Mayan. I realised that the reason they were all thinking it was one language or another was because this language of the serpents was the original language somehow and that all the mother languages have their base in this serpent language. The next evening when we had another ceremony I was shown how the language came from the tree of life and I was reminded of the story of Eve listening to the words of the serpent, or rather the song of the serpent. This serpent language speaks directly to the DNA, can open portals into other dimensions and heal.

The more the night wore on the more singing came I thought it was all in my head but I was singing out loud at one point the shaman told me to internalise it. He placed his hand on my arm and I felt the full force of him shutting me up. I felt like I had been put back into a box which I had spent thousands of years trying to get out of. I felt a deep sense of shame, like what I had done was blasphemy somehow. Like it was not allowed to speak with the tongue of the serpent. As I sank down on to my mat I was overcome with shame, embarrassment, fear, loathing and then a feeling of utter despair. I was Eve, I felt like Eve when she was blamed for listening to the serpent of the tree, who in fact was Lilith. Lilith in the story is Adam’s first wife, she is independent and will not lie under Adam for sex and runs away and utters the infallible name of God. The infallible name of god is within this serpent language and this language can invoke any god, angel or demon through its speaking. Eve had listened to Lilith speaking with a serpent tongue from the tree of life, she was following in Lilith’s footsteps and was speaking with the tongue of the serpent herself, and no wonder the male shaman shut me down.

Since returning home I am still able whilst during meditation to access this serpent energy and sing their songs. I am curious to try a shamanic healing on a friend very soon to see if I can sing to her DNA. I have since discovered the Icaros which are sacred plant songs taught to the Peruvian Ayahuasca Shamans by the plants themselves. They sing these in ceremony to aid the healing. Check out this link for more details. I know there is probably more to write about these languages which are coming to me so please check out my blog in the near future for updates.