Hello and welcome to the Services Page of Alloya.com. I offer 3 services to assist you, as you awaken to your Higher Self and begin to walk in the true energy of your authentic nature.  These 3 services are aligned with the New Energy which is flooding our reality moving us forward into a new world of light and high vibration- a  New Planet Reality. 

Check out the Soul Readings page for details on how you can receive a  channelled written reading. I will tune into your higher self, your soul and with its guidance and the guidance of other supportive energies I will bring forward information which is beneficial to your spiritual development. 

Check out my Healing page for details on 2 healings sessions and a healing clinic for those who wish for a series of treatments. I work remotely clearing your energy body assisting you in bringing yourself back into balance and harmony with body and Soul. There is a Light body activation session for those who want to push the boundaries on their own spirit adventure.

Check out the Antari Upgrades Page for details on how you can purchase an Antari Light body upgrade recording. This Mp3 which comes with a detailed document of instruction and explanation, is designed to activate dormant light codes present within the Light body. The Antari with the use of my voice channel high-frequency light codes which they insert into the light body through the manipulation of sound. These activations are intense and will catapult you into higher realms of spiritual experience. 

Soul Readings – Intuitive empathic imaginative readings from your Soul and other guides and supporting Entities. Written PDF format Readings sent via Email. 

Healing Sessions- Remote Energy Healings for Energy Body rebalance and Light Body activation. 

Antari Activations – High frequency tones and energies from the Antari – Star Beings from Antares, channelled through voice designed to activate and upgrade the Light Body.