Shared Reading about Lemuria

This was kindly shared by a good friend and client of mine …


You probably need more positive news?

You need more stories that give you hope, don’t you?

Re: Yes please, give us something to hold on. Something that keeps us on moving. Something that will chase the tensions, bad feelings and even depressions if we are very sensitive. We don’t want bedtime stories with a happy ending, but real stories. Good stories.

You are right about that. Facts that can generate ideas, good thoughts and also hope. Hope is a force. Good thoughts are representing all together a strong collective power and it will give birth to more fine things. Like a new born well that will never get dry, one that spreads all the vitalized water coming from an underground lake abundant flowing over the dry land. The land will get more fertile and will produce food and other products…. New floods are being made.
Positive ideas for a better future for you and your children. And for next generations. For earth. Well, even if it seems otherwise nowadays, there already is. In fact there is a lot of positive news, but it is not visible, not registrated by the press agencies. Not even by our eyes and minds.

Re: Why is that?

Sometimes it is only there on a unconscious level, making waves and new connections. In this way new synergies are being made right now, because this is how it works. We need a better matrix and within things will change for the better, not only on the surface and in the roots as well. Nevertheless those press agencies are also important in the process, because they will report all what is about getting revealed in 3D or in our visible world. Revealings are necessary to introduce that bigger change. A lot of dirt is coming out first. And this may discourage you again, but we can not avoid this phase. Know about this: You are all born in a very special time. A time of big transformation, introducing a new era. Meanwhile mankind is taking bigger steps, but this will be less visible because it is happening on a different scale, influencing everything.

Well, this is the fact: Lemurian conscienceness is now coming back!

Re: When?

Right now!

Re: Really?

Yes. A lot of people have started this process. It has been going on for a while. Some know about their mission on earth. Some don’t because they are not awake yet, but nevertheless they did exactly what they are meant for in this time. They are all secret workers. Earth healers. Men’s work.

Channeled information by Alloya Huckfield:

” The Lemurian grid or matrix is an ancient system of magnetic lines which has lay dormant for many centuries. Only now in this time is this matrix coming back on line, empowered by human intent. When the Lemurian culture flourished upon this planet it created electromagnetic patterns within the ether. The Lemurians wove these patterns together to form this matrix which contained all of their memories. This then lay as a matrix within certain places on the earth where the Lemurian culture flourished. The magnetic lines of this matrix has a symbiotic relationship with man and can become closed down if not aligned with human consciousness. As the Lemurian culture was destroyed in a great cataclysm, this matrix went dormant and thus the memories and frequencies of the Lemurian culture were then lost in time.

It was predicted there would come a time when those Lemurians who lost their lives under the waves would return to their original homeland and perform magic and sacred rites in order to activate this Lemurian matrix. This activation has been going on for quite some time now and many people have been called to sacred places in the world in order to activate, cleanse and open the secret codes of the Mayan, who were the direct descendants of the Lemurians Giants. Many have been called to this place, healers, light workers, and truth seekers. Some people have past life connections to Peru itself having had lives there before, in both the highly evolved cultures such as the Lemurians and also simple natives. Others have no past life connection but are drawn to the matrix as they are experts in activating matrices. Or they are there to cleanse and heal the entire magnetic system. Whatever the reason you are called it is often that the person does not know but instead experiences simply energy shifts, deep and personal healing and past life memories or activations.

Those who have been priestesses, worshippers of the goddess in both past lives and present are drawn to Peru as they carry the divine feminine energy to a place which has been corrupted by the patriarch. The Lemurian culture were worshippers of the Goddess, they honored the female, the goddess, and the Mother Earth. They were a matriarch society with women not so much ruling but guiding like a wise grandmother would do. All were honored in their society and therefore no such things as rape or child abuse, nothing like this could possibly occur in such an environment. Peru is not the only place on the earth which holds this Lemurian matrix but it is one of the last standing ports if you like where the survivors of cataclysm escaped the waves and destruction. The Ameru or Amarru escaped to Peru and set up the beginnings of the Mayan culture. They taught the local more primitive people how to speak, to write, to farm and build cities and monuments.

Our world has swung so far into the male vibration it has become completely perverted as we can easily see in the cases of rape and child abuse. When the pendulum swings too far one way or the other then perversion and corruption is the result, the ideal condition would, of course, be balanced in the middle.

We are on the verge of society collapsing because we have swung dangerously out of alignment with ourselves, the planet earth, and the Goddess. This too was
predicted and that is why those who are called to Peru, are waking up to this fact and making the journey. Each and every one of you carry your own unique energy, story and addition to this energetic drama which is beginning to unfold in Peru. The Goddess and the Lemurian matrix is coming back online due to the fact that many before you have done much cleansing and balancing work in this place. And right now, this is achieved. It has been aligned healed and is now in the process of being activated by waves upon waves of enlightened and awake souls. ” 

Alloya to a group of 5 European earth healers who visited Peru only recently:

” Yes, you too. You are one of them. You all five were. As this matrix comes back online it will feed the rest of the matrix of the planet with new information which has lay dormant for centuries. You did your part as did all others who are called to such a place. You requested that the evils of the patriarch be exposed, weighed in the scales of justice held by the goddess and for peace to finally flourish as it once did upon the earth. Know deep in yourself that you did your part completely and successfully and now you can rest a while with this now successfully resolved. Your prayer was heard by the goddess as she awakens in this place. Watch the news because soon there will be evidence of your magical ritual that your group’s presence alone in such a place, did perform. Like I said before, exposure is always the first step in such a plan to rid this planet of this evil which is a predator of our children. ”