Snake Charmer


I am a Snake Charmer
A Serpent Dancer
A Pythonian Priestess
I move my body in endless undulations.

I ebb and flow with the movement of the Earth as she breathes.
The beating of her heart is a constant rhythm in the cells of my body.

We are one Gaia and I, in this moment of movement in meditation.
Our dance is sacred, spiritual and divine.
The Serpent energy sleeping at the base of my spine is warming, awakening, rising up my body, bringing heat, passion, excitement and life to my cold bones.
Pain awakens from tired muscles, stiff with age and neglect, joints creak, like they are the bones of the Crone. Sweat forms on the brow, cheeks are rosy and red, I am becoming alive.

Eyes flutter, in constant encoding, the Kundalini triggering secret codes within my DNA, bringing transformation from within.
I close my eyes and allow the beat of the drum to carry me away, I am transfixed.
We are one my sister and I, existing in realities created by the matrix, yet we are liberated from these constructs by the wealth of energy hidden in the sacred well of the female body.
I am the dance and the dance is I.

The Goddess gave me the gift of dance and dance I will until the end of my days, and then I will lay my head against her beating heart and wing my spirit away on the melody that drifts through the universe.

For I am the dance and the dance is life.

Eternally my Soul was entwined with the Cosmic Serpent, following hidden pathways into the void. In lives past I moved my body to an inner rhythm that took me into the realms of life, ecstasy and ultimately death. In ancient times I moved my body in tightly wound circles and ever expanding spirals. In the days of old I walked the silver thread that wound its way through all of my life-times, sometimes in secret, sometimes in full view. Now in this lifetime memories are stirring, visions are forming of my serpentine past, reviving an archaic passion. Somewhere in my body I remember this , somewhere in my consciousness I know this , this movement which entwines itself around me like the roots of a old tree.

Uncanny, strange feelings are surfacing, igniting a passion, sweetened in time, not entirely lost to memory. A passion is increasing bringing warmth to the body. A vibration is felt inside the bones of the legs and feet, a tingle that is painful at first, breaking up tightly knotted muscles. How tight and stif


f my body seems with this energy awakening inside me. The Serpent is obstructed by muscles that are atrophied, weakened through neglect. A new level of fitness is needed to allow the unobstructed flow of the Serpent energy through my body.
“I want to writhe in your belly, and awaken a movement within you which will carry you into your Crone years and beyond. “The Serpent said.

Dance has been with me from the beginning, from the moment I was expelled from the body of the Source I moved in rhythm. As an Angel, I breathed in and out, bringing the universe manifested realities with every breath. As alien star races I wove light into patterns which held significant codes and puzzles. I danced the spiralling galaxies, circling around mighty suns and planets. With every self integrated, with every energy anchored into the cells of my body, there has been movement, a dance unique to the self or aspect it represented. The dance was fast and furious, slow and smooth, each self expressed within movement and dance. Spiralling up to catch my starry selves and then diving down in ever contracting circles to pin point the self into the cells of my physical body. Without the dance I do not think it would be possible for me to stand here now with the energy of my multi-self vibrating in my cells.

As Antari, as my starry consciousness, I wove patterns above the heads of others to connect them to an evolving matrix on the upper dimensions. As my Zeta self I pin pointed insertion points within the mind of others to bring them expanded vision and enlightened concepts. As Hara Sheed, I spiralled down and down into the lower earthy planes, anchoring my whole conscious self into the earth’s matrix. As Ida I stamped my feet and finally arrived here on the earth.

The integration of the aspects or selves which make up my multidimensional consciousness was supported and aided by dance. Each self brought with it a different way to move the body , some aspects were full of energy demanding hard and furious dance, other aspects were slow and smooth in their expression. I danced as each of the selves came into my body; I danced as they worked their way into my energy body, sometimes unbalancing the system, the dance bringing me back into balance once more. The integration took a long time, finally when the last aspect was anchored in to my physical body I was able to rest. There were no more aspects to dance into my body, no more energies to entice into the cells. The drum was put to rest.

Many moons passed through the night sky, no drum beat could be felt beneath my feet, I began to think the dance was gone. Then one moonless night, faintly at first I began to feel the Serpent stirring. Lilith was calling her lover up into my body, bringing me an elixir from within the blood of my physical existence. I heard the dance, felt it moving in stagnated pools of energy inside my belly and lower back. I was called to the dance. It was like an itch that I could not scratch, it would not be ignored, it would not leave me alone. I danced my pain, my pleasure, my fear and my excitement. Lilith coaxed and enticed the serpent beneath my feet to rise up into my body, electrifying my spine. I was in heaven, spiralling around and around coiling my serpent body around the middle spinal column. My mind opened like a thousand petalled Lotus and only then did I know I was the dance once more.


My arms were up over head, reaching into the starry heavens to catch a shooting star on its journey through the universe. My feet were firmly planted into the rich potent soil of the earth; I was connected above as below. I could feel a currant of energy running constantly through my body, but my body could not dance in power, it was weakened by time of stagnation.

“ It is time to loosen those knotted muscles, it is time to warm them from within, it is time to bring colour to the skin , it is time to really dance “, the Serpent said.

One day whilst surfing “You Tube” I came across Rachel Brice and her form of belly dancing – Tribal Fusion. Her movements were amazing, her muscles rippled with power, the flexibility of her body was awesome indeed. She was not dressed in sequinned dresses the usual attire for a belly dancer; she was heavily ornamented in tribal jewellery and had a tattooed belly. It stirred a memory in me, I burst into tears. Through the watering of my eyes I recognised this form, this sacred movement of the women. I knew that once I had been just like her , and somehow I had lost my way , let my muscles become weak , lazy and stiff. I am not an old woman, in the prime of my life some would say but standing before this Serpent Charmer I felt old, inadequate, unfit, and stiff. I wanted to change all that, I wanted to awaken the serpent within and give it a body worthy of its presence.

Could I awaken this power inside my body once again, could I allow it to ripple and undulate its way to the surface of my consciousness? I would try; the Serpent had caught me in its hypnotic gaze and would not let me go. I was hooked. I began my belly dancing journey full of passion, dedication and a little trepidation. I would start at the very beginning, a simple hip circle would be my starting point, how hard could that be. The movements of the Serpent within my body were causing friction , rubbing up against blocks in my energy body , blocks containing issues about being in a dense form. Being on the earth in an earth body can be very frustrating especially for someone who has such clear memories of existences outside of a form or body, lifetimes existing as pure energy, not restricted by form or a body of any density of any kind. Lost was the ability to flow unr


estricted by any constraints, the ability to merge, flow into and out of any form, without being caught, held or locked inside. I was Free!

Who would think that one little hip circle could bring up so much pain, both physically and emotionally. I closed my eyes and continued to move my hips around and around, pushing through the blocks, opening up my tired hips. Slowly with many tears I began to feel more lubricated and began to loosen up. The issues came to the surface with the first circling of my hips and with the second circle, the energy of the issues was expelled and I moved on to the next.

I had always found it hard to be in body, I was so used to being able to fly free , never feeling restricted , never feeling cold or too hot, never feeling tired and forced to sleep, eternally awake was I. You see, I am not originally from this earth and therefore I am unfamiliar with physicality, the body, density and form. I thought it would be interesting, exciting even to come to the earth and incarnate into a dense physical body. I had heard so much about the senses that were only available in a vehicle of form, a body of density. How shocked I was when I found myself in a body on the earth, no longer could I fly, I was imprisoned with legs whose only means of movement was to take one agonising step after another. Slowly I moved forward, painstakingly watching every movement.

This human body seemed so ungainly, so restricted, the tiredness, the urge to sleep getting in the way of truly being creative. I spent so much time pushing the restraints of the body, staying up night after night trying to desperately to break the programming that said “you must sleep”. I did not succeed, waking up with the light of the morning, the manuscript unfinished, and what had been written, not making any sense in the cool light of the day. I did not see my body as my friend and even now after years of self healing, reprogramming and positive affirmations, here I stood still unable to really move. I had only begun the belly dancing to have fun, learn something new, express more of myself, I had no idea, it would bring me to a place of so much pain. So I took a deep breath and went into the pain, releasing blocks I thought I had dealt with a long time ago, warming up a cold and tired body, one that had been unloved for a very long time.

Every night after work I would cloth myself in sweat pants and t-shirt and watch the goddess on the screen, and desperately try to follow and emulate her movements. After some time I could do the warm up, that was at least some conciliation. I watched myself in the mirror and the tears began to flow from my eyes, what was this with every sway of my hips , with every circle I could feel hidden pain rising from my body , I could feel the dark patch in the small of my back , the place of Lilith hurting, aching. I allowed the tears and the feelings to rise and begin to spiral. It was not about learning to belly dance, it was not about exercising my body, it was about creating an inner movement deep inside the hips, releasing some force that had stagnated there and had gone rotten. So I practiced every evening and then enrolled in Tribal belly dance classes


 at my local college.

“Tribal belly Dance (ATS) is a contemporary dance form originating in San Francisco and developed by Carolena Nerricio (fat chance belly dance). The style takes traditional belly dance and incorporates elements from Flamenco, North African and Indian dance. It involves learning a set vocabulary of movements with cues and transitions, where the dancers in the ‘tribe’ are able to dance as one. Tribal style is a group improvisational dance. Tribal Fusion developed as an “off shoot” from American tribal style belly dance (ATS). Tribal fusion dancers tend to embrace a blend of traditional and contemporary movements and aesthetics, combining world influences and stylistic influence from ATS.”

Tribal Belly Dance is a sacred form of energy in movement. Similar to Martial Arts, it is a form which is both unique and individual; it triggered a sense of familiarity deep inside the cells of my body. The body recognised this form of energy movement as its gift to itself; it embraced the dance of the Hara as it caused sickness, illness and pain to exit the body, and brought to the body a healing space. Within this space, I discovered that the body could not only heal itself but it could also raise its consciousness. We think of our soul evolving and raising its consciousness, we can also see how a mind can evolve but a body evolving, that is a new concept to many. The body can evolve over thousands of years as a species as a whole, however it became evident to me as I circled my hips that the body is capable of evolving outside the framework of its species’ evolution. This evolution is something more than appearance alone, it is within the DNA codes, the spiralling helix, this evolution is activated by Tribal energy.

The body responds to the tribal memory which our bodies carry deep inside our very cells, this information, this memory is stored secretly inside, without us even knowing that it is there. The words tribal and sacred trigger a memory in energy in our bodies; it is a reminder of a past where the evolution of the clan was as important as the progression of the individual. It reminds us of a past where there was a feeling of unity which has since been lost to the greed of individuality. The word tribal triggers a feeling of hope, a hope that one day we will recapture the feeling of belonging to a larger collective, to be part of the sacred tribe.

Tribal dance moves energy around the body, moving through blocks, bringing issues to the fore, not only of a personal nature but also collective obstacles that plague humanity as a whole. The energy of the Tribe encompasses deeply personal values that we dream will develop and evolve, rekindling a connection, a relationship of love between humans and nature. This connection is lost in our modern world; through the sacred dance we can retrace our footsteps to find the origins of our physical birth into creation. We can take ourselves back into the arms of the Mother to be one with Gaia again. Tribal Belly Dance, brings us a unique way of practicing unity and surrender in perfect synchronicity with each other, it enables imagination and creation to move through intuition. Magically and physically inspired Gaia through our dancing b


odies, manifests the soulful intention of the collective of the tribe, the Tribe of Gaia, this enables us to commune and move like we are – one being. This collective is made up of many, all operating completely in the moment allowing something more to move through the many, creating something more than the sum of its parts. Just like the cells of a giant body the Tribe moves as one.

The more I danced the more I came to realise the gift of this sacred dance, the ancient and natural movement of Belly dance is a way of connecting the body, spirit, and the earth together as one; it allows the shaman to express herself in sacred dance. The movement, the sacred dance allows us to become alive within the body of the earth itself. We dance inside her belly, and she dances inside ours. Belly dance is the dance of birth, the dance of our ancestors; its memory still very much alive inside our bodies, even though it sleeps it is easily awoken by the beat of a drum.

There is a secret language within the body, which belly dancing taps into and allows expression, the pelvic, ribcage, wrist and head all play a part in expressing this forgotten language of the ancestors. There was a time when we all knew this language, it was commonly spoken, but we have forgotten what it is to read body language. It is easy to see when someone is lying, they flush with colour, they cannot have eye contact, they harden their facial features, we all know they are lying , yet we allow this deceit, are we really so unsure of what we perceive in another. Yet it is obvious, is it not? “ He is lying” , your mind says , but unless his words are proven untrue then there are no grounds to accuse him of deceit , yet he lies, he knows he lies , you know he lies but we continue to play this stupid game , where we pretend that we do not recognise deceit when it is plainly there for all to see. How do you think governments and the such like get away with so much deception, if it was not for the game that we all play?

There was a time when this could not happen, when words were not so readily spoken, a time when the body spoke louder than any voice could, when deception was impossible because all the clan could see the truth written in the movements of the face and body. Belly dancing taps into this wealth of information , this rich language of the body and the earth itself, animals do not need complicated words or structured language to communication , yet communicate they do. Their language is so sophisticated we can only read a very small part of it. Belly dance puts us back in contact with this natural and amazing ability to read another and express ourselves truthfully through movement and gesture.

The movements themselves follow sacred geometry “circles, spirals, figure 8’s”, they all originate from the core, the pelvis, the spine. There is the centre point deep inside the body called the Hara, it is the core of our being in physical form, it is deep inside the body behind the belly button. When we are forming in our mother’s belly we are only tiny cells at first, these forming cells, split over and over until a body begins to form. There are eight cells which are our original cells; still exist inside our bodies deep inside this place. These cells contain the DNA information that is needed by the mother t


o create the body that the residing soul is requesting. These eight cells are the originals; all other cells mirror and clone themselves from these eight. The cells contain an unlimited power and they store all the information of the universe. It is hard to imagine that inside our bodies there are eight cells which contain all the information of the whole universe. This is the place of the core of our existence in form and body. Belly dancing activates this place, stimulates these eight cells to release their information in a form which the mind can come to translate and project on to the conscious screen of the personality. Belly dancing activates and releases a power from our body which we can harness to create and transform our physical reality.

The Tribal energy is not restricted to one type of person, or group, we tend to think of tribes people coming from Africa or some other exotic place. We do not see ourselves in the west as being part of a Tribe , technology , modern living and the media spreading fear has isolated us , cut us off from the Tribal energy. This does not mean that the Tribal energy is not there, it is just below the surface of the consciousness, waiting to re-emerge into the light of the conscious. We think of this Tribal energy as being in the past , that it was something for the ancestors and that it has no place in our modern society. We think of Tribal being dead, and those who show an interest in it, as searching through the past for something that has long gone. Tribal belly dance showed me in very powerful ways that this Tribal energy is alive, and is only hidden, only sleeping, simply waiting to be triggered by a simple hip circle.

Tribal energy is like a circle of energy that is eternally turning, like the spin of the earth on its axis, like the moon moving around the sun, all the universe moves in circles. The Tribal energy is deep inside the earth, it is the movement of the earth itself, she dances, spiralling her hips around and around in a constant dance, the Tribal energy is a serpent eating its own tail, moving around and around. Tribal Belly dance connected me to this Tribal energy deep inside the earth. As I travelled deep inside her body I saw image after image of the clans that had gone before me, all races, all colours, all creeds, I saw the whole of humanity as a Tribe. We are all part of a Tribe, Humanity is a tribe. Some of us have forgotten this and have isolated ourselves from the Tribe but the connection is still there nestled in the subconscious.

Tribal Belly dance activates the power of the Hara, the place of connection and allows us to connect to one another and the greater human tribe on a deep, real and metaphysical level. The Hara is a powerful place; it is the place of the sacral or second chakra, the chakra of creativity, sexuality, sensuality and intuition. We seldom allow the full potential of this centre, the energy currant running through it is weak, and often blocked by issues relating to sex, life and death. The chakra only just spins and brings in enough energy so we can procreate. The Hara centre has so much more to offer. The Hara centre once fully open and bringing in the optimum amount of energy is a fantastically powerful centre of creation.


Tribal Belly Dance communicates through unified movement, through a seamless flow, which carries the dancer from one movement to another. It would seem that the dance is planned and familiar, as if it has been danced a thousand times before, yet it is completely improvised and un-rehearsed. The dance is within, it is a pattern of energy that is held in Gaia’s matrix, and the pattern is expressed through the dance of the Tribe. The more natural peoples of the earth have their own dances, unique to their clan, unique to their place on the planet. They are dancing the energy pattern of the place in which they live. They are tuning in to the Genius loci, the spirit of the place. Every where on the planet whether it is a place of nature or beauty has a soul, a spiritual being who emulates the energy of the place in the form of a personality. This being, this personality has its own qualities and feelings and expresses them in energy patterns. These energy patterns are not static but constantly move, and through this movement the being can dance. This dance is performed over and over, a constant performance deep inside the earth. This dance we can tap into through Tribal Belly dance, we can bring this pattern of energy into our bodies and show it to both the consciousness of our own individual selves and also to the collective consciousness of Humanity as a whole. We can express through dance the rhythms of the earth itself, the dance of Genius Loci of the planet.
Through Tribal dance the intuition has become so much more, so more powerful. We experience the intuition in moments, like it is an underground river which only surfaces into our consciousness like small and often insignificant and easily forgotten moments.

Tribal dance allows there to be an experience of the rich and constant running river which lies deep inside the earth and deep inside our bodies. The group is no longer singular but moving in synergy with one another, it has become a unified entity which emerges from deep inside the earth and our earth bodies .This river of intuition comes up through the bodies of the dancers, flowing from one woman to another, the wave of energy rising and falling in the perfect timing in the movements of the hips, pelvis, arms and head.

Gaia showed me an image of this pattern of energy deep inside the earth. She showed me how there were groups of women all over the planet coming together in groups and dancing their small part of the overall pattern. I saw groups of women each dancing a part of the pattern. I saw the individual dancers of Tribal Fusion such as Rachel Brice, Kami Liddle and others as being pinpoints of energy within this pattern. They were the sirens, of the energy pattern, they set the intention of the dance and the groups of woman all around them, on the planet then anchored this pattern, fixing it firmly upon the surface of the planet and the conscious mind of Humanity. The energy pattern, the dance is Gaia’s way of communicating with Humanity, instructing it from within the dance to transform.
There are many ways to bring about change, instruction from the stars in the form of channelling and the such like are too numerous to mention, however words can confuse and complicate the message. Even those in the new age community are not in agreement on where mankind is going and how humanity is going to transform. Feelings are hard to portray through language, pictures are better bu

t even they are hard to manifest from mind to material reality. Translation is always needed and in the translation so much is lost. The tribal dance is different, everyone understands the language of the body, whether they are American or Japanese. It is a universal language which will also be understood by the alien races which are scheduled to visit our planet very soon. We will need no translator to be able to communicate with these alien beings, these visitors from the stars.

Dance is a form of channelling which is richer and more in-depth that any words or picture can tell. The human body was designed to dance, move in rhythm, man has been dancing since its birth. Listen to the beating of a drum and your foot will automatically begin to tap out the same rhythm. Even those of you who consider yourselves unable to dance can clap in time. The rhythm comes from within; the music is manifesting itself from a desire which humanity has within, to dance, to move to the beating of Gaia’s heart.

The drum beat brings the dancers together, it solidifies one to the other and ultimately to Gaia herself. Belly dance in particular evolved from the process of giving birth, it represented the protecting and the nurturing of life. This sacredness of life is being lost in our modern life, murder and violence is rife, the ability to know what is right and what is wrong is being lost. Belly dance bring this sense of meaning back into our troubled lives, it puts us back in touch with the sacredness and the mystery of life. Moving to the drum is an in built passion of the human body.

We’ve drummed and danced for birth, we’ve drummed and danced at death, we’ve drummed and danced for love, for first blood, for rain, for sun, for harvest, for worship, for joy, to understand our universe and ourselves. Dance is a prayer in motion. We danced harmony in the universe. Through the movement to the drum we remember the true reason for embodiment to connect to the earth, through her elements of air, earth, water and fire. We remember that we are the Earth. Through dancing to the drum we are able to manifest the expression of the universe through our spirit and anchor it into our body. We make it a reality with every sway of our hips, with every stomp of our feet. The drum brings to us a sense of kinship, and enables us to identify with the Oneness of Gaia and ultimately the Universal Dreamer.

I learnt many new moves through attending the classes, hip circles, figure of eights both horizontal and vertical. The more I did the moves the more I became aware of the circles of energy which make up the energy body, I could feel and see them, circles within circles, spirals within spirals. From the hips are two circles joined together as a figure of eight, side ways on. One of the classic moves is to circle the

 hips in a figure of eight; this is the lay of the Kundalini. The Kundalini rests at the base of the spine and is curled up in a figure of eight. The movement of the eight in the hips naturally wakes up the Kundalini. Sometimes the snake woke up with a smooth action other times it jerked up my body, as it ascended the spine in imbalance. It seemed that if I awoke the snake with perfectly balanced hips then its ascension was smooth and it naturally climbed the spine with out meeting any obstructions. However if I was in any way stiff in either of my hips the snake’s ascension reflected the stiffness and its climb was imbalanced. This imbalanced ascension made me feel sick and full of tension. I came across many obstructions to the serpent energy which took some breathing and processing to remove before the serpent could complete its journey to the crown.

If I activated the serpent energy with a smooth and equal hip figure of eight then the serpent would ascend the spine without any problems or obstructions to its travel. This was without the sickness, it felt ecstatic. As I moved my hips I began to see and feel how there was not only a figure of eight at the base of my spine but there was also one at the hips, one at the solar plexus but this one was not side ways on it was a vertical figure of eight. This eight was activated by the chest circles and movements, these were much more difficult. It made me breathless and hurt my back, especially in the shoulder blades in the place of my broken wing. I had had a trapped nerve in the shoulder blade which had troubled me for many years and was directly in the place of my wing as my angelic self. The chest movements hurt my back and I spent many sleepless nights after the belly dance classes with pain in this part of my body. I could not imagine that belly dancing could cause so much pain.

I noticed a strange ability of my body during the classes. My teacher would show me a new move and of course at first I would not be able to do it, it all felt hurried, imbalanced and incorrect. I would think to myself this is going to take weeks of practice before I am able to perfect this move. I would let it go being not able to perform the move correctly, however when I tried the move again a day or so later, I could miraculously do the move no problem. I was not strong as I had to then build up the muscle which performed the move so it was more pronounced, however the move was there. T

he body already knew these moves, it had to be reminded of how to do them but once it has performed them once or twice it suddenly remembered it and could do it. I was so pleased, I began to read and understand this language of the body, I must say I was fascinated.

I knew a little about this language as I had danced a lot in my life and also I had studied Tai Chi for several years, many of the movements of Tribal Belly dance were similar to Tai chi moves. I began to see and feel how the movements layered one on top of each other. I could feel how by moving the hips in one direction I awoke the serpent energy, allowing it up and enticed it to go further up the body, activating the next spiral at the solar plexus. I had discovered this movement of energy before whilst dancing in clubs to Techno but I seldom moved the lower part of my body, concentrating on the arms and upper body mainly. I had not discovered through techno dancing that it is possible to increase the Kundalini energy, make it stronger and more potent. I found ways of increasing the power of the serpent in my body and thus with this came the ability to move through the blocks and issues more quickly and more effectually.

All of this movement in my body began to open me up to another level of consciousness, another layer, another way of communicating with Gaia. The movements in my body were patterns, circles, spirals and figures of eights. I began to feel them not only in my body but also in the land around me, especially in the power places; there the patterns were well defined and strong. If I went to a power place a standing stone circle or natural power place I would feel a spiralling of energy a lot stronger than I had ever felt before. I could feel the pattern moving around inside my body and also within the earth. Some of the patterns w

ere broken and imbalance, I could feel them in my body, they made me feel sick. I began to dance in these places, moving my hips around in perfect circles until the pattern within the earth became perfect itself. Then the energy of these places were healed.

Gaia could then use these healed patterns to bring more of her energy into the overall matrix of energy, she explained to me that the work I was now doing was aiding the planet, rebalancing the matrix and allowing for higher frequencies from upper dimensions to come down into the matrix, this would be a big part of the transformation of the planetary consciousness.

I am still belly dancing each day learning a little more about my body, my energetic body and the way that this body is connected to the body of the planet, through the circles and figure of eights that make up the matrix of the planet. This adventure of dance has only just begun for me; I can see this movement taking me into my crone years, just as the Serpent said.

Anyone interested in Tribal Fusion Belly dance should take a look at Rachel Brice on you tube; it will inspire you too to begin an adventure into the dance of Gaia. I am sure there are more secrets yet to be revealed, however here I must pause, I can hear the drum pounding out a beat, and I cannot sit at my computer any longer, I must dance, and dance I will until the whole of planet has transformed and we are all dancing to the melody of the universe in love.